On June 6, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Guoxian, an associate professor from Hunan Normal University, was arrested by members of the 610 Office. With the collective support of Dafa practitioners, 40 days later, Yang managed to escape with the help of righteous thoughts.

On the afternoon of June 6, 2005, people from his local Community Management Committee phoned Yang, telling him that they wanted him to come over. Soon after Yang walked out of his home, ten people surrounded him. With much effort, they pushed Yang into a car parked on the roadside and then drove away. Inside the car, two people pushed his arms down very hard so that Yang could not resist. During the arrest, Yang had been resisting strongly. Under the violent circumstances, Yang's right leg was injured and immobilized.

They took Mr. Yang to the notorious Changsha City Laodaohe Brainwashing Center. Inside the Center, dozens of staff from the 610 Offices of Changsha City, Yueli District Office, from the Normal University, and from the local community where Yang came from, were milling around and talking amongst themselves. That same night, Yang was carried into a room in the center. There were three beds in the room, one for Falun Gong practitioners, and the other two for two collaborators who watched Falun Gong practitioners around the clock.

The Changsha City Laodaohe Brainwashing Center cost the local 610 Office over 10 million yuan to build and is designated for detaining and brainwashing practitioners. Every practitioner has his/her own room, and all their activities are confined within this room. There are iron railings outside every room, and they are separated from each other. At the entrance of every building is a metal fence. The buildings inside the brainwashing center are surrounded by barbed wire and the only entrance to the brainwashing center has a steel door, where guards are on duty around the clock.

That same evening, Yang's right leg swelled up badly and his ankle was dislocated. He could not relieve himself. Due to his serious condition, he was sent to the Changsha City Hospital the next day, where a doctor diagnosed him with a broken right leg. There were bone fragments left in his joints, and the ligament in his right leg was seriously damaged. His femur was most likely injured, and that caused difficulty in his normal bodily functions. He needed treatment in hospital.

In order to cover up their crime, the staff of the 610 Office made arrangements to send Yang to a ward on a higher level of the building in the hospital. During his hospital stay, four members from the 610 Office watched him around the clock, and they allowed only Yang's wife to visit him. The rest of his family and friends could not visit unless they had permission from the 610 Office in Hunan Normal University. They also covered up his situation, interfered with hospital treatment, and attempted to stop the doctor from speaking to Yang. Meanwhile, they coerced Yang into writing a statement to release them from any liability. When Yang's condition became a little bit better, the staff of the 610 office told him that they would send him back to the brainwashing center. They claimed that Yang could receive the same treatment in the center.

Local practitioners exposed the persecution of Yang and the responsible parties on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. That news spread among local practitioners quickly, and they sent forth righteous thoughts every hour. In addition, they continuously sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. Practitioners from other neighboring cities compiled Yang's case into their local Minghui Digest and distributed it to the public. The persecutors received phone calls from overseas practitioners, and they were terrified. Under the collective support of practitioners from different areas, forty days after Yang's arrest, even though he was being monitored closely, Yang walked away from the hospital with the help of righteous thoughts.

The methods used by the 610 office for the arrest were secretive and deceptive. Members of Security Department in Yang's university denied that they received any notice in advance. It was said by the insiders that this arrest was planned by the Changsha City 610 Office and executed by the Changsha City Luli District 610 Office. The Hunan Normal University 610 office played a role of active cooperation and providing assistance. It also supplied money and man power. People from Yang's local Community Management Committee participated as well. After Yang Guoxian managed to escape with the help of righteous thoughts, members of the local 610 Office often went to Yang's home to harass his family.

This arrest caused quite a stir at Hunan City Normal University. On that day, many people witnessed the whole violent scene, and news spread very quickly. A few days later, when they learned that Yang Guoxian's leg was broken, many people were very sympathetic to his case and angry at the police. Some did not know the truth before, and had the opportunity to learn about the evil nature of the CCP.

People who participated in the persecution and their phone numbers:

Wu Kaiming, Director of Changsha City Laodaohe Brainwashing Center and Changcha City 610 office: 86-731-6677712,86-13308408731(Cell)

Wei Bin, Director of Changsha City Luli District 610 office:

Under Hunan Normal University 610 office:

Li Yuee(who was hiding in the car when Yang was arrested): 86-731-8871398(Home), 86-731-8872300(Office)

Su Renliang (a thug): 86-731-8838169(Home)

Zha Shulin, Vice President of Hunan City Normal University, actively participates into persecution 86-731-8630333(Home)

Hunan City Normal University Office of the Vice President, Office of the Secretary of the Community Party: 86-731-8872886, 86-731-8872081, 86-731-8872424, 86-731-8872292, 86-731-8872093