(Clearwisdom.net) The death of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yuan ignited heaven's fury! He was tortured to death on the evening of July 23, 2005, at the Daqing Prison. On July 25, an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit Daqing City. Even people living in Harbin City, 180 km [112 miles] from the quake's epicenter felt the tremors. The ground shook for more than 10 minutes. This earthquake destroyed about 1,000 homes and was followed by powerful aftershocks.

Mr. Yuan was born on February 14, 1965, and had lived at No. 10-1-3, Building No. 108, the Anbu Section, 10th Division of the 9th Committee, Xiangfang District in Harbin City. He worked as a budget analyst at the Fourth Division of the No. 1 Construction Company of Heilongjiang Province.

Photo 1: Yuan Qingjiang

Photo 2: Yuan Qingjiang's work ID

Mr. Yuan started practicing Falun Dafa in June 1997. After that, he strictly conducted himself according to the principle of Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. He was well liked among his colleagues and neighbors. He was so proficient at his job that many of his colleagues asked him for help with difficult budget calculation problems. After the persecution of Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Mr. Yuan exercised his rights as a Chinese citizen and clarified the truth about Dafa in a peaceful and rational manner to related government agencies. In response, officials from the local Party Committee, the police department and the police station monitored, followed and threatened him.

1. Brutal torture at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City

In February 2000, Mr. Yuan went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. When he got there, he learned that the government had blocked all channels of appeal and that other Falun Gong practitioners had been arrested for appealing. He walked up the Tiananmen Tower and unfurled a banner that read, "Falun Dafa is great." He was arrested, held at Tiananmen Police Department and later transferred to the Xiangfang District Police Department in Harbin City. Mr. Yuan was sentenced to one year of forced labor and was held at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. His sentence was later extended by six months.

Because Mr. Yuan never cooperated with the perpetrators, he was one of the main targets of persecution at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. He used every opportunity to clarify the truth about Dafa and to expose the persecution. Shi Changjing, head of the labor camp and a head guard insulted Mr. Yuan at almost every Falun Gong-attacking meeting. Wu Jining, head of the Administration Section ordered inmates Sun and Mo Ou, "Take real good care of him, as long as the wounds are not visible on the outside!" They beat Mr. Yuan until he couldn't straighten his back and could not climb into his bed.

In December 2000, Shi Changjing ordered Dafa practitioners to read articles that slandered Falun Dafa. Mr. Yuan firmly refused. The perpetrators put him in solitary confinement for ten days. The solitary confinement cells are six cages made of steel bars, each measuring 1.3 m [4.3 ft] in length, 0.5 m [1.6 ft] in width and 1.5 m [5 ft] in height. The practitioner can neither stand straight nor lie down inside the cage. While locked in the cage in the bone-chilling winter when the temperature outside was below -30 degrees C [-86 F], the perpetrators did not give him any bedding or quilt. They even opened the windows to increase the circulation and lower the temperature inside the room. The walls were caked with frost and ice. In the heat of summer, when the temperature exceeded 30 C [86 F], the perpetrators closed the windows. They handcuffed some practitioners to the steel bars in the cage to increase their suffering.

They transferred Mr. Yuan several times and exhausted every means of torture on him. They also sent him to Division 1 for brainwashing. There they forced him to watch and listen to videos and cassettes filled with lies and slanderous materials about Falun Gong. Two inmates monitored Mr. Yuan. When he fell asleep, they flicked his eyelids with their fingers. They took turns talking to him, trying to force him to write a repentance statement.

They also sent Mr. Yuan to Division 2, where they made him work on two hosiery looms from 5:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. every day. After work, Falun Gong practitioners are forced to stand against a wall until midnight. Except for the three mealtimes, the practitioners are forced to stand for 17 hours a day, including when they are at work. They are forced to stand within the perimeter of a square tile; if they accidentally move out of it, they are beaten. Sometimes they are also forced to stand in a torture position called "flying the airplane." (In this torture, practitioners are forced to stand with their legs apart, their backs bent, their heads pointing toward the ground and their arms raised up. Their backs, arms and legs tire very soon after this torture begins.) They often tortured Mr. Yuan this way for half a day at a time. He was also made to sleep on his side without turning on his back or switching sides. The two inmates slept next to him and beat him whenever he didn't follow their orders. After all methods failed to "reform" him, the perpetrators sent Mr. Yuan to Division 3 and separated him from other Dafa practitioners. For nine months they didn't allow his family to visit him.

