(Clearwisdom.net) At 1:30 p.m. on September 10, 2005, the Bridgewater Branch Minghui School, which was in preparation for several months, formally opened and began offering classes at Bridgewater Municipal Junior High School.

Opening ceremony

In the cafeteria, students and parents joyfully gathered together for the opening ceremony. Principal Mr. Liang Tongxuan addressed the participants. He expressed his thankfulness to the teachers and parents for their support and hard work. Principal Liang explained the objectives of the school, which include helping students become talented people with both abilities and moral integrity who will benefit society.

Vice Principal Mr. Zhang Gang then introduced the curriculum and the teachers. Different from other Chinese schools, the Minghui School has a course introducing traditional Chinese culture. This will allow students to learn Chinese characters and understand the deep connotations of the Chinese culture. The goal is to plant the seeds of the ancient traditional culture, which modern Chinese people have almost forgotten, into children's hearts. Students from the Minghui School will be good children who understand the principles of benevolence, loyalty and righteousness, rationality, wisdom, and faith.

Relaxed and interesting classes

The Minghui School teachers come from different areas of expertise. They have rich educational experiences and more importantly, their kind hearts have motivated them to make this selfless contribution. Some of them were former professors at the Beijing Language Institute. Some have been elementary or high school teachers for dozens of years, while others have taught Chinese to Westerners in American companies. Several are currently teaching in American elementary schools, and others are certified bilingual teachers.

The Minghui School also has a number of art teachers. China's former first-class performer Mr. Chen Rutang and former professor from the Chinese Central Music Institute Ms. Han Suqiu are consultants. Later, they will hold a seminar for Minghui School students, teachers, and parents. All are welcome to join.

Teacher Rong, who teaches traditional culture, is currently teaching in an American elementary school. She said that her style of teaching is somewhat different from others. She teaches by telling stories so that students will enjoy learning. In addition, older and younger students are in class together so that they can learn from each other and share their wisdom. She emphasizes intercommunication and encouraging students to participate in the class activities.

Teacher Li, who teaches first grade, was a former professor at the Beijing Language Institute. She said that grandmothers love children more than their mothers. First grade is the beginning of a student's career, and a good start in life is very important. Therefore, good teaching and good education are needed. She modestly said that she does not have too much experience in teaching young children but she would like to grow with the children.

Teacher Pan, who teaches second grade, has over 30 years experience in teaching kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. She expressed her appreciation to the Minghui School for giving her this opportunity to stand before students again. With support from parents, she is very confident she can teach their children well.

Teacher Sun, who teaches the third grade, previous taught in a university in China. She has taught children Chinese literature and is now teaching Chinese in an American company. She likes the style of raising questions and finding the answers in her teaching. She said that questions and answers allow students to actively participate in the class and master what is taught.

Speech is an important technique in one's life. Teacher Xia is very experienced in teaching speech. Her American-born Chinese daughter is fluent in both Chinese and English. She has no problems reading, understanding, or speaking Chinese, and she can write beautiful articles in Chinese. This class will also teach etiquette and current events. This will be very helpful for children seeking future employment and will also impact other aspects of their lives.

The Minghui School also has a nursery, a preschool, and bilingual classes. The hired teachers all have rich experiences and kind hearts. The children will gain knowledge in a lively and relaxed atmosphere.

During the break, this reporter talked with parents and students. Some parents said that they really liked the school's emphasis on students' virtues. Some parents said that they like the school because each class is small and there is good communication between the teachers and students. Some parents said that they like the atmosphere, that it is very warm and serene, just like a big family. Children also enjoy being here.

Some parents originally came just to see what the school was like. They were impressed with the school as soon as they listened to one class, and they immediately registered their children. Some parents called back and told us that their children had not had any interest in learning Chinese in their previous Chinese schools, and they were not able to answer anything if asked. After taking classes here however, they could repeat what they had learned in the class.

A parent commented, "The Minghui School teachers are all volunteers. They have only one goal as volunteers, namely to teach the children well. They teach because they have benevolent hearts."