(Clearwisdom.net) In Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, there is a store named "Minghui," Chinese for "Clearwisdom." Its business is thriving and it has more customers than it can handle.

Not long ago, the police in Jinzhou City noticed the word "Minghui" on the signboard and could not tolerate it. They conducted a secret investigation to determine whether or not the owner of the store practiced Falun Gong. After learning that the owner was not a Dafa practitioner, they went to him and ordered him to change the store's name.

The owner was unwilling to change the name since his business was so prosperous, and he feared that the change might bring bad luck. But he dared not offend the police either, so after wracking his brain, he finally asked somebody to come up with a design for him that would cover the character "ming" with some skillful artwork. This way, the store is as prosperous as before.