On July 3, 2001, practitioner Mr. Kong Xiaohai (or Kong Deyi) held a hunger strike at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp to protest the persecution. He asked for unconditional release, but died from a brutal force-feeding. Practitioner Mr. Ma Yongqian was held past his term. He appealed, so he was detained in a solitary confinement cage. More than 40 practitioners including Mr. Yuan held a group hunger strike and asked the labor camp to "abolish the use of torture, unconditionally release all Dafa practitioners, restore Dafa's good reputation and restore Teacher's reputation." Up until July 20, nearly 70 practitioners joined the hunger strike, which lasted more than two months. About 130 practitioners were held at the labor camp at that time. Work groups from the city and provincial judicial departments were sent to the labor camp. The labor camp's logistics staff placed those practitioners who were on a hunger strike under strict control; they extended these practitioners' terms and detained them in solitary confinement cages. They also searched for the organizer(s) of the hunger strike and planned to send them to prison, in an attempt to destroy the unity among practitioners and intimidate them.

The perpetrators' force-feeding methods are extremely cruel. Ma, the head of the clinic, inserts a very hard tube in the practitioner's nose down to the stomach. He inserts it and then pulls it out so quickly that the practitioner suffers unbearable pain. He continues to insert the tube, even if blood runs out of the practitioners' nose. The perpetrators dip the feeding tube in a large basin as a token gesture to wash off the blood and gastric secretions on the tube; then they insert it into the next practitioner's nose. The practitioners often cough and vomit violently during this tortue. After a while their esophagus becomes so swollen that the tube cannot enter their stomach. The piercing pain that accompanies each feeding haunts the practitioners for months and even years after the ordeal has ended. Mr. Yuan underwent such inhumane treatment. Many practitioners would have died were it not for Teacher's help and the mighty power of Dafa.

The perpetrators exhausted their tactics and the practitioners continued with the hunger strike. In the end, the labor camp authorities agreed to all of the practitioners' conditions: remove the solitary confinement cages; repeal the "strict control system" and the "two-on-one system" [two inmates monitor one practitioner], unconditionally release all practitioners held beyond their term, improve the quality of the food, allow medical parole for practitioners with serious illnesses, and forward the practitioners' appeals to the related government departments.

Seven practitioners including Mr. Yuan were unconditionally released. Mr. Yuan left the labor camp on August 3, 2001.

2. How the family was persecuted

The CCP officials did not just persecute Mr. Yuan. They also persecuted his family. Mr. Yuan was arrested for unfurling a banner. After he was held in Beijing for a few days, officers from Anbu Police Station in Xiangfang District took him to the Anbu Police Station. Several months later, they sent him to the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. In the winter of 2000, after he was detained for about nine months, his family finally learned of his whereabouts and visited him at the labor camp. After Mr. Yuan's second arrest, Zhou Liang, an officer from the Anbu Police Station demanded that Mr. Yuan's family pay him 5,000 yuan for picking Mr. Yuan up in Beijing. His family didn't have 5,000 yuan, so Zhou Liang asked them, "How much do you have?" Mr. Yuan's family thought they would release him after they handed over the money, so they pooled 3,000 yuan and gave it to Zhou Liang. Later, they learned that Zhou Liang picked up a few people in Beijing, but only demanded money from Mr. Yuan's family. After Zhou got the money, he didn't release Mr. Yuan!

Photo 3: Receipt of 3,000 Yuan extorted from the family

On June 12, 2001, after Mr. Yuan was sentenced to forced labor, the Anbu Police Station authorities cancelled his household registration. They claimed it was because Mr. Yuan had been sent to forced labor, although the truth was that he had already been held at a labor camp for 16 months. This occurred actually four months past the end of his term. On August 3, 2001, Mr. Yuan was released from the labor camp. The Anbu Police Station authorities wrote on his household registration that he moved back from the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp on April 10, 2002. An officer from the Anbu Police Station in charge of household registration once told Mr. Yuan's family, "I was one of those people that went to your home to arrest Mr. Yuan."

Photo 4: A copy of the household registration

Photo 5: A copy of the household registration

No existing Chinese law states that a citizen's household registration must be cancelled during the time he or she is held at a labor camp. The police made life more difficult for Mr. Yuan's family by abusing their power.

