(Clearwisdom.net) When I first saw the title of Master's article "Mature," I felt a quiver deep in my heart. That article, and others Master that has written, lead us on the righteous path of cultivation. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am being looked after by a loving father. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am under the guidance of a severe teacher, and sometimes I have the feeling that it is a fond mother who not only points out our mistakes but also holds our hands to lead us along the tough and rugged path. But this time I think it is the first time I have felt gratification from Master's heart.

With a foul wind and a rain of blood, we have passed through more than six years of persecution. Some Dafa practitioners have gotten lost in human attachments and can't find the way home. Although Master never gives up on them, and, again and again, leaves them opportunities to come back, they are still deeply lost in human society.

What is it that made us lose ourselves, take so many detours, and suffer unnecessary heavy losses? It is still a problem of the basic premise of cultivation. If we base our cultivation on ourselves, we cannot get through the mountain of sentiment. Once we base our cultivation from the Fa perspective, all the obstructions will be altered in our Fa-rectification path, which can validate the Fa and offer salvation to the public.

Thus, we are getting mature now. It also means that we can comprehend the Fa from the perspective of the Fa, doesn't it? The Fa already warned Dafa disciples before. Why didn't I realize it? In my opinion, it was because human sentiment (qing) wouldn't let me understand the Fa clearly. The basis of qing is selfishness. If I cannot get rid of it, the perspective of my cultivation will still be based upon the perspective of self.

The mighty force of Fa-rectification will arrive soon, and Dafa disciples' overall situations have matured. That was what gratified Master. It was also Dafa disciples' mighty virtue. On the last part of our Fa-rectification road, we should be righteous and do our best. Feel no qualms about the mighty wishes we expressed in prehistoric times.