(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Yao Fengjie from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province was savagely tortured at Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. She passed away on September 5, 2005.

Healthy Yao Fengjie before the torture
Yao Fengjie's weight dropped drastically after being tortured at Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Her stomach and legs became severely swollen
Yao Fengjie was 49 years old and lived on Jiliang Street, Daowai District in Harbin City. She started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. In July 2002, she was illegally arrested from her home by personnel from the Renli Police Station in Daowai District, and she was sent to the No. 2 Detention Center (nicknamed Duck Pen). She was later transferred to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp to be held for three years, despite her high blood pressure.

During the time she was detained at the labor camp, Yao Fengjie refused to write repentance statements, and was tortured with the "big hang up." (1) She was forced to sit in a metal chair and was shocked with electric batons. The guards dragged her to the restroom and stuffed her mouth with a mop because she refused to slander Dafa.

When she returned home in 2005, Yao Fengjie weighed less than 50 kg. (110 lbs.), a far cry from her earlier weight of 85 kg. (187 lbs.). The persecutors from Renli Police Station in Daowai District constantly harassed her at home, and she passed away on September 5, 2005.


1. "Big hang up": There are two forms in this torture: (1) With both hands cuffed behind the back and only the toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to the metal window frames. (2) One hand of a practitioner is cuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bed, and the two beds are pulled in the opposite directions. One feels extreme pain as the body is pulled.