Mr. Yuan's nine-year-old daughter had been born without ears, but she could tell different sounds when they bounced off her inner ear. Because Mr. Yuan's household registration was cancelled, his wife had to make a difficult decision when the school checked the students' household registration. If her daughter turned in her family's registration book, the teacher and classmates would find out that the young girl's father was sent to a forced labor and would discriminate against her. It was not possible to not show the registration book because it was school policy. Mr. Yuan's daughter was an outstanding student and she earned awards at school. Because of her father's status, however, her education and career would be affected in the years to come.

3. Arrest and persecution at the Harbin Prison

At 8:30 p.m. on March 7, 2003, during the time of the Party Congress, Mr. Yuan was making truth clarification materials. He was followed and arrested at home. In the evening, three police officers, one named Wang Lixing, broke into his home and beat him in front of his 66-year-old mother-in-law and nine-year-old daughter. His wife was at work. Mr. Yuan cried for help, and to let people in the whole building know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was persecuting innocent people.

Mr. Yuan's mother-in-law begged the perpetrators, "Please don't hit him! Why are you hitting him?" His daughter stood outside her bedroom and watched in shock and disbelief as the three police officers ruthlessly beat her father.

Mr. Yuan was wearing only a sweatshirt and sweatpants at the time. Harbin City in March is very cold, and it was snowing outside. The police dragged Mr. Yuan toward the door; they allowed him to put on a coat and thick pants only after his mother-in-law repeatedly pleaded with them. They dragged him downstairs and pushed him into a car, barefoot. His mother-in-law followed downstairs and handed Mr. Yuan's shoes to him.

The police ransacked Mr. Yuan's home three times after arresting him. His wife returned home the next day after receiving a phone call. Seeing the mess of what used to be their home, both mother and daughter were devastated. Mr. Yuan's daughter fell sick and slept for a whole week. Whenever she heard a knock on the door she would say to her mother, "Mom, the police are here." The night raid traumatized her. She did not expect that evening to be the last time she would ever see her father.

Mr. Yuan's family later learned that the Party secretary from the Anbu Administration Committee had been following Mr. Yuan for a while before the arrest.

Personnel from the Xiangfang Police Department and from the Anbu Police Station in Harbin City together planned the arrest. Wang Shengli was the head of the National Security Section at the Xiangfang Police Department. His phone number is 86-451-55651465, and the head of the Anbu Police Station can be reached at 86-451-55131112. Their justification for Mr. Yuan's arrest was, "He wanted to go overseas but couldn't obtain a visa." They charged Mr. Yuan with "[attempting to] defect to a foreign country" and "disrupting social order."

The police arrested Mr. Yuan on March 7, 2003. His family received the Notice to Arrestee's Family or Work Unit on June 5, 2003 (Photo 6). Mr. Yuan was first held at the Xiangfang Detention Center and was later sentenced to four years in prison.

Photo 6: Notice to Arrestee's Family or Work Unit

Mr. Yuan was savagely tortured during his incarceration at the Harbin Prison because he refused to cooperate with the efforts to "reform" him. Guard Zhang Jiushan and inmates Guan Dejun and Wang Shijun forced him to stand for 18 days and 17 nights without sleep. They beat him until he developed pleurisy (the buildup of fluid in his chest). He lost control of his limbs and he lost consciousness. The prison authorities didn't allow his family to visit with him, yet they charged his family 200 yuan for a Meeting Permit. The permit is shown in Photo 7, and the receipt for 200 yuan is shown in Photo 8.

Photo 7: The Meeting Permit

Photo 8: The receipt for 200 yuan for the Meeting Permit

Perpetrators from the Harbin Prison phoned Mr. Yuan's family and asked for 1,500 yuan to cover his medical expenses. His family asked to meet with Mr. Yuan. They were told they could not meet with him but that he would not receive any medical treatment until the money was received. Mr. Yuan's family pooled 1,500 yuan and gave it to the prison authorities.

4. Head of 610 Office: "It's not a big deal to torture a few Falun Gong practitioners to death"

In July 2004, perpetrators at the Harbin Prison beat Dafa practitioner Wang Dayuan to death. Fearing public exposure, the perpetrators transferred 30 practitioners including Mr. Yuan to the Hongweixing Prison in Daqing to divert attention from the death. Mr. Yuan was held at Ward 6. On July 8, 2004, the 30 practitioners drafted a lawsuit against the perpetrators at Harbin Prison (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/8/3/50985p.html)

For a long time, Mr. Yuan's family was not aware that he had been transferred to the Hongweixing Prison. Several days before May 1, 2005, the prison authorities wrote a letter to Mr. Yuan's family and told them that he was holding a hunger strike. They told his family to persuade him to eat.

