Since the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, Luxiang Town's local police station has persecuted Dafa disciples severely in Shuangyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province. This police station's staff has constantly committed crimes against Falun Gong practitioners.

On December 26, 2000 according to the lunar calendar, the Luxiang town government illegally arrested Dafa disciples Wang Yalan, Hu Shufen, Dong Jing and some others and took them to a detention center, where they fined them 600 yuan each. The Dafa disciples who were not detained were illegally sent to a forced labor camp.

The practitioners were compelled to verbally attack Dafa and the Master. Anyone who failed to do so would be illegally detained. Some Dafa disciples had to leave home to escape the persecution. However, the Luxiang Police Station still arrested them all outside of town and sent them to a forced labor camp.

The town police frequently harass the Dafa disciples' families, ransack their homes, and arrest them at will. Thugs were hired to remain outside Dafa disciples' homes for a long period of time in order to monitor them. As a result, eleven Dafa practitioners were sent to a forced labor camp. Mr. Yu Zhanchun and his wife Hu Shufen were sentenced to forced labor three times and two times respectively. They were arrested almost immediately after they were released home. Out of the district, Luxiang town practitioners were fined the most frequently and the most in terms of amount. Moreover, no receipts were ever given to the fined practitioners.

After most of the public security police in Shuangyang District learned the facts about Dafa, they no longer actively participated in the persecution. However, the Luxiang Town police still followed the 610 Office to persecute Dafa disciples, showing no remorse at all. Since the beginning of the persecution, the Luxiang police have never displayed any valid documents when they ransacked Dafa disciples' homes or arrested Dafa disciples. They have never followed any legal procedures when they persecute Dafa disciples.

More information on those responsible for the persecution:

Luxiang Police Station: 86-431-4141359, 86-431-4142290

Station Head: Guo Yingbo: 86-13364500047 (Cell), 86-431-4242110 (Home)

Policeman Xu Zhiyuan: 86-13364500012 (Cell)

Office Worker, Jin Hu: 86-13596413585

Public Safety Personnel: Pager: 86-431-4141696

Policemen Zhu Dajiang, Leng Qingbo, Hou Liang, and others

Main Responsible Person:

Zhang Jianping, Chief of the National Security Squadron, Shuangyang Sub-Bureau, Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau:

86-431-4220785 (Office), 86-13904391196 (Cell), 86-431-4254233 (Home)