(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Yangfang from Chengdu in Sichuan Province, the Wenjiang District, cultivated Falun Dafa. A formerly seriously ill person, she then became healthy and kind. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, she was several times subjected to severe torture. In 2003, she was illegally detained in the Seventh Team of Sichuan Province Zizhong Women's Labor camp. Due to her severe torture injuries, even the hospital refused to admit her.

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Before she cultivated Dafa, Li Yangfang had hepatitis and gallstone. Neighbors would avoid meeting her for fear of infection. In March 1998 Li Yangfang started to cultivate Dafa. Because she is illiterate, it was difficult for her to learn Dafa. Additional karma at the beginning of her cultivation manifested in her having blood in stool nearly every day. Once she bled for over 20 days. When this symptom subsided, the gallbladder problems resurfaced. The pain was hard to endure. Even so, Li Yangfang still kept studying the Fa and exercised every day. She conducted herself in line with "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and enhanced her Xinxing. Gradually, all her illness symptoms disappeared. She always was in high spirits. She had completely changed into another person. When she met with misfortune she looked for the reasons within herself. She no longer fought for advantages. She tried to do as much work as possible at home. When she was sick, her family had spent a lot of money. Now she not only saved the previous medical expenses but was also able to work in field to reduce the family burden. The whole family witnessed the miracle and awe of Dafa. They had never been happy like this before.

This happiness didn't last long. In July 1999 the persecution started. Li Yangfang's own experience told her that, "Falun Dafa is great!" It was Master Li and Falun Dafa that gave her a new life. With this realization, Li Yangfang went to Beijing to petition [for Dafa] in March 2000. She was arrested as soon as she arrived at Tiananmen Square. One police officer stepped with a foot on her face, asked who her Master is and ridiculed her. After Li Yangfang was illegally detained at her home province liaison office in Beijing, the police confiscated all the money she carried. She was taken back to Wenjiang and detained for fifteen days. Then she was sent to detention center and incarcerated for another month. She was forced to peel electric cable everyday. Even after her hands were bleeding, she dared not to stop because inadequate work was subject to a penalty.

Her family also felt great pressure. The government secretary Li and Li Fuquan fined her husband 10,000 yuan. Because the family could not afford to pay it, they took away her son's tractor and kept it for twenty days to force her family to pay. Her family members borrowed 3,000 yuan with great difficulty and signed for the rest with an IOU notice.

In May 2000 perpetrators Xu Dongliang and Li Fuquan arrested Li Yangfang and Xu Erba (over 70 years old) and took them to the township government. At around 11:00 a.m. Xu Dongliang urged others to force her to stand under the sun till four or five o'clock in the afternoon. Another time, the township government personnel had detained five Falun Gong practitioners including Li Yangfang, Xu Erba for one week and forced them to cut grass for two days. Another day, Xu Dongliang incited several female government cadres to expose the food to the sun and ordered several Falun Gong practitioners to eat while squatting. Everybody refused to eat that day. Xu Dongliang said that the river control workers all must eat beside the restroom. Xu Dongliang also calls several Falun Gong disciples to pick eggplant leaves in his field. In the evening the practitioners were detained in a security room and bitten by mosquitoes.

On July 6th, 2003, several officers from the Shouan Police Station rushed into the then released Li Yangfang's home and said someone reported that she has Falun Gong materials. They searched her home without a permit. The police had not found the materials, so they took away the Falun Gong exercise tapes, lecture videos and a recorder, a copy of Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. She was also taken to the Shouan Police Station. In the evening, whenever she fell asleep, the police would wipe her face with dirty rags. Then she was held in a detention center. After one month she was duped into thinking they would send her back home but was actually sent to the Chengdu Detention Center. Later, she was sent to the Seventh Team of Sichuan Province Zizhong Women's Labor Camp for re-education through labor.