His family later learned that Jiang Shuchen, deputy head of the Hongweixing Prison and Guo Chuntang, head of the 610 Office escalated the persecution of Falun Gong after attending a conference in Xian City. They force-fed hunger-striking practitioners with corn porridge every two to three days. Guo Chuntang said at a Falun Gong-attacking meeting, "Here at the prison, it's not a big deal to torture a few Falun Gong practitioners to death. There are no consequences whatsoever." To end the persecution, a dozen practitioners including Mr. Yuan went on a hunger strike before May 1, 2005. They were sent to solitary confinement and were tortured in metal chairs.

Between May 30 and June 1, Dong Menghuan, head of Ward 6 and the deputy ward head ordered inmates to tie Mr. Yuan up for three days. Dong Menghuan personally beat him until he vomited blood and his arms and legs were disabled from overly tight ropes. He developed liver cirrhosis and had tremendous fluid buildup in his stomach. His buttocks also swelled to an inordinate size. The rest of his body was skin and bones. Because all channels of appeal were blocked, Mr. Yuan held another hunger strike to protest the persecution.

One day, the prison authorities phoned Mr. Yuan's wife Ms. Dong Liping and told her that he had been diagnosed with a contagious disease, and it would cost 10,000 yuan to treat him. Ms. Dong did not have a job and told them that she could not give them 10,000 yuan. She confronted the perpetrators, "He was healthy when he was home. How did he catch a contagious disease at the prison?" The perpetrators couldn't answer.

On June 12, Jiang Shuchen, deputy head of the Hongweixing Prison phoned Ms. Dong and said, "We'll consider medical parole for your husband since he is in critical condition." On June 28, officers from the Reform Division of the Hongweixing Prison went to Ms. Dong and asked, "Mr. Yuan is in poor health; are you going to take him home? If you don't, you have to sign a document and go through a procedure to let us treat him, and you have to agree not to give us trouble if he dies during treatment." Mr. Dong said, "I can't sign it. He was completely healthy going into the prison. If something happens to him, I'll sue you, even if I have to borrow money and sell my house."

5. The death of an innocent person, Heaven unleashes its fury

On June 29, Mr. Yuan's wife went to the prison and asked the authorities, "Why is he sick? Why don't you give him quality medical treatment?"

The prison authorities said, "Mr. Yuan wrote a statement saying, 'I have no known conditions, and the prison authority is freed of any responsibility should anything happen to me...'" They showed the statement to Ms. Dong, pointing to a signature, claiming it was Mr. Yuan's. Ms. Dong took one look at the signature and realized it was forged. Mr. Yuan's signature is large and the one on the statement was small. The characters were also different from Mr. Yuan's handwriting. She pointed it out immediately.

Ms. Dong was allowed to see her husband. She did not expect this to be the last time she would see her husband alive. The prison authorities agreed to release Mr. Yuan on medical parole and said it would take 20 days to process. Ms. Dong Liping said to her husband, "Don't worry. I'll come and pick you up. Everything will be fine." Mr. Yuan was happy to see his wife and he was in good spirits. However, he could not bend his legs and had to drag them when he was walking.

During a meeting with his sister, Mr. Yuan told her that he was having terrible migraines; his neck and the back of his head hurt so terribly he had not been able to sleep for days. Mr. Yuan's sister thought there was something wrong with Mr. Yuan's head, and she repeatedly told the head of the prison hospital, "You have to give my brother a physical examination." Jiang Shuchen, the deputy prison head promised, "No problem, I'll take him to a hospital tomorrow." Mr. Yuan was taken to the No. 2 Hospital in Daqing City on July 15 for a CT scan on his head and an ultrasound on his stomach. He was diagnosed with metastasis of encephalic invasion, tubercular meningitis, tuberculosis of the liver, bilateral systemic lupus erythematosis, tuberculosis pleurisy, ascites, and tuberculosis of the epididymis. The doctor recommended hospitalization.

The prison authorities refused to pay for medical treatment and took Mr. Yuan back to the prison hospital that same day. The doctor at the prison hospital suggested to Prison Director Jiang Shuchen several times that Mr. Yuan should be treated immediately at the No. 2 Hospital in Daqing City, or he would die. The prison authorities again refused to pay for medical treatment.

