(Clearwisdom.net) The No. 4 Hebei Province Jail, also called the Beijiao Jail of Shijiazhuang City, is located at No. 3 Beihuan West Road, Shijiazhuang City. The guards there use all kinds of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners. The police have isolated all the steadfast Dafa practitioners and kept them under special surveillance. They used towels to gag practitioners' mouths, and tortured practitioners in various ways, such as kicking them in the lower back, sitting on their legs which were placed on a bench, burning their feet with cigarettes, hitting their heads with metal plates, force-feeding them with salt water, slapping their faces, and using tortures called "stewing the eagle" and "slippery shackle." As a result, several Dafa practitioners were injured. Among them are Guo Zhengqing, Ke Xingguo, Shi Yan, and Niu Mingang.

A policeman named Zhao Jun ruthlessly used a pair of pliers and injured the ring finger and pinky finger of practitioner Li Mingtao. A policeman named Wang Guobin instigated other inmates to insert sharp objects under the fingernails of Dafa practitioner Li Tipo. On two occasions the police sent someone to "stew the eagle" and "take care of" practitioner Wang Yan, who had been on hunger strike for over one hundred and eighty days and was near death.

Practitioner Yang Xiaojie was inhumanly tortured by the police. As a result, he lost two of his teeth and he became disabled due to beatings on the lower back. He couldn't get out of bed. He was reduced to a skeleton, and was on the brink of death. The jail tried to block the news and forbade his family from visiting him for over a year.

The guards of the Beijiao Jail of Shijiazhuang City never stopped persecuting Dafa practitioners. They just cover it up and make it even more vicious.

Some persons involved and their phone numbers:

The No. Four Jail of Hebei Province
Address: No. 3 of Beihuan West Road of Shijiazhuang City
Mail Box: Mailbox 131, Shijiazhuang City, Postal code: 050061
Telephone: 86-311-87775174, 86-311-87723356

The meeting room of the jail Political Section: 86-311-87777264
Xiao Feng, warden of the jail: 86-311-87751830 (Office), 86-311-83826601 (Home)
Wei Wensheng, deputy warden of the jail: 86-311-87718069 (Office), 86-311-83810877 (Home)
Wang Guobin, Education Section chief, and the head of the brainwashing class: 86-311-87751912 ext 260 (Office), 86-311-87751912 ext 6290 (Home)
Wang Guobin's mother: 86-314-3049166 (Home)
Yue Yuhai, deputy chief of the Education Section: 86-311-87751912
Jiao Wei, deputy chief: 86-311-87751912 ext 6470 (Office), 86-13784035678 (Cell)
An Instructor named Zhao of the Education Section: 86-311-87751912
Instructor Zhang Zhiguan, deputy instructor Wang Ruiku, policeman Zhang Zhonglin, of No. 7 District of the jail
Yu Chunguang from No. 5 District of the jail

The Hebei Province Jail Administrative Bureau:
Address: No. 36 of the Youyi Beida Street of Shijiazhuang City, Postcode: 050000
Tel: 86-311-83807024, 86-311-83624216, 86-311-83633039, 86-311-83621636
Li Jinke, chief of the Public Security Bureau: 86-311-88607766

Sun Hai, deputy chief: 86-311-88607778 (reduces sentences for criminal inmates that beat practitioners)