I. Encountering Falun Dafa and "Obtaining the Fa"

In early 1998, I went to visit my parents, who were always prone to sickness. I went to their workplace to see them. I entered their room and found my father with a happy smile and looking very healthy. He had been ill for many years. I asked, "Dad, what restored your health? Did you take some elixir?" My father answered, "I have obtained the Fa." I asked, "What Fa? May I have a chance to read the Fa?"

My father said, "Certainly. Here is the heavenly book, Zhuan Falun." I asked, "Is this the Qigong you were practicing before?" My father said, "No! This is Falun Gong."

I opened the book to read Lunyu and finished reading it in one breath. I spent a few days reading through Zhuan Falun. I said, "Dad, I spent forty years of my life on nothing meaningful. I didn't know who I was or what the meaning of my life was. Now Master has explained all of this to me. I am determined to cultivate Dafa diligently, follow Teacher and return to my true home."

From then on, I was actively involved in spreading Dafa, studying the Fa and doing the exercises at our local practice site. One day I had a free afternoon at work. I made the best use of my time by studying the Fa. I laid my head on the desk and took a short break when I was tired. I entered the state of tranquility and saw countless Faluns spinning like electric fans in another dimension. I thought Teacher was encouraging me with scenes in other dimensions. I was very moved. I didn't even dare to move a little bit. I was afraid the scene in front of me would disappear if I moved.

II. I am a Fa-rectification Disciple Living Here in the Human Realm

In early 2000, I was held at a detention center with a fellow practitioner. Staff from the 610 Office had Ruan Chang'an, a Longchang County Dafa coordinator who had been "transformed", write to us. I read the letter and rejected his words. The 610 Office staff then sought to have my husband come and persuade me. I told them about the fundamental principles a human being should follow. Once, the 610 Office staff and my husband tried to transform me in a joint effort. As soon as I entered the visiting room of the detention center, my husband punched me in the face without a word. His job is doing basic repairs and the labor is physically demanding. He is very strong. The heavy blow caused blood to burst forth from my nose immediately.

The 610 Office staff changed their tactics upon seeing that physical means would not move me. Two days later, my husband came to visit me again. He knelt down as soon as he saw me. He begged, "I will never beat you again. Please come home with me." I laughed and responded, "You may remain kneeling as long as you wish. In the past, I would not have been able to handle this situation. Now I can." He stood up, knowing it was no use.

One day my fellow practitioner, who was being detained in the same cell as me, told me she wrote a repentance statement. She did so because she wanted to get out of the detention center. I asked, "You obtained the Fa earlier than I did. What does Dafa require of us? As a practitioner, what should be done and what cannot be done? Isn't it obvious? If you write a repentance statement, who are you being responsible to?" She remained silent.

During my detention, I clarified the truth to other detainees. They all learned that Dafa is good. They studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with me.

III. Validating Dafa with My Own Conduct

I clarified the truth to people in all kinds of environments. The 610 Office staff sent me to a mental hospital. Their purpose was two-fold. One was to torture me, and the other was to isolate me from others. They were also afraid I might go to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. Doctor Wang Youfang at the mental hospital collaborated with the 610 Office staff. She knew I was mentally healthy, but she insisted on saying that I had schizophrenia. She would tell others that I had schizophrenia when I tried to talk to them. She would say I had melancholia when I recited Teacher's articles silently.

In the mental hospital, I did cleaning, helped patients take baths, washed their clothes and fed them their meals. One day, when I was feeding a patient, she suddenly knocked me down and tore my clothes. She beat me with her fists until the doctors hurried over and dragged her away. They found I was still holding her meal bowls tightly so that they would not spill. Very soon, the doctors and nurses changed their opinion of me. Sometimes, they listened while I clarified the truth to them and the patients.

On May 1, Labor Day in China, my father came to visit me. At noon, we were talking when we heard someone yell for help. I found a patient who had hung herself with pants tied to the metal frame of a window. Her face had already turned very red. I immediately laid her down on the floor and began mouth to mouth. I didn't stop until she began to breathe. After emergency treatment, she was okay. Since then, the patients in the mental hospital treat me even better. They all know I am a good person. I thus validated Dafa with my own conduct.

