(Clearwisdom.net) In order to catch up with Master's Fa-rectification progress and save more sentient beings, several local practitioners with a background in technical work held an experience sharing conference. We based this conference on the fact that technology was not widely deployed among practitioners in the local area, and that material production sites were scarce. During the conference, we talked about some real issues we found in our cultivation during our technical work. Finally, we came to the conclusion that raising our xinxing level should be our first priority, and that the use of technology is merely a way for us to save people. Only if we position the relationship between technology and cultivation well, will we be able to go in the right direction on the Fa-validation path.

Doing Technical Work should Not Make One Neglect One's Personal Cultivation

We discovered that we had something in common: We did not completely treat our technical work as cultivation. A practitioner said that he now realized he did not cultivate himself when teaching techniques to other practitioners in the past. When he met a quick learner he would be interested in teaching some skills. If he met a slow learner he would become impatient. Sometimes he just wanted to return home quickly from the other area. The other practitioners did not then get to learn all the techniques he commanded. Sometimes, if a practitioner did not have any knowledge of computers he even asked that practitioner to learn basic proficiency from other people first, and then he would teach him the techniques, because he did not have enough time to teach from the beginning.

Another practitioner said, "When another practitioner said that I have not been able to teach one person in over six months to be in command of the technology, I began to look for the reason within myself." Originally, he thought it was that practitioner's problem when he was not able to master a technique, but it had nothing to do with him. Now he realized it was his attachment that prevented other practitioners from becoming proficient in the techniques. If we treat our projects at all times as cultivation, because of changes in ourselves, other people will quickly become proficient in the techniques.

A practitioner who had just joined the technical team recently spoke about his feelings. To learn the technique, he spent a lot of time and even did not have time to participate in group Fa study, however he still experienced many problems while learning computer systems installation. He tried hard to figure out the problems and even kept fiddling with his computer during the experience sharing with other practitioners. A fellow practitioner immediately pointed out his problem and reminded him to spend more time on studying the Fa. He immediately realized clearly what he needs to do. He became aware of the cause of his problems, spending too much time on technology! After he found his attachment he quickly resolved the technical problems. Later he realized that if he did not study the Fa well, how could he get a good command of technology? It is not just work but cultivation. Only Dafa can open cultivators' wisdom. As long as a cultivator continuously improves his xinxing level, his skill level will rise, he will improve and mature and be able to do better in validating the Fa.

Thinking of Others and Putting Oneself in Others' Shoes

When we teach techniques, we should think of other people's needs and acceptability. We should not require other people to learn proficient technology the same way we did, especially for those beginners who just joined and have no technical background. In that way we will make them feel learning this is too difficult and hinder them from learning the techniques. The process of teaching others the techniques is really a process of cultivating oneself. We shall do better when we think of ourselves as cultivators.

Practitioners with technical backgrounds tend to get attached to their skills. As a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa in the early years said, "It was difficult to let go of my ego while working with other practitioners." An observation of note is that of a practitioner who came out with a new technique after in-depth study and research in an area. He wanted other practitioners to recognize and accept it. Subconsciously, he thought his technique was the best and did not look at the advantages of other practitioners' methods. Thus the person could not let go of his ego from the angle of Fa-validation to cooperate with others and advance together.

We hope that practitioners with technical backgrounds are all be able to let go of their egos and can share our experiences more frequently. May we learn from good experiences to cover shortcomings, truly think of other people first, and present techniques that are secure, simple and that others can easily learn. We need to look inside, and change and upgrade ourselves during this process. This will help attract more practitioners to get involved and learn more techniques.

One's Personal Cultivation State can also Influence Others

A practitioner commented that when we help practitioners set up home-based Falun Dafa materials production sites, they may not have knowledge of the security and technical issues of making materials. Our personal cultivation states, behavior and understanding of the Fa may impact them during our contact with them. If we only emphasize security and technical issues, it may bring them physiological pressures. If we only emphasize the importance of righteous thoughts during this kind of work, and ignore the security and technical issues, we may have omissions in that respect.

If we practitioners who are skilled in technical issues are able to do the three things well, act as Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period and treat the technical work of validating the Fa as cultivation, other practitioners will come to trust us! With this trust we can talk about security, technology and experiences of running a materials production site. They will measure us with the Fa and pay more attention to our suggestions, which will be helpful to the long-term dependability to run home-based materials production sites.

We should first realize that producing Falun Dafa material is cultivation, not merely a task. When we set up a home-based materials production site, we should share the reason for the functionality of the materials site during Fa-rectification. The technology, machines and equipment are for the purpose of showing people a way out of their dilemma. We should use righteous thoughts to treat any issue cropping up in the process of making the materials, which is also a part of our cultivation.

Technically Skilled Practitioners are also Dafa Particles, We are No More Special than Other Practitioners

We technically skilled practitioners often give people the impression that we are different from other practitioners. Without them being aware, some technically skilled practitioners even thought of their technical skills as everyday people's skills and "abilities." As their technical skills improved, their attachments to improving themselves also increased. A practitioner who just started doing technical work a while ago said he began having the attachment of superiority over others shortly after started the work.

All of our wisdom comes from Dafa. We should do well with our responsibility. In Fa-rectification, we have different work assignments, but we do not have differentiation of which one is more or less important. No matter what project we do, we should always be part of other practitioners. Dafa treats each practitioner with equal importance. The feeling of being "special" is an attachment. We should get rid of it during our cultivation under Fa-rectification.

Allow More People to Become Involved to Permit Materials Production Sites to be Everywhere

Through this experience sharing conference, we have had further realizations on cultivation during the Fa-rectification era. Furthermore, we realized the responsibility each of us takes: To let more practitioners have command of technology so we will be able to have Falun Dafa material production sites everywhere. We also realized we should cultivate ourselves well and improve our understanding on the Fa while working on technological issues during the Fa-rectification period. We can then make full use of our abilities and let more practitioners achieve technical proficiency. As long as we display this kind of understanding and willingness, we will be able to do well in Fa-rectification. Everything is the result of Dafa's mighty power.

The above were some of our experiences as the several practitioners who have a background in technical issues. We wrote it for your reference. Please, kindly correct us if there is an improper point.