During this period, Ms. Dong repeatedly inquired about the medical parole procedure, but the prison authorities gave various evasive excuses.

On the evening of July 18, the prison authorities phoned Mr. Yuan's family and said, "Yuan Qingjiang is in critical condition. You should hurry and get this document stamped at the police department." They also said, "We'll send you the required document by express mail so you can get it overnight; then ask your local police to sign it."

On July 19, Ms. Dong took the document to the Anbu Police Department and asked officer Wang Lixing to sign it. Wang Lixing said, "You have to show me the diagnosis. How do I know if you are telling the truth?" Ms. Dong said, "This was sent by the Hongweixing Prison. Right here is the prison phone number. You can call them and find out." Wang Lixing called the prison and asked for the original document, and the prison agreed to send it the next day. Daqing City is only 180 km [112 miles] from Harbin City, yet they waited another day, despite the urgency.

Between July 18 and July 20 Mr. Yuan's condition worsened. He was bedridden and didn't eat for three days.

Early in the morning on July 20, officers from Hongweixing Prison rushed to the Anbu Police Department and were in a hurry to get the document stamped. They received all the stamps within one hour, although they originally said it would take 20 days to get all the documents stamped. They took the document back to the prison, but they didn't release Mr. Yuan and they didn't ask Mr. Yuan's family to pick him up.

At 5:00 p.m. on July 20, Mr. Yuan suddenly went into a coma. His teeth were clenched, his face black and blue, one of his pupils was dilated and the other one shrunk. The doctor on duty asked the prison authorities for an immediate transfer to a hospital. He asked Dong Menghuan, head of Ward 6, to send Mr. Yuan to the prison hospital. He warned that death was possible if Mr. Yuan was not given immediate medical attention. Dong Menghuan answered, "We don't have that kind of funding."

On July 21 and July 22, Mr. Yuan regained consciousness and was able to eat. He was incontinent. During these two days, the prison doctor again asked Jiang Shuchen for approval to transfer Mr. Yuan to an outside hospital, but Jiang Shuchen again refused saying, "No one is going to pay for it."

On the evening of July 23, the prison authorities phoned Mr. Yuan's family and told them that he passed away at 7:20 p.m. that day. Mr. Yuan's family went to the Hongweixing Prison on July 25 and inquired about the cause of death and funeral arrangements.

Below is a conversation between Mr. Yuan's family and the prison authorities:

Prison Authorities (P.A.): On July 23, the prison doctor reported that Mr. Yuan's condition had worsened and he had impaired judgment. At 9:30 a.m., the doctor on duty again asked the head doctor at the prison hospital and the head of prison to transfer Mr. Yuan to an outside hospital. They granted approval and Mr. Yuan was transferred from Division 6 to No. 4 Hospital in Daqing City at 10:30 a.m. The No. 4 Hospital refused to accept Mr. Yuan because tuberculosis is contagious and said he should be sent to the No. 2 Hospital that specializes in contagious diseases. Mr. Yuan was sent back to the prison hospital at noon, at which time his condition declined drastically. He became incontinent and lapsed into a coma. One pupil had dilated and the other one constricted. The prison doctor again asked the head of the prison hospital, the head of the prison and the head of Ward 6 and received permission to transfer Mr. Yuan to the No. 2 Hospital at approximately 3:30 p.m. (Later, the prison authority changed this time to 4 p.m.)

Mr. Yuan's Family: Why didn't you send him directly to the No. 2 Hospital?

P.A.: We thought he was doing ok. at the time.

When Mr. Yuan's family asked Jiang Jinwen, the chief physician at the No. 2 Hospital about Mr. Yuan's condition, Jiang Jinwen said, "One of his pupils was dilated when he was brought in; he was in a deep coma and could not be resuscitated. We didn't do anything to revive him; and the paperwork was done on July 25."

When Mr. Yuan's family confronted the prison authorities, Dong Menghuan, the head of Ward 6, denied that the hospital didn't do anything to revive Mr. Yuan. He said, "We gave him an IV infusion and kept him in a single room. We also sent four inmates to take care of his needs."

The next day, Mr. Yuan's sister went to doctor Jiang Jinwen and asked to see the medical records. Jiang Jinwen said, "The earthquake in Daqing City shook me up; I can't remember anything now." What kind of pressure forced Jiang Jinwen to conceal the truth?

