On August 2, 2005, the Shuangliao City power plant public security office arrested Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Haiyan, of Shuangliao City, Jilin Province. She was an employee at the plant. Her arrest left her mother and 5 year-old child alone to care for themselves, as her husband, Mr. Wang Zengwu, was already jailed in the Siping City Shilingzi prison.

Under Meng Lingwei's leadership, a handful of employees at the Shuangliao power plant, encouraged by the CCP, persecuted Falun Gong practitioners hoping for a promotion or bonus. At the beginning of 2004, the power plant public security office conspired with the local police station to persecute Mr. Chu Guiyan. Mr. Chu had recently been released from a labor camp when armed officers broke into his home. They also dismissed him from his government position.

Ms. Wang Haiyan and her husband Mr. Wang Zengwu are both university graduates. Ms. Wang persisted in practicing Falun Dafa and was demoted from her original position to that of gate guard. On August 2, 2005, her co-workers, with the excuse of unsettled differences at work, had Licheng, the power plant property secretary, and gate guard leader Zhang Defeng (female) deceive Ms. Wang into opening the door to her home so they could go in and harass her. They did not discuss work matters. Instead, they searched every room. They then called the police to search her home because the writing board Mr. Wang uses to teach her child had "Falun Dafa is good" written on it. Her co-workers forced this search despite lacking a search warrant. They discovered Falun Gong materials under a bed. Then they arrested her, imprisoned her in a detention center and tried to have her sent to a labor camp.

Since 1999, the Shuangliao City power plant public security office has actively persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, for which the officers received bonuses. Officer Gao Tiejun monitored Mr. Wang Zengwu, enabling him to discover and destroy a site where Dafa truth clarification materials were kept. At about 9 p.m. on December 25, 2001, the Shuangliao power plant public security office, together with the Shuangliao City police station and the Liaoxi police station forcibly searched Mr. Wang's bedroom and confiscated two Dafa books. They tried to force Mr. Wang to go along with them, but he would not co-operate. That same night, at about 11 p.m., the Shuangliao City police station political security section chief Jin Guiying and others tricked Mr. Wang into coming to the police station. They then held him in the Shuangliao City detention center. Mr. Wang Zengwu was sentenced and imprisoned in the Siping City Shilingzi prison.

The Jilin Province Shuangliao power plant phone numbers:

Meng Lingwei, Home 86-434-7282116; Work 86-434-7283002; Cell 13629062116

Li Cheng, Home 86-434-7282630; Work 86-434-7283742; Cell 13629062630
Public security office vice department head Gao Tiejun, Home 86-434-7282038; Work 86-434-7283083; Cell 13629062038

Zhang Defeng, Work 86-434-7283759

August 11, 2005