(Clearwisdom.net) The prison guards at the Fourth Prison of Hebei Province, (also known as the Northern Suburb Jail of Shijiazhuang City) have committed countless crimes against Falun Dafa. What I expose here is only the tip of the iceberg.

On December 12, 2004, World Human Rights Day, the Northern Suburbs Jail intentionally set up a "transformation" class to persecute Dafa disciples. Five Dafa disciples were directly persecuted during this class, including, Lei Zhongfu, Guo Zhijun and Wang Yan. The persecution was focused on Lei Zhongfu, because Lei Zhongfu shouted loudly in front of several hundred prisoners at noon one day in December: "Practicing Falun Gong is not a crime! Falun Dafa is the righteous law! Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe! Falun Dafa saves sentient beings! Falun Dafa is good!"

During this persecution, the chief prison guard arranged three criminals to torture Lei Zhongfu. Criminal Li Lin used a metal club to beat the head of Lei Zhongfu. He beat Lei Zhongfu at least several dozen times during a period of nine days and nights. Criminal Li Xiangyang had a strong body and thick hands. He slapped Lei Zhongfu's face at least several dozen of times. As a result, Lei Zhongfu had difficulties moving his body for more than one month. In addition to the physical tortures, Lei Zhongfu was deprived of sleep for the duration of his time there and subjected to other inmates beating, scolding, and insulting him continuously. Several inmates said, "We don't have any hostility toward Falun Gong. We treat you like this because the government chief guard has made it our jobs. If we can "transform" you, our jail terms will be reduced. The government chief guard has told us to use any means to torture you. If our goal is not reached, the tortures will continue. If you continue to be stubborn, even if we do not kill you, you may be rendered disabled."

All areas on Lei Zhongfu's buttocks were badly beaten and his entire body had edema. Yet the squadron instructor, Wang Fenglei, still taunted him in front of other criminals by saying, "Lei Zhongfu has become fat from eating too much." According to a rough estimate, Lei Zhongfu and others had not been allowed to sleep for over 200 hours.

Dafa disciple Chen Zhengqing was tortured to the point of disability. He had difficultly walking. The prison guards beat him over 70 times. Over 40 people had beaten him. Another Dafa disciple who refused to be transformed was also beaten into disability. Because they refused to be transformed, two Dafa disciples were punished by being forced to stand for more than one month in the cold winter, standing outdoors continuously from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day. Dafa disciple Guo Zhijiang was forced to work. Both of his hands were full of sores and bleeding, but he was not allowed to take a break. Also, some Dafa disciples' fingernails were pierced with nails by the prison guards.

In the jail, the prison guards arranged four criminals to watch each Dafa disciple. Their goal was to prevent Dafa disciples from contacting each other or talking with other inmates. They were afraid that Dafa disciples would tell others about the goodness of Dafa. They did not allow Dafa disciples to practice the exercises or to read things related to Dafa. They were not allowed to fetch water, not allowed to get a meal, not allowed to go to the sales department. There were so many things they were not allowed to do. The prison guards created obstacles everywhere, and illegally deprived practitioners of the rights to which they were entitled. They also forbid Dafa disciples from holding hunger strikes. Those who went on hunger strikes were force-fed.

There are still more unknown evil crimes which have occurred and are currently happening in the Hebei Fourth Prison (the Northern Suburb Jail of Shijiazhuang City).

August 17, 2005