(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in June 1997 when a practitioner gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. After reading it, I was deeply moved by the universal principles taught by Teacher. Moreover, I realized He is the Teacher I had always been looking for, and so I decided to start cultivating on this righteous cultivation way. Although I have never seen Master, I always feel that Teacher is by my side and looking after me.

Teacher taught and guided us to do the three things well in order to save sentient beings. Here, I would like to write down the miracles I have experienced, so as to share them with fellow practitioners as part of the validation of Dafa.

One day in 1998 when I was practicing the second exercise, "Falun Standing Stance," and holding the wheel in front of my head, I saw a grand world. There were countless colorful Falun emblems rotating and flying around the exercise site. Some landed on our heads, shoulders and bodies to rectify us. After a while, the practice site disappeared. There appeared another intriguing world. I was on a green mountain. There were many trees, bushes and grasses that I have never before seen in this world, and a footpath that wandered towards the other side of the mountain. The creek was clean and clear, and a magnificent building analogous to an ancient temple could be seen in the distance. Everything was clearer than our world, and the sky was so blue that it was beyond words.

At this time I opened my eyes, and the scenery was still there. After a while, I looked higher to see another flower world stretching to the horizon. The color was a little bit lighter than before, appearing even more beautiful.

When I looked much higher, I saw a celestial beings' world. There were men and women who appeared around 17 to 40 years old in the guise of the ancient Chinese. Their skin was extremely soft and tender, and they looked so beautiful. Their bodies were also transparent. At this time, I tried to see the scene of those two dimensions, and I found that I could continue seeing everyone at will until the end of the exercises.

After arriving back home, I recalled what had just transpired, and I wanted to see it one more time. Right after this thought, I saw those scenes again right away. This phenomenon lasted for three days, and it is somewhat like Teacher's descriptions in the poem, "Delusion" in Hongyin,

"Multitudinous are the lives that fill the Firmament,
Layer upon layer, each with its Heaven and Earth.
So incredible and wonderful the spectacle,
But the common man is too lost, caught in delusion.

How easy to say, it is, yet so hard to really see,
For cultivation is like climbing steps.
Only up high does the mist of delusion clear,
There the magnificent sight appears--

I previously worked for the army, so I was stubborn, due to the atheistic education I had received for those many years. But after seeing supernatural scenes with my own eyes, I was really shocked, and this persuaded me to think it over independently.

Teacher told us in Zhuan Falun, "One's Primordial Spirit does not stay only in the niwan palace" and "A human body is a small universe. Many living beings in a practitioner's body might be able to exchange locations." (Lecture 9) One night, I found that my thought process had transferred to my heart, that my heart was thinking about something. And my head felt like my limbs, without the ability to think. After half a minute or so, my thought returned to my head, and I was thinking by using my head again. I told this to my wife, who is also a practitioner. She answered, "I have used my heart to think since childhood, and I thought others could do the same."

In June 1998, as I opened Zhuan Falun at a group Fa study, the book shot out an indescribable number of golden rays. When I turned several pages, I saw that every word was shining. Teacher told us in Zhuan Falun, "Those of our practitioners with the Third Eye open can each see that this book looks very colorful, golden and shiny. Each word bears the image of my fashen." (Lecture 9)

I know that many practitioners have experienced these supernatural phenomena independently. At the beginning of my cultivation, I had to wear strong corrective reading glasses to read Zhuan Falun, and then I decided to no longer wear them. Although I could not see words clearly in the beginning, I believed in Teacher and in Dafa. Several days passed, and a miracle happened. As long as I studied Zhuan Falun, the words in the book would grow larger and protrude from the page, and after two or three months, I could read the book without glasses.

In fact, these miracles happen so many times in our cultivation, but because of our limitations, we often cannot see them.

I am over 60 years old, and I have been through countless political "movements." I have also been to many places and experienced the joys and sorrows of life, yet I still feel so lucky to practice Dafa. I have faith that people will no longer be deceived by the lies of the Communist Party and will begin to treat Dafa in the right way. I also wish for every practitioner to cherish this opportunity and to remain diligent until Consummation.

August 22, 2005