(Clearwisdom.net) I am a new practitioner from Kyungpook. I obtained Dafa in January 2004. There are many Chinese students in the universities in Korea, and about 250 in Kyungpook. I felt that to save these students was our sacred mission.

These Chinese students all have a predestined relationship with us. If I did not clarify the truth to them and save them, then when the Fa-rectification ends, I would feel that I had let Teacher down. Some of the students come from the hometowns of Lao Zi, Confucius, and Hua Tuo. It is not accidental that they came here. I made up my mind to cherish the opportunity and let them learn the truth about Dafa.

As soon as I made this decision, I came up with ideas (about how to achieve the goal). I asked the Chinese students to come to my home and teach me Chinese. In this way, they could earn some income, and I could have more opportunities to clarify the truth to them naturally. The Chinese students became very close to my children in the harmonious environment of our home. I told them, "After I practiced Falun Gong, my illnesses were cured, and I became very healthy. There are 300 Falun Gong practice sites throughout Korea. Many people are practicing Falun Gong. I can't understand why the practitioners in China have to be persecuted." One student said, "In China, a Falun Gong practitioner killed more than 40 people with rat poison. It was just terrible! Falun Gong should never be practiced." I replied, "In the past, I didn't understand why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuted Falun Gong. I wanted to learn all about it and I looked for Falun Gong materials. Only after I read the materials did I learn that Falun Gong is an ancient practice that teaches people to be a good person. I also understand the reason behind why people should try to be good persons. Falun Gong is now practiced in 78 countries and regions. There have never been any similar cases like the one you mentioned in all these countries. It is the CCP who is deceiving you and lying to you." The student, however, was deeply poisoned by the CCP, so I continued to clarify the facts to him with a pure heart.

I said, "In Korea, people can criticize the wrong policies of the government; while the government listens to citizens' opinions with an open mind. That's the reason why our nation can develop properly. Why are the Chinese students afraid to talk about Falun Gong in this free country? It's all because of the propaganda from the CCP. Falun Gong practitioners practice 'Truthfulness- Compassion- Forbearance' and being a good person. You should be open-minded in looking at the CCP, the world, and Falun Gong. The traditional Chinese culture of five thousand years is great and recognized by the entire world. Only the CCP considers it bad and feudalistic. Why do Chinese people feel fearful even in a free country whenever the CCP or Falun Gong is mentioned? Don't you think it is worthwhile to have a closer look at the CCP and Falun Gong, and to obtain a correct and comprehensive understanding?"

I kept on clarifying the truth to him like this each time he came, while sending forth righteous thoughts and maintaining a clear mind. After several months, the evil factors were eliminated and the student's kind thoughts emerged. He had changed his views.

I managed to clarify the truth to the Chinese students one by one. I also introduced the students to others. I tried every method to help them. After a period of time, they all knew that I was a good person who was always trying to help. When the Chinese New Year came, I invited them to my home. Five students came and enjoyed themselves with my children. They talked about the Chinese and Korean traditional cultures while enjoying abundant food. In this harmonious atmosphere, I brought up the topic of Falun Gong very naturally. I said, "All my previous diseases got cured after I practiced Falun Gong. I benefited a lot. Many pubic venues are very supportive of Falun Gong. There are also military personnel who practice Falun Gong collectively." Pointing to the "Road to Health" (a collection of experience-sharing articles by Korean practitioners), I said, "There are Falun Gong practice sites in Seoul University, Xikang University, and Kyungpook National University." They were very surprised and checked the practice sites in the universities very carefully.

I felt that my predestined relationship with these Chinese students was not accidental. I must save these precious lives. After communicating and clarifying the truth to them, they became very grateful. One student said, "I'll never forget you for the rest of my life." Another student spent a lot of time and effort to draw a beautiful landscape and presented it to me as a gift.

Thus I clarified the facts to the students one by one. After more than one year, the students who had learned the truth started telling the truth to other students. In this way, many students came to know the fact that Falun Gong is embraced by the entire world.

Once I asked a student, "Do you still think that Falun Gong practitioners kill people?" He said, "Many Chinese students here said that if Falun Gong is that bad, how come so many people persist in practicing it for so long? It is very likely that the CCP is deceiving us and lying to us." The student also said, "Only after we came to Korea did we learn how evil the CCP is and how wonderful Falun Gong is." When their kind hearts were awakening, I wanted to clarify the truth even further.

Teacher stated in "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore,"

"Safeguarding the Fa doesn't mean resorting to violence. Good and evil coexist within a person. We dispel the evil side and use only the good side to safeguard the Fa. When others say something bad about us, we can let them know how good we are, and we can reason with them entirely using the good side."

I didn't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. These lives have been going through a long period of historical reincarnations to come to Korea to be saved. They were waiting for us to save them. So I had only one thought in my mind: save them.

After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, these students were too busy playing computer games to read them. I knew this was also the inference of the evil. I believed that as long as my righteous thoughts were strong enough, Dafa disciple's compassion could easily dissolve the evil.

I said to the students, "You all know that many people in North Korea are struggling between life and death under the autocracy of the North Korean Communist Party. But my children know nothing about these things. They don't even know what the Communist Party is. I'd like to have them read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Please help them read it." In the beginning, they were very reluctant. However, I tried to clear the evil factors behind the students with a pure heart and righteous thoughts. The situation improved gradually. During the whole process of reading the Nine Commentaries, I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. The righteous and pure field cleared away all the interference. After finishing reading the Nine Commentaries, the Chinese students became clearer about what the CCP is and what Falun Gong is.

Later on I said to one of the students, "The book Zhuan Falun is so good. I really want to be able to read it in Chinese." The student immediately agreed to teach me. So we read Zhuan Falun one lecture after another. During the process I naturally told him the truth about Dafa, about what is good and what is bad. And he understood. When he was about to leave, he asked, "What should I do if I want to quit the Communist Youth League of China with an alias?" Another life had been saved. I deeply felt the magnificence of Dafa. Now this student is thinking how to help his family and friends to quit the CCP and its related organizations.

Above are some of my experiences about saving the Chinese students with righteous thoughts and compassion. Please kindly point out any possible problems I might have.