(Clearwisdom.net) We are practitioners who live deep in the mountains. This year there has been a lot of rain. The rain damaged many sections of our unpaved mountain road. The government does not care about the road, and no residents take responsibility for repairing it. Many farmers over in the area grow persimmons and need to take them to market every other day. The drivers and farmers all curse the road and are afraid their persimmon trucks may become stuck or be unable to pass.

At noon on July 15, several of us practitioners got together and said, "Let's go fix the road." So after sending forth righteous thoughts, we went to a damaged section of the road, about one mile away, and started to work. A couple in their 70s heard about it and came to work with us for two hours before going home for lunch.

Residents here live fairly close to each other. There is a small village every mile or so. The second day, more practitioners from around the area came to join us. The days were hot, and we moved stones from far away to fill the deep ditches cut by the rain. After three days, four sections of damaged road were repaired.

On the second day, the village accountant passed by. He stopped his truck and said, "Thank you very much, Falun Gong practitioners! It has been a headache to pass this section. The ditch made it very hard to drive. If you go too fast, the bumper may be damaged. If you go too slowly the engine dies. If anyone comes again to arrest practitioners, we will help you and not allow them to." He then joined us in repairing the road.

Later, the wife of the village head also came to help. She said, "In this period of time, only Falun Gong practitioners are good people. All others are bad."

After the road was fixed, passers-by all smiled. Some said, "Thank you very much." Some said, "We'll buy watermelons for you." Others said, "Falun Gong practitioners did a great job. You are better than those who just know how to build temples instead of how to cultivate."

Strangers said, "You are really good."

That evening, the moon was full and bright, and we delivered truth clarification materials that had been on hand for many days. When we delivered these materials before the road-repair effort, we put them high and pasted them solidly so that they would be there longer. But after two days or even just half a day, people would tear them down. This time, a fellow practitioner who is just 5'4" tall pasted the materials at his height. The materials are still stay there now, almost two weeks later.

We really experienced the power of group action. While being careful about safety, we should try to work together when good opportunities arise.

Fellow practitioners, please correct me if you see anything wrong.

Sept.15, 2005