(Clearwsidom.net) "Your young and beautiful looks tell me how great Dafa is," commented a friend one day. But before this comment was made, I had other things to deal with.

From the time I was little until I grew up I have never been on a bumpy road. Everything came easy to me. I never experienced any hardship and always had good health. At some point, though, somehow I started feeling a lack of interest in life. I was confused and wondered what the purpose of life was.

After graduating from college I worked in the stock market for ten years. I became a gambler. Depending on the stock market's rising and falling fortunes, my personal fortune sometimes increased to the extreme and other times it hit rock bottom. Everyday life by then looked like a jumble. No matter if the stocks were up or down, I was in a bad mood. When stocks increased I was afraid they might drop; and when they dropped, I was afraid they might continue dropping. My co-workers started having problems with their families, marriages, and/or their health. Some of them had huge debts and were hounded by those who provided them with dirty money. Some committed suicide or committed fraud and served jail time; others had nervous breakdowns.

One day I bet all my money on a stock, which seemed to have good profit potential. I made up my mind that I would never gamble again after a big return on my investment. Against all expectations, the stock started dropping like crazy. By the time I sold all the shares, although I had almost nothing left, I felt relaxed. Thinking back on that whole week of mental turbulence, I woke up completely. I swore that I would never be controlled by those stock numbers again. I wanted to devote my time to the good of society. After some effort, I passed the exam and became a government employee.

My husband liked martial arts and qigong, and treated patients using qigong therapy. One day my husband treated his qigong friend who was diagnosed with late stage cancer. After the therapy the patient looked healthier with pink cheeks, but my husband looked very pale. He felt cold on a hot day and finally fell on the floor. The retina in one of his eyes had become detached when he fell; soon, he could not raise his hands and felt great pain when he inhaled. We visited several well-known Western and Chinese traditional medicine doctors, and they could neither diagnose nor cure my husband's illness. At this desperate time we saw a flyer about Falun Gong practice and decided to try it. After just one month of Dafa practice, my husband completely and miraculously recovered.

When I accompanied my husband to the practice site, in the beginning I felt a strong energy surrounding me, which made me very comfortable. My husband read Zhuan Falun all the time at home. One day when he went to bed I picked up the book and, being curious, started reading.

That book answered all the questions I had, and I read the whole book with the nine lectures that night. I found the reason for my husband's illness. It was an exchange of virtue for karma, and the doctors could not eliminate the karma from his body.

I recalled how I acted when I learned a certain qigong from a qigong Master. I rolled all over the place, and yelled and shouted when I was practicing. I gathered qi (1) from plants or went to a deep mountain far away to get qi. Gathering the qi, I felt that my whole body was filled with it. I thought that I had made progress and was happy with the results. Now I understood that that was nothing, nothing at all. The real cultivation and qigong practice is to cultivate one's xinxing, and live according to the universal law of "Truthfulness, Compression and Forbearance." My husband used to study several kinds of qigong but did not have any guidance or did not know how to cultivate xinxing. As a result, he did very bad things to his health. Those fake qigong practices are very harmful for people.

The distance from our house to the practice site was considerable. I awoke at 3:30 a.m. and rode a motorcycle to the practice place. The second day when I was in the sitting position, ready to practice the fifth exercise, my tears flowed without stopping. I did not know why that happened. After I completed the sitting meditation, my clothing was wet. Later, when I read Teacher's new lectures, I realized that those tears must have been inspired by what Teacher had done for me.

When I just started learning the fifth exercise, we hosted monthly seminars at our home where we presented Teacher's nine-day lecture series on video and taught other people to practice Falun Gong. In order to help more people become aware of the goodness of Falun Gong, I posted flyers around our nearby residential area before the lectures began and I sent flyers to all the residents' mailboxes. Some people attended the series of nine lectures because they saw my flyer or poster. We also found a park nearby to have a practice site. In the first few days, I was afraid of opening my eyes because thousands of mosquitoes were attacking us. There was a pig farm near the park, which smelled bad. Some people burned trash in the park, making the environment bad, so a lot of people hesitated to come. But, we persisted in practicing in the park. Later the mosquitoes disappeared, the pig farm was moved and no one burned trash in the park anymore. The park became beautiful and more trees have been planted since we have started to practice Falun Gong there. With more pleasant weather in the summer, little by little, more and more people began coming to practice Falun Gong in the park.

After each Dafa practice there is tangible physical and mental benefit. One's laziness is challenged. All the Dafa activities deeply attracted me. My life became rich and varied and I have never felt bored since. I really want all people to know how good Dafa is and I clarify the truth whenever I can. The Chinese Communist government officials and their fabrications have caused many people to have bad feelings about Falun Gong. To validate the Fa, I learned how to use a computer and made several flyers. My friends and web friends love my Dafa flyers. I also validate the Fa by talking to my friends or chatting on the web. My verbal skills are getting better and better so that people enjoy listening to me. Dafa opened my wisdom. I learn fast now, and I do everything without any difficulty.

My immediate family and in-laws saw the great changes in my husband and me. The beauty and miracles of Dafa continue to inspire us. As a result, our family members have begun practicing Dafa. A friend mentioned to me, "You do not need to introduce Dafa to me. Your young and beautiful looks tell me how great Dafa is. I just want to look like you and I want to learn."

(1) Qi: In Chinese culture, qi is believed to be "vital energy" that is present in all living things. It is a lower form of energy than gong (cultivation energy).