The death of Mr. Yuan unleashed heaven's fury. Mr. Yuan passed away at 7:20 p.m. on July 23. At 11:43 p.m. on July 25, an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit Daqing City, and even people living in Harbin City, 180 km [112 miles] from the center of the quake felt the tremors. The ground shook for more than 10 minutes. This earthquake destroyed about 1,000 homes and was followed by a powerful aftershock. This is not a coincidence!

6. Body cremated without the family's consent

After Mr. Yuan passed away, the prison authorities destroyed all of his belongings without asking for permission from his family. Below is a conversion between the prison authorities and Mr. Yuan's family.

Mr. Yuan's sister: What did my brother leave behind?

Dong Menghuan: Nothing important.

Mr. Yuan's sister: I have to take a look.

Dong Menghuan: No problem. I'll call them and ask them to bring it out for you. You can wait right here.

(30 minutes later)

Dong Menghuan: I'll bring it out at the front gate. You can meet me there.

(30 minutes later)

Dong Menghuan (uneasy look on his face): The guy that was with Mr. Yuan burned them.

Mr. Yuan's sister: Why did he destroy Mr. Yuan's things?

Dong Menghuan: What's the point of keeping those things when the person is dead?

Mr. Yuan's wife: That man is under your watch! How can he just go ahead and burn Mr. Yuan's things? I don't believe you! I think Mr. Yuan wrote something for me and you don't want me to see it.

Dong Menghuan: Do you think it's possible for Mr. Yuan to write things for you?

Mr. Yuan's wife: Then why don't you let me see his things?

Mr. Yuan's sister: Let's talk to the person who did the burning.

Dong Menghuan: Ok.

(A few seconds later)

Dong Menghuan: It's too late now because everyone's gone home. Come back tomorrow!

Mr. Yuan's sister: Tomorrow is ok, but we won't agree to cremation unless we talk to this person first.

Dong Menghuan: What do you want? You are unreasonable!

Mr. Yuan's wife: I'm not being unreasonable. What's wrong with wanting to see the things that my husband left behind?

Dong Menghuan: Then go ahead and sue us. In fact, I want to sue you too. My superior will file a lawsuit against you at the Procuratorate and the court, and you will have to pay the legal fee. You can't see that person [who burned Mr. Yuan's things], because he practices Falun Gong, and Falun Gong people are not allowed to meet anyone.

After Mr. Yuan died, the prison authorities repeatedly said to his family that his body should be cremated.

Mr. Yuan's wife: I know that his body should be cremated; but how do you expect me to deal with the fact that you arrested my husband when he was alive and healthy, but now he is dead!

The Prison authority: Are you asking us for money?

Mr. Yuan's wife: When did I mention money? I won't agree to cremation because my husband died in such a suspicious way. He shouldn't have died!

The prison authorities claimed they would sue Ms. Dong and accused her of "disrupting the administration of public duty" because she didn't agree to the cremation. They also told the family to pay tens of thousands of yuan for "medical expenses."

Mr. Yuan's sister: Even kidnappers who murder their victims do not fabricate charges against the victim's family. The prison authorities are worse than gangsters!

When Mr. Yuan's family finally saw his body, they saw a big hole above the big toe of the right foot; the legs, particularly the right leg, were black and blue; the skin near the left pelvis area was missing and the flesh was exposed, the area behind both ears was black and blue; blood and urine covered the inner thighs, and the quilt was also covered in blood and body fluid. His eyes were open and someone closed them. When the family went back the next day they saw the eyes were open again. Friends who went with the family said, "Look, he was murdered."

Mr. Yuan's wife refused to let the perpetrators cremate the body because the circumstances surrounding the death were very suspicious.

Plainclothes police officers stood around Mr. Yuan's family and pressured them to authorize cremation. Since their safety was threatened, the family reluctantly agreed to cremation.

After the cremation, Mr. Yuan's family discovered a metal spring about 7 mm [0.27 inches] in diameter and 10 mm [0.4 inches] in length among the remains. When they stretched it out, it measured over 10 cm [3.9 inches] in length. They also found small piles of black ash from the burning of metal. Mr. Yuan's family asked the crematory whether the iron spring was from the incinerator; the answer was no, because the incinerator is cleaned after each cremation.

A healthy and energetic person was deprived of his life after two years of detention. His body was covered in blood and wounds, and a mysterious metal spring turned up in the box of his ashes. This tragedy took place in the 21st century, a period the CCP claims to be "the best time for human rights and the most comprehensive legal system" [in China's history].

Goodness will be rewarded and evildoing will reap its own retribution .