(Clearwisdom.net) Editors' Note: Each time we publish news of this nature, we do so with heavy hearts. These people started off as public servants, but under the intense pressure applied by former president Jiang Zemin and his followers, they were pushed into persecuting Dafa disciples. In the process of destroying the lives of kind, law-abiding citizens, they have sealed their own fates and inevitably faced karmic retribution as punishment. If it weren't for Jiang's wicked orders, perhaps their fates would have been different.

1. After arresting Dafa practitioners, Wang Zhigang suffers femoral necrosis in both legs

Since July 20, 1999, police officer Wang Zhigang went all out to persecute Falun Gong. The night before the spring festival in 2003, police officer Wang Zhigang arrested Dafa practitioners for posting truth clarification material, abusing them and beating them mercilessly. Dafa practitioners tried to clarify the truth to him but he did not listen. Practitioners tried to persuade him not to beat them but he shouted out: "I can kick you, what can you do to me." Twenty days later, Wang Zhigang suddenly suffered femoral necrosis in both of his legs (Wang Zhigang had always been healthy). He was hospitalized in Beijing for treatment but was not cured. He is just in his early thirties and has been spending his life in a wheelchair.

2. After conspiring with the 610 office to plot evil deeds, Party secretary of political and judiciary committee got into a traffic accident

One day in February, 2003, Hongkeli town political and law trustee secretary Fu Lijun led political and judiciary committee clerk Xiao Du to have a meeting in Yilan county, plotting to persecute Dafa practitioners. After the meeting, Fu Lijun, Xiao Du and county 610 office director Yang Xiaoqing rode together in one car. Right after they left the county, the car's front axle broke in half and the car rolled over a few times at a high speed, turning off the road. The car slid 30 meters on its roof. Fu Lijun's ribs broke and her spinal column was crushed and deformed. Later Fu went to Jiamusi city No. 2 hospital for treatment and during the treatment, her lower body lost sensation completely. He couldn't move her legs and became incontinent.

3. Aimintun leader Liu Xianfu and his wife both die of lung cancer

Since July 20, 1999, Aimintun leader Liu Xianfu followed Jiang XX's group to crazily persecute Falun Gong. His wife was hostile toward Dafa, supporting and tolerating Liu Xianfu's persecution of Dafa practitioners. She died of lung cancer in 2000.

Facing the death of his wife, Liu Xianfu was not aware and continued his evildoing. He went to the homes of Dafa practitioners to confiscate materials, and monitor and harass them. He coordinated with police to arrest practitioners, destroying Dafa flyers, slogans and books. Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to him many times and tried to persuade him with gentle words, but Liu Xianfu did not listen at all. In 2004 he got lung cancer and died July 30, 2005.

Aug 16, 2005