(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Jia Junxi, 58 years old, lived in Qianxiaozhuang Village in Daxin Township, Fugou County, Henan Province. He was arrested on August 18, 2005 when clarifying the truth. Mr. Jia was tortured to death around August 29 at the county detention center.

According to witnesses, Jia Junxi was held in solitary confinement on August 28, where on orders from the guards, four inmates beat him savagely. The solitary confinement cell door remained locked for the following 24 hours; and no one checked on Jia Junxi during this period. On August 30, the perpetrators sent Jia Junxi's stiffed body to the county hospital in an attempt to cover up the crime of torture that killed him. The doctor asked, "Why are you bringing in a dead body?" The doctor refused to let the perpetrators bring the body into a ward, so they put Mr. Li's body in the hallway.

Around 6:00 p.m. on August 30, Jia Junxi's family received a death notice from the Fugou County Police Department. His family and some fellow villagers went to the hospital. They saw that Jia Junxi's teeth were clenched, his eyes wide open, one hand held in a tight fist, one leg was half bent, and his body was deformed. They confronted the perpetrators, "Why was he in such a wretched state? How did he die?" The police answered, "Heart attack." His family was suspicious and asked for an autopsy. The police said, "Nothing's going to happen even if you sue us in Beijing."

The police ignored the family's protests and cremated the body later that night. Jia Junxi's wife held the box with his ashes and said, "He left home a healthy person, and now he's a pile of ashes!"

Before his arrest, on August 18, Jia Junxi left home and joined fellow practitioners, 52-year-old Mr. Jia Heshen and his wife, to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. They were abducted in Liuxiu Township in Lutan County by perpetrators from the Lutan County Police Department. Later that night they were sent to the Fugou County Police Department. They were threatened and tortured, and their homes were ransacked.

Jia Junxi was tortured to death and the whereabouts of Jia Heshen and his wife are unknown.

We again call for kind-hearted people to help end the persecution and bring the perpetrators to justice!

Relevant Contact Information for Fugou County, Henan Province:
Miao Deyu, secretary for Fugou County Party Committee: 86-394-6236689 (Home), 86-394-6236689 (Office), 86-1383868888 (Cell)
Tian Yonghong, head of Fugou County: 86-394-6229555 (Home), 86-13507684096 (Cell)
Ma Mingxue, head of the police department: 86-394-8392998 (Home), 86-394-6233069 (Home), 86-13839485888 (Cell)
Cheng Weizheng, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee: 86-394-6822162 (Home), 86-394-6221495 (Office)
Li Zili, director of the Fugou Detention Center: 86-394-6305932
Gu Xibing, head of the Security Section for Fugou County Police Department: 86-13838631158 (Cell)
Wang Jianshe, head of the People's Congress in Fugou County: 86-394-6221460