(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my experience with you, how a 65 year-old person like myself came through the illness test, for the benefit of all those practitioners coming through the same test.

On February 7 this year, I started coughing, and I did not give it much attention, but subsequently on the third day I started coughing up blood. During the daytime I would spit up blood two or three times, and in the evening I would spit up twice, each time the amount being about 30 ml. of blood. My strength waned and I would get dizzy as the frequency of blood spitting increased. My left leg became swollen and I was unable to sit cross-legged. I couldn't even walk. My wife was extremely worried and pleaded with me to take medication. I kept reassuring her, saying, "I am ok."

Seeing that my health had not improved by the fourth day, my family members put pressure on me to take medicine. My human heart began taking control and I took medicine twice on that day. The results, however, were not as expected, with another symptom appearing in the form of shortness of breath. I then realized that this was not an ordinary illness. I hadn't spent enough time studying the Fa and hadn't studied the Fa well for quite some time before this incident. My mind kept wandering when I studied the Fa and my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. The evil was taking advantage of my attachment of fear, as I was not doing things with a pure heart.

After going through this test, I had a further understanding that protecting myself using a human heart was conforming to the path that the old forces had arranged for me. This dangerous situation allowed the old forces to persecute me and cause me to fall behind. This incident really made me understand the importance of studying the Fa . By studying the Fa well and keeping strong righteous thoughts, one will surely overcome anything.

I then took every chance to study the Fa and do it diligently. In addition to the four times that practitioners globally send forth righteous thoughts together, I sent forth righteous thoughts on the top of each hour to eliminate the dark minions, rotten demons and the Communist evil specter. I repeatedly did the exercises practiced the sitting meditation sitting on a chair due to my swollen leg. I asked for Teacher's help as I coughed and spit blood. In my heart, I repeatedly kept saying to myself, "Totally negate the arrangement of the old forces. I am the disciple of Teacher Li Hongzhi and only Teacher has the final say. Nothing can move me now. There are still many people who don't know the truth waiting for salvation."

My fellow practitioners studied the Fa, did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts with me. Some other practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me. One of the practitioners told me her story about how she succeeded in overcoming the interference of sickness by having a firm belief in Teacher and Dafa and with her righteous thoughts. This increased my confidence. Twenty days later the coughing up of blood stopped, my swollen legs became normal, and all the symptoms disappeared. Thanks to Teacher's benevolence and salvation, I felt happiness and joy that no words can express.

Since then my heart has been very clear whenever I read Zhuan Falun. Here, Id like to thank Teacher for everything he has given me. I will listen to Teacher and do the three things well.