IV. One Righteous Thought Subdues a Hundred Evils

When the evil authorities still failed to change our righteous beliefs, they were so desperate that they would do anything. They wrote down Teacher's teachings on a blackboard and let Yao Jianhua interpret the teachings with her warped understanding. We were required to use her logic in a speech. They called this method, "using the Fa to do away with the Fa." Practitioners Peng Shiqiong, Liu Fengxia, Liu Zongying, Wang Huiying, Zhu Yaohui and I took this rare opportunity to tell them our cultivation stories.

Liu Fengxia recited Teacher's lecture at the 2002 Washington DC Fa conference. It was very encouraging. Practitioners who had gone astray restrained themselves when we were present.

Liu Fengxia is a woman from the countryside. She rode a bike to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She rode several thousand miles and endured many hardships along the way. On her way to Beijing, she clarified the truth to many people.

Liu Zongli told others, "I am illiterate, so I am not good at sharing the principles. I only know Teacher is great and Dafa is great. I will never betray Teacher or Dafa."

Wang Huiying shared how she remained unperturbed in the face of conflicts based in "qing". Once her son came to visit and said that her refusal to give up practicing Falun Dafa in the forced labor camp was the reason all her daughters-in-law filed for divorce and left the family. Her sons lost their jobs in a government department because she was firm about practicing. Wang Huiying, out of her benevolence, understood their feelings. However, she was not swayed by qing. She explained the principles and her reasoning to them.

V. Righteous Thoughts Demonstrate Divine Power

On January 10, 2002, I was transferred to the police station of the Gaosishan Oil & Construction Corporation in Neijiang City from the Women's Forced Labor Camp of Sichuan Province. The persons in charge of Falun Gong practitioners interrogated me.

One of them asked, "What's your name?" I replied, "What are you trying to do?" He said, "We are going to keep a record and establish an archive. We will monitor your conduct and you must cooperate with us." I replied, "Great. Write down what you will do to me on a piece of paper, then stamp it with the official seal and sign your name. I'll see you in court. Do write down these words and do not deny them when I meet you in front of a judge. Spoken words do not count and you guys always tell lies. So write down all the actions you are going to take against me on paper." He went out of the room to check with his supervisors. In a short while, he came back and he didn't mention another word about records.

I took advantage of the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. I told them that they should live for the truth and that they should distinguish between good and bad. He replied, "I don't care about truth. I serve whoever pays me." I then told them about the evil persecution imposed on Falun Dafa by the CCP. I said, "Jiang Zemin persecutes Falun Gong. He is doomed." He was frightened and didn't say anything. He asked me to go home immediately.

Once when I was detained in the mental hospital, county 610 Office staff and a cadre came to interrogate me. The director of the county 610 Office, Ye Lin, talked to me in a threatening manner. "We are here today to target your problems specifically. You must cooperate with us." I laughed and replied, "This is so weird. The police station and 610 Office sent me to a mental hospital. The doctors regard me as a mental patient. They give me injections and force me to take drugs against my will. Now you want to interrogate me, which means you regard me as a criminal. However, you cannot send me to a prison even though you consider me a criminal, because I didn't commit any crime. If you consider me a mental patient, then there's no such a thing as interrogating a mental patient. A mental patient cannot bear legal responsibility for his conduct. Or, it could well be that you two are mental patients, which explains why you aren't using logic and conduct yourself in a crazy way." He was left speechless and rushed to end the interrogation.

On June 15, when the staff from the Longchang County 610 Office and the Longchang County CCP Committee came to take me back to my hometown, I told them the above story. I said, "Is our government being responsible for anyone? I, an innocent person, was incarcerated in the mental hospital three times, held in a detention center twice, transferred to the center twice, and sent to forced labor camp twice. The authorities have persecuted me for almost six years. The government didn't investigate my case until I was tortured, persecuted, homeless and left without a single penny." "Shouldn't you think it over?"

The cadre from the 610 Office replied, "You have been detained for three years. You don't know that the Falun Gong followers now openly act against the CCP and the government." I explained, "We are only fighting for basic human rights and for a peaceful cultivation environment. We only want to be a good people. Does that constitute a crime? As an innocent person, I was incarcerated for six years. How do you justify that?" They were left speechless and didn't dare say one more word.