(Clearwisdom.net) Chen Zhonghai, a doctor of Chinese medicine, retired from Yingshan County People's Hospital in Sichuan Province and began practicing Falun Gong in 1997. He once commented to a Fa study group, "I've combed the entire country researching cultivation methods, and I've learned other forms of qigong as well. However, I feel that Falun Dafa is truly the only righteous cultivation method now."

After Falun Dafa began to be persecuted, however, Chen Zhonghai refused to safeguard Dafa. On the contrary, he composed a booklet that undermined Falun Dafa, claiming that his booklet was "the tenth lecture," allegedly a supplement to the nine lectures of Zhuan Falun. He even had more than 200 copies printed, which he then circulated among Falun Gong practitioners. His actions were an extremely negative influence that undermined the Fa, something for which he refused to repent, even when practitioners tried to help him confront his attachments. He recently died from intestinal cancer.

August 12, 2005