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( According to Media reports, Hu Jintao's trip to North America this September will be his first visit to North America as the Secretary-General of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Prior to his visit, Falun Gong practitioners throughout the U.S. and Canada have held various activities to urge Hu to bring Jiang Zemin and other chief perpetrators in the persecution of Falun Gong to justice. In order to create a so-called "welcome atmosphere" and the momentum to overwhelm protesters, Chinese Consulates and Embassies spend money to hire people to "welcome" Hu Jintao.

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Welcome team bought by the Chinese communist regime attempted to use their flags and banners to block petitioners' banners.

Since the Chinese communist regime started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, nearly 3000 practitioners died in the persecution. The brutal persecution is still going on and its means have become more secret. Numerous practitioners are still imprisoned and suffer from all kinds of torture.

That the CCP spent money to hire people overseas to welcome its leaders clearly manifests how the regime enslaves people. Its purpose is to conceal the persecution facts and to serve as propaganda to mislead people in China. This has been a tactic that CCP constantly used.

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin remembered that when Hu Jintao visited Australia in 2003, he was still serving in the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. The Chinese communist regime gave an order that protests should not be "seen or heard". The order especially targeted Falun Gong. He believed that same order would be followed during Hu's trip in North America this September.

Chen Yonglin told a story: When Jiang Zemin visited Germany in 2002, he met a nice westerner who greeted him in his hotel lobby. Jiang then smiled and walked toward the westerner. To his astonishment, the westerner went on to say, "Falun Dafa is great!" Jiang suddenly paled and almost fell. At that time, Chinese diplomats and Ambassador in Germany Ma Canrong were all criticized. From then on, "hearing or seeing no petition" has become the first priority in receiving Chinese communist leaders.

In addition to controlling petitioning organizations and putting overseas Chinese people under surveillance, the Chinese Consulates also recruit overseas Chinese students in the "welcome team" to wave flags and shout as leaders approach and block groups of protesters. The welcome teams are mostly composed of students. The CCP regime pay them money, provide them food and tickets for some art performances.

When Jiang Zemin visited other countries, no matter where he went, he would encounter Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful protests and condemnation. Jiang had to take the special path dedicated to transporting trash to avoid the protest groups. He dared not to meet the "welcoming" crowds.

Hu Jintao is now in the final moment when the Chinese nation is in its biggest crisis ever in China's history. We hope that he will clearly discern right from wrong and carry out his duty according to his conscience. Immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong, bring the perpetrators of the persecution to justice, disassemble the Chinese Communist Party, and change the crisis into an opportunity for good.