(Clearwisdom.net) Everything in this human world looks quite complicated and full of temptations. Ordinary people, driven by the human mentality, are busy with all sorts of things in order to live a better life. Falun Dafa practitioners, however, should be clear and realize that everything in this world is arranged for the Fa-rectification. Amidst the "complexity and temptations," we should focus on Fa-rectification. Otherwise we cannot escape the illusion of "complexity and temptations" and see the right direction clearly.

I realize that I myself have the same human mentality and it is undermining the firmness of my belief in Fa-rectification. I also see that, while doing Fa-rectification work, my attachment of pursuit is still strong. At times the evil forces try to drag me toward human attachments by taking advantage of the human mentalities that I haven't given up. The more I want to get rid of them, the closer they chase after me. Superficially, this is a test to see whether I can resist the "temptations and human attachments." Fundamentally, it is an attempt to shake my belief in Fa-rectification and my righteous thoughts in saving sentient beings. Ignore the "human mentality" that looks complex and exists everywhere, because "human mentality" constrains humans. What I do is to maintain the righteous thoughts of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. In this way, I suddenly understand more about "attaining naturally without pursuit" and "letting go."

The human mentality must be given up in our cultivation practice during the Fa-rectification period. Only when we are able to escape from the restraints of the human mentality and the human heart and melt into the Fa and Fa-rectification can we do well the things that Falun Dafa practitioners are called upon to do. In this way, we are able to eliminate all interference. In other words, we have unconsciously rid ourselves of the human mentality. We should get rid of the human mentality through validating the Fa unshakably and offering salvation to all sentient beings.

This is my personal understanding. If there is any mistake, please kindly point it out.