(Clearwisdom.net) I often contact a practitioner who is in her sixties. She doesn't appear to be extraordinary--studying the Fa, practicing the Falun Dafa exercises, and passing out truth clarifying materials every day. However, I suddenly found her extraordinary, and wanted to write about her to encourage our fellow practitioners.

This fellow practitioner walks very solidly on her path of cultivation. In the past four years, she has been taking responsibility for encouraging her fellow practitioners quietly. She bought three copy machines to produce truth clarifying materials. She has not stopped the materials production for even a day in the past four years. In order to have better security, she put the copy machine in a very small, dark storage room without any ventilation, where it is hot during the summer and cold during the winter. She has to kneel down to make copies due to the limited space. She staples and copies the materials carefully and passes it out. In order to avoid double distribution, she learned which buildings are family housing, which buildings are covered by other practitioners, and chooses the appropriate materials for each building. She has covered almost all the mailboxes in the area, and some important family housing was covered twice.

When she faced obstacles or interference during her trips to distribute the materials, she always eliminated the dangers with righteous thoughts. She also finds time to share with fellow practitioners who have not stepped forward to help them find the courage to do so.

Although I do Falun Dafa work, my efforts would be good for a while, then not so good for a while. I do not have her determination to do well all the time.

Currently, this fellow practitioner is distributing copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party to our city police departments, Procuratorate, and Department of Justice, and it is going quite smoothly. From looking at her, I understood what Master taught us in To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm,

"Have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, dissolve all hindrances, and spread the facts widely. Divine beings are among men."

This practitioner said to herself, "When facing Master, and the sentient beings in my own paradise, I want to say to myself, 'I did what I was supposed to do.'"