My son, Wu Chunlong, was born on December 11, 1976. In 2003 he started working in a barbershop. Simply because he persisted in practicing Falun Gong, he was twice illegally detained in a forced labor camp. The first time was on November 3, 1999. Wu Chunlong was put in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp for three years, where he was severely tortured. One time in the winter, when the temperature was -20 C, the police dragged him outside, took off all of his clothes, poured cold water on his body and left him outdoors in the freezing temperatures for over two hours. His third year in the labor camp he was handcuffed for the entire year. When the three-year term was up he was not immediately released. Instead, he was sent to a detention center. Policeman Wang from the Songjiang local police station demanded 595 yuan from me before releasing my son.

On November 8, 2003, Wu Chunlong started a barbershop in Jiafang. At noon on November 11, officer An Quanzhi from the local Yingjun Police Station rushed into the barbershop and took Wu Chunlong to the local police station without any reason. That evening, citing uncooperative behavior on Wu Chunlong's part, he sent him to a detention center. Afterwards they sent Wu Chunlong to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp for another three years. Two months later, policeman Guo Gang called me and said that Wu Chunlong was seriously ill and needed treatment. He told me to bring money to the labor camp. I arrived at the forced labor camp the next day. I found Guo Gang and gave him 200 yuan, but Guo Gang said, "You go back home and wait for our phone call!"

I didn't hear from them after I went back home.

On April 28, 2005, the labor camp had someone inform me to talk to Diao Yukun. Diao Yukun told me, "Wu Chunlong is seriously ill. We have discussed this with our management. You go home and get some money and we will send him to a hospital for an examination." That afternoon, Guo Gang and Diao Yukun came to my home and said, "Chunlong needs a physical examination; it normally costs 2,000 yuan. Since your family doesn't have much money, you may give us 500 yuan." I said, "We don't have money; even if it is only 200-300 yuan we would have to borrow it." For the sake of helping my child I went around to the neighbors and borrowed 300 yuan. The labor camp officials took the money.

On the evening of April 30, Diao Yukun came to my home and told me, "Chunlong can go home to be treated, but you must write the guarantee statement." I was eager to see my son; therefore, under Diao Yukun's instructions I wrote the guarantee statement. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to see my son. Diao Yukun made a phone call, and after a while Yang Chunlong and another young policeman arrived with my son. They put Wu Chunlong down and left hurriedly. I saw that Wu Chunlong's face was swollen and his body was only skin and bones. His consciousness was not clear either. His vision wasn't active and he did not respond to conversation. Under the careful care of his relatives and friends he gradually came to eat a little and his physical health gradually became a little better. He enjoyed some short-term recovery of his consciousness, but frequently recalled the torture he experienced in the labor camp. At that time he told me the following:

On March 17, 2005, at about 9:00 a.m., Wu Chunlong and others were sorting beans in a workshop when political head Yang Chunlong called him to the office. Yang said to Chunlong, "Stand against the wall! Do you know why I called for you?" By then, division head Liu Hongguang led some other guards into the office. They told him to take off his clothes for a body search. A police officer hit Chunlong's face with his fist and then several policemen beat him together, and shocked him with an electric baton. Chunlong was beaten so severely that he lost his hearing. After that they put him in a single cell alone and continuously monitored him. While imprisoned in the single cell, he was once so severely beaten that he became incontinent, even soiling his clothing and bedding.

Because the police so savagely abused him he started a hunger strike to protest. The police would force-feed him and he would vomit it up. Chunlong noticed some undigested pills in the vomit. Chunlong continued the hunger strike for over 20 days. During his hunger strike he requested to see personnel from the procuratorate and from the camp administration staff so that he could appeal to them. The police didn't respond to his requests and instead instructed prisoner Wang Fu to torture Wu Chunlong. Wang Fu frequently tortured him while sitting on his body. Chunlong was knocked out several times. Chunlong was suddenly awakened one day from pain and found Wang Fu digging his hand into his left shoulder.

Once, Wang Fu moistened a towel with a thin layer of excrement and squeezed it into Wu Chunlong's mouth. While only semi-conscience, Wu Chunlong was often awakened by the towel being squeezed into his mouth. When Wu Chunlong awakened fully they would drag him to the bathroom and douse him with cold water. After some people saw that Wu Chunlong had been beaten to such a degree they told the police, "Wang Fu is torturing Wu Chunlong." The police replied, "Wang Fu is trying to help Wu Chunlong eat a meal."

The above is just a fraction of what Wu Chunlong suffered and was able to recall. Wu Chunlong often said, "I died many times in the camp." On May 19, a person from Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp went to the local Songlin Police Station and told the deputy head Yin Xiaodong to monitor Wu Chunlong. On the morning of May 20, Yin Xiaodong came to my home and demanded that Wu Chunlong go to the local police station to record his personal information. He also told him to report to them once a month, and threatened that as soon as Wu Chunlong's health got better he would be sent back to the forced labor camp. Furthermore, he forced Wu Chunlong to apply for a temporary residency card and took his photograph.

Because Yin Xiaodong frequently came to harass him, Wu Chunlong decided to leave home and his mind was profoundly affected. Chunlong fell into a panic-stricken state and his spirit nearly collapsed. He gradually ate less and he became thinner and thinner. His high fever didn't come down and it became difficult for him to breathe. His mind was often unstable; he couldn't recognize his own relatives and friends; he was in a state of terror.

On July 2 I took my son, whose situation had become increasingly serious, back home.

On July 20, Yin Xiaodong came to my home once again and was hard on my son. I wasn't at home at the time. He ordered me to go to the local police station the next day. I do not know what he said to my son, but my son was seriously traumatized once again. His spirit completely collapsed; he was unable to eat anything, and he became incontinent. The next morning I went to the local police station. Yin Xiaodong gave me an inkpad to make an imprint of Wu Chunlong's palm. Because his hands and feet were seriously swollen, I was unable to make it. Wu Chunlong's situation became more serious day after day and I didn't have the money for medical treatment. At 2 o'clock in the morning on August 20, he left this world.

I appeal to have the murderer punished that killed my son in the persecution.

August 28, 2005