(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Chen Guilan is a 57-year-old woman from Dadianzi Village, Qiaozi Town, Zhucheng City. Beginning around 1990, she felt sore all over her body. She thought it was simply arthritis. But in spite of all kinds of treatment, it only became worse, to the extent that she became unable to work. This situation lasted for three to four years by which time her body had become swollen.

The swelling eventually went down, but once this occurred she became so thin that you could see her bones. Because her eldest brother was a manager at the Beijing Police Hospital, she decided to go to Beijing to seek treatment. After she arrived in Beijing on July 15, 1994, she was diagnosed as having lupus, which had damaged her liver and kidneys as well. There was no circulation or sensation below her pelvis, and her legs were ice-cold. Her eldest brother found three specialists, but none of them were able to treat her.

They decided she would eventually have to have both of her legs amputated, but lying on the hospital bed, Ms. Chen could only think that she would rather die than have the amputation. They could do nothing for her though, except to keep her going by giving her shots and medication. Under these circumstances, she stayed in Beijing until December 26. When she was leaving for home, the doctors told her family members that she had less than two years to live.

Ms. Chen kept continued to be tormented by her illnesses. By the spring of 1996, Ms. Chen was in very bad condition. People in the village all thought that she was dying. She felt that the chance of her survival was truly slim, and that the end was near. She even selected her burial site. At the time, the only thing in her mind was how much money she owed people because of her illness. The Beijing trip alone cost over twenty thousand yuan. Now she could not take care of herself in her daily life; she thought she might as well commit suicide so as not to trouble others.

She struggled in agony until September of 1996 when she heard people telling her that Falun Gong was great and many terminally ill people had recovered after practicing Falun Gong. Furthermore, the lessons were free. She thought it was too good to be true. She had her two sons carry her to the practice site not too far from her house, where she listened to the recording of Teacher's lectures. She liked Teacher's lecture the first time she heard it. She felt an indescribable happiness in her heart, she became energetic, and her whole body felt at ease. Her appetite improved and she could sleep well at night again. Then she began to do the exercises and attend Fa studies together with other practitioners. From then on, it was as though she had turned into another person. She no longer needed to take a large amount of pills each day. She has been living and working like a normal person ever since. She is living a happy life.

Her eldest brother went to visit her in 2003. When he witnessed the dramatic change, he could not believe it. When the doctors in Beijing asked him whether his sister was still alive after he went back, her brother told them that she was in excellent condition.

The doctors said: "Don't lie to us. Any one of her illnesses could have killed her."

But a fact is a fact. Everyone in Dadianzi Village knows that Ms. Chen was restored to health after she had begun practicing Falun Gong.