(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Shufen from Daqing City, Helongjiang Province, has been illegally held in the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison for three years. She has suffered physical tortures such as being hung by her handcuffs and her cuffed hands had to support her entire body weight. On June 6, 2005, Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She has been on the hunger strike for more than two months now, and her life is in a very precarious state. Ms. Liu might die at any moment.

Ms. Liu is 31 years old. From December 18, 2002, to January 8, 2003, while Ms. Liu was incarcerated in the prison, she still tried to practice the Falun Gong exercises. As a result, those in charge locked her in a tiny cell, handcuffed her behind her back, or lifted her upside down with her legs in the air. From March 12, 2004, to April 8, 2004, Ms. Liu was again thrown into a tiny cell with her hands cuffed behind her back 24 hours a day. She was not allowed to clean herself and was only given cornmeal to eat. On May 12, 2004, Ms. Liu refused to wear a prison nametag and was hung by prison guards Liu Yan, Sun Rui, and Zhou Ying. From December 13 to 21, 2004, four regular inmates were told to monitor Ms. Liu. They would handcuff her whenever they felt like it, and the handcuffs cut into Ms. Liu's flesh. Ms. Liu was not allowed to sleep or even visit the restroom. These inmates abused Ms. Liu mercilessly. From March 15 to August 1, 2005, Ms. Liu was again locked in a tiny cell just because she wanted to practice the exercises. Ms. Liu's physical health has deteriorated greatly.

Ms. Liu Shufen

Ms. Liu Shufen and her parents

Ms. Liu used to work in the Hongyun Chengfeng Shopping Center, which is managed by the Daqing City Transportation Company. Her family lives in the No.6 Chengfeng District of Daqing City. Her family used to be in very poor health. When Ms. Liu was around eight years old, she developed an external tumor on her head. She suffered extremely painful headaches from the tumor, and her mother used to take her to see doctors in Beijing, Shanghai or Qingdao City. No one could give a diagnosis. Ms. Liu started to take numerous medicines, but there didn't seem to be any improvement. Her father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and her mother was diagnosed with many kinds of ailments. Ms. Liu's mother became very weak. As soon as she began to do a little bit of housework, she would be covered in sweat and have to lie down and rest. Occasionally, her mother's condition would become so serious that she couldn't even cook meals for the family. The whole family was very bitter about their illnesses. In 1996, the whole family started to cultivate in Falun Dafa, and the miraculous powers of Dafa made Ms. Liu and her mother's excruciating pains go away in a very short period of time. Ms. Liu's father's physical health was also greatly improved. They all eventually started to live a happy family life.

In 1999, Jiang's regime started the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa. Numerous practitioners lost their families and loved ones. Ms. Liu and her family were also affected.

In October 1999, Ms. Liu began to appeal for Falun Gong. She also kept on practicing the exercises and telling people the true nature of the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong. As a result, Ms. Liu was illegally fined, arrested and detained. Eventually, she had to wander around the country, homeless, to avoid arrest. In the end, Ms. Liu was sentenced to prison. When Ms. Liu's parents witnessed the persecution of their beloved daughter, their hearts were completely broken. Her father's physical health deteriorated day by day. He can no longer take care of himself and is incontinent. Whenever someone visits the family, this 78-year-old gentlemen inevitably asks the visitor, "Do you know when my daughter is coming back home?"

Ms. Liu's father sick in bed

Ms. Liu has always followed the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" in her daily life. Her honesty and kindness has touched the hearts of every person who has met her. Everyone claims that Ms. Liu is such a good-hearted person. Yet, such a good citizen is now being illegally detained in a prison and experiencing brutal persecution just because of her persistence in her own belief.

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We urge all righteous people to help by giving shelter for to kind and innocent victims and upholding justice in the world. In particular, your call or letter will greatly encourage Ms. Liu, who is in an extremely difficult situation, and will help Ms. Liu get out of prison sooner and re-unite with her family.

Here is a recap of Ms. Liu's persecution experiences.

On October 25, 1999, Ms. Liu went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong but was brought back by officials from her work unit. Ms. Liu was then illegally detained in the Daqing City Detention Center for one month. On June 18, Ms. Liu was illegally subjected to house arrest and held in her work unit for 10 days due to her participation in a group exercise event. She was not allowed to visit her family during her house arrest, and she was forced to do physical labor. On December 5, Ms. Liu went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong and was illegally detained in Beijing City's Miyun Detention Center. Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike and was released after six days..