During her time there, the evildoing persons forced Li Yangfang to write a daily report of her thoughts. She was detained in a single cell. Yang Lifeng was the one responsible for her "conversion." Because she was illiterate [and could not write the required "self-examinations"], Yang hit her breasts twice. Li Yangfang almost fainted and had a hard time catching her breath. Yang Lifang was scared and began to cry. Actually, it was police officer Zhang Xiaofang who had urged her to do so. Later Yang Lifeng wrote the "Three Letters" for her. Police officer Zhang Xiaofang ominously admonished Li Yangfang and ordered her to fetch boiling water, carry food and carry a big basin of vegetable soup every day. Li Yangfang is short. The stairs are many. It took her tremendous effort to load those things.

One day a kind police officer helped her. Huang Zhihua from the people administration committee also helped her several times. Zhang Xiaofang had slapped her on the face several times. After each time carrying the food, she had to deliver food to every hook flower practitioners One day, Zhang Xiaofang was in a bad mood while Li carried the vegetable soup and scolded, saying she selfish. She ordered her into the office and closed the door. She maliciously grabbed her hair and slapped her hard on her face. When she fell on the floor she told her to stand up immediately. Because Li Yangfang felt dizzy and could not get up, a police officer named Mao took a broom and swept it over her face.

The police forced practitioners also to pick up 10 kilograms of pigs hair every day. If the task was not fulfilled, Li Yangfang had to work extra hours, up to 2:00 a.m. She would be ordered to get up around four to five o'clock in the morning and repeat the task. Every day was the same. They were not permitted to say "forced to work extra hours" but "volunteer."

Police officer Zhang Xiaofang also urged Zhang Xiaoyan to monitor Li Yangfang. She was always beaten. Many times she had to eat under the sun on the concrete floor. Picking up the pig hair was also done under the sun. The workshop didn't let her inside. Whenever Zhang Xiaofang was not happy, practitioner Li got nothing to eat. Once, when hooking artificial flowers, Li Yangfang had two rows left when dinner began. She was about to go for dinner first and back to work later. Zhang Xiaofang saw it and scolded her. She punished her to stand at the main entrance, watching her finishing. She also kicked her while scolding her.

The police used obscene methods to persecute Falun Gong disciples. They put Master Li's picture on the floor and spit on it, forced others to curse it. Otherwise, they would use all kinds of ways to torture you. Practitioners had to pass this test every day. One day they had to work overtime late, until 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. before returning to the cell. Criminal Zhao Yan came in and monitored the Falun Gong students, to read, "expose and criticize." Those who had not done according to her instructions would be reported. The next day police officer Zhang Xiaofang ordered practitioner Li Yangfang to go to office and slapped her on the face and scolded her.

In this living hell, Li Yangfang's body and mind were enormously devastated. Her body nearly broke down. Afterwards she was transferred to the Eighth Team. Section manager Li and others who were in their 50s and 60s were forced to work in each production team. The task was tremendous. They had to work extra hours without rest. Because of the long-term trauma to her body and mind, Li Yangfang suddenly fainted at the beginning of 2004. After she rested for a while she was compelled to work intensively again.

In February 2004 Li Yangfang fainted again in the workshop. She was carried to the hospital for examination. The situation was extreme. The labor camp informed the Wanchun Town government to send her home the next day because of fear to take the responsibility in case she died inside. After being back home, Wanchun Town government officials sent two people and forced her to put her fingerprints on a piece of paper. The paper said that Falun Gong is not good and ordered her not to practice again. She felt so terrible then and moaned. They took that as her consent and went away.

Before this persecution, it was Master Li and Falun Dafa that turned Li Yangfang from an endangered patient into a healthy good person. After persecution started, Li Yangfang endured to have her family's property confiscated, paid a fine and was imprisoned for forced labor. Because she was not allowed to learn the Fa or practice the exercises, in addition to the physical torture and mental torment she was devastated again, changing from a healthy person to a person that could not be admitted to a hospital.