(Clearwisdom.net) Personnel from the Changyi City 610 Office and police department have stepped up the arrests of Falun Gong practitioners since April. More than 30 practitioners have been arrested; more than a dozen of them were sentenced to forced labor. Some practitioners had to leave home to avoid arrest.

In April, personnel from the City's 610 Office and from the police department arrested and sentenced five practitioners to forced labor, including practitioner Mr. Fan Lincheng. In May, over a dozen practitioners, including Mr. Fang Xide from Zhangling Town, were arrested and eight of them were sentenced to forced labor. In June, practitioner Ms. Song Mengzhen was put into a forced labor camp. In July, six practitioners including Ms. Ma Guizhen, Gao Heping, and Ms. Tang Ruifen were arrested and their houses were ransacked. In August, police attempted to arrest practitioners Mr. Sun Xueming, Liu Ruiyun and Dong Meifen, but failed.

At around 9:30 a.m. on August 11, 2005, led by personnel from the Taibaozhuang Village Police Station and Zhong Molin, the village party secretary, Changyi City "610" personnel went to practitioners Sun Xueming and Liu Ruiyun's homes to arrest them. Neither was home, so the arrest attempts failed. At noon, they broke into Sun Xueming's home and arrested Sun's sister, who was helping Sun with housework. At present, Sun Xueming, his wife Bao Ruixia and Liu Ruiyun are no longer living at their home. Their whereabouts are unknown.

During the night of August 22, 2005, practitioner Dong Meifen, in her 30s, from Xinan Village, Yingma Town who had lived away from home for over two years, went back home to see her family. At 6:00 a.m. the next morning, six officers from the town police station surrounded her home. Ms. Dong left from a backdoor and escaped.

Related phone numbers: (Country code: 86. Area code: 536. Do not dial area code before cell phone numbers)

Chen Xiaodong, a policeman in the Changyi City 610 Office: 7212226 ext. 6281 (Office)
Chen Baifeng, Changyi City Party Committee Secretary: 7219998, 7217899, 13605363517 (Cell)
Ma Yueqi, mayor of Changyi City: 7112766, 7613099, 13806361878 (Cell)

September 12, 2005