Recently I saw an article written by a fellow practitioner on Minghui.net dated August 9, 2005. The article referred to the illegal detention of 16 disciples, including Mr. Zheng Dejun and others, at Shayang Forced Labor Camp, and the practitioners' validation of Dafa inside the camp. I was one of the 16 practitioners that the article was speaking of. Reading the article brought back the memory of those events as if they happened only yesterday.

At that time, the 16 of us were the second batch of practitioners illegally sent to Shayang Forced Labor Camp. On the very first day at the camp, Mr. Zheng Dejun and three other practitioners were separately dispatched to different squads. Mr. Zheng was sent to the 5th Brigade. We had heard via the camp personnel a lot about Mr. Zheng's resistance to the persecution before I met him in person, but Mr. Zheng still said, "We did not do things well enough to form one body. We failed to establish a righteous environment for fellow practitioners to follow."

According to the report on Minghui/Clearwisdom, in 2004 Mr. Zheng Dejun was detained a second time at Hubei Province's Shayang Forced Labor Camp. Now he is being held in the Shayang 9th Brigade, but has been in an isolation chamber for a few months. Due to his refusal to accept brainwashing and abandon Falun Gong, Mr. Zheng is currently near-death from the persecution.

Out of the 16 practitioners, Mr. Qiao Zuoquan of Jingmen is another one who was sent to the forced labor camp for a second time. Mr. Qiao was one of the original volunteer directors of the Falun Dafa Assistance Center in Jinmen City. At that time we did not have Falun Dafa books to read. Mr. Qiao could recite Zhuan Falun in its entirety, so we broke the evil's arrangements and listened to his recitation. Later, another practitioner could also recite Zhuan Falun, so we divided into two groups to study the Fa.

Another practitioner among the original 16, Mr. Liu Yong, who was only 21 at the time, is again being persecuted and has been illegally sentenced to prison.

There was a new practitioner who started to practice in prison at only 17 years old. After he was released from the forced labor camp, he was persecuted again for clarifying the truth.