On December 13, 2000, police officers from Chengfeng Public Security Station in Daqing City ransacked Ms. Liu's home and illegally detained her in the Daqing City Detention Center for one month. They then transferred her to another detention center. In that detention center, Ms. Liu started a hunger strike and demanded that she be released without any charges. As a result, she was force fed, but six days later she was indeed released without any charges. During the detention period, she was forced to pay 175 yuan for food expenses. Ms. Liu continued to practice the exercises while she was being detained, so the center guards instigated other criminal detainees to insult and beat her.

On January 24, 2001, Ms. Liu went to her hometown in Shandong Province to visit her relatives. Local public security agents illegally arrested and detained her there. It was learned later on that Daqing City officials had ordered her arrest. Ms. Liu was then detained in Haiyang City Detention Center for two days. After that, officials from her work unit came and took her home. They extorted 200 yuan from her for food expenses. On April 21, 2001, Ms. Liu bought a louder speaker in order to help validate Dafa. Someone tipped off the security agency and Ms. Liu was again arrested. She was held in the detention center for one month. During her detention, Ms. Liu didn't cooperate with the evil forces at all. Because she went on hunger strikes, she was beaten and verbally abused by the guards. They force fed her and fed her intravenously.

Later on, Ms. Liu was released from the center after a physical examination conducted at a local hospital. The authorities then pressured Ms. Liu's work unit officials to monitor her. At the same time, they prepared documents trying to step up their persecution against her. In order to escape from the persecution, Ms. Liu decided to leave her home and move from place to place. When officials from Daqing City Public Security Department and other local security agencies ransacked Ms. Liu's house, they took away two sets of Teacher's lecture CDs and one cassette recorder worth about 500 yuan.

In May 2002, Ms. Liu was arrested while she was still homeless. She was brought back and detained in the Daqing City Detention Center. Ms. Liu started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The hunger strike lasted more than 120 days. On September 16, 2002, the Daqing City District Court secretly sentenced Ms. Liu to 10 years in prison, although the sentence was later reduced to eight years. Ms. Liu was then sent to the Heilongjiang Women's Prison. In the prison, Ms. Liu suffered various tortures such as hanging, being locked in a tiny cell, having her legs lifted into the air, being handcuffed behind her back for 24 hours a day, sleep deprivation, refusal to use the restroom, and many other physical abuses and brutal treatments. From March 15, 2005, until early August 2005, Ms. Liu was kept in a tiny cell at all the times. As a result of such isolation, Ms. Liu's physical health deteriorated seriously. Since June 6, 2005, Ms. Liu has been on yet another hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Here is a list of related people, telephone numbers and other information relevant to Ms. Liu's persecution case.

Helongjiang Women's Prison (also called Harbin City Women's Prison):

389 Xuefu Road
Nangang District, Harbin City, Helongjiang Province, Zipcode 150069
Telephone Numbers (mainline): 86-451-86684001, 86-451-86684002, and 86-451-86684003

Prison Director Xu Longjiang: 86-451-86684001-8001
Deputy Directors Cong Xin, Zhu Shuhua, and Liu Zhiqiang
Prison Committee of Politics: 86-451-86684001-8002
Director of the Committee of Politics Ms. Chu Xiuhua: 86-451-86684001-3003
Investigation Department Director Xiao Lin: 86-13845193360 (Cell), 86-451-86684001-8130
Politics Department Director Yang Libin: 86-451-86684001-8142
Prison Hospital Director Zhao Yingling: 86-451-86684001-8053

No. 1 Division Supervisor Cui Hongmei
No. 1 Division Deputy Supervisors Xia Fengying and Hou Xueping
No. 1 Division staff members He Yujing, He Jing, Liu Yan, Liu Xiaofang, Deng Yu, Lu Cuijun, Sun Jian, Yue Xiufeng, Wang Yan, Zhou Ying, Lu Heng, Lu Min and Yu Li

Every Friday, the prison director will take calls at 86-451-86684002-3009 and 86-451-86694053.
Prison Onsite Procuratorate Office: 86-451-82030982
Harbin City, Binjiang District Procuratorate: 86-451-82359148
Prison Onsite Office of Binjiang District Procuratorate: 86-451-86663178

Heilongjiang Province Bureau of Prison Management:
79 Hanguan Street
Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Zipcode 150080
Office: 86-451-6335924
Director, Sun Ping: 86-451-86316442, 86-451-86342238, 86-451-86342139