(Clearwisdom.net) More than 20 practitioners have been illegally held at Gansu Women's Labor Camp, where a series of brutal persecution against practitioners has been carried out. In order to brainwash and "transform" both practitioners who refuse to write the Three Statements and do the so-called "Taizi Gong" exercise (which was organized by the labor camp) and other imprisoned practitioners, the policemen and criminal inmates formed "strict-monitoring" teams. The policemen incited some of the worst drug addicts to form groups of four or five to monitor each practitioner 24 hours a day. The perpetrators have deprived practitioners of any sleep; forced them to stand up for long hours; kicked and beaten them, especially their breasts and private parts; and left some practitioners with bruises all over their body.

The police forced Ms. Liu Xiaoli to stand up all day and all night and denied her sleep because she refused to write the Three Statements. After she unsuccessfully tried to run away during mealtime, they stretched her arms in opposite directions and handcuffed her in that position for a long time. As a result, even today she still cannot move her arms freely because the muscles have become stiff and feeble. When she refused to eat, they used a hair clip to clamp her mouth shut and beat her, aiming especially between her legs when they kicked repeatedly. Sometimes the flesh in her pubic area peeled off because of the constant kicking. Even the drug addicts were shocked to see this.

Ms. Qiang Weixiu has been detained at this camp since last June. She was put into the "strict monitoring" group when she first arrived. In the brainwashing class, she shouted, "Falun Dafa is wonderful" and began walking towards the outside. Policemen handcuffed her and put her into an isolation cell for over 20 days. Since she has refused to be "transformed," she is still detained in the "strict monitoring" group.

The police forced Ms. Yan Ping to stand all night without any sleep and forced her to do labor during the day because she refused to write the Three Statements. Later, when they decided that it was too comfortable to let her sit down to do her work during the day, they made her stand day and night. One night she was brutally tortured, and her screams shocked everyone in the team.

Ms. Yang Julian has been detained in the "strict monitoring" group since last June. The policemen forced her to stand up for more than 20 days without any sleep. In March of this year, she was again deprived of sleep for more than 10 days and severely tortured.

Ms Yang Wenying was handcuffed to a bed this March when she refused to do the "Taizi Gong" exercise.

List of the perpetrators:

Zhou Zizhong, team leader of the First Team

Dai Wenqin, Nian Xuefeng, Liu Duanmei, Liu Sheng, Jing Xuefeng and Fan Xiaojiang are policemen from the First Team

Others include Xiang Binyan, Wang Li, Liu Cuiquan, and Dan Guilian