Canada: During Hu's Visit to Canada, Practitioners Clarify the Truth to Police and Gain Support (Photo)

( In order to allow Hu Jintao and his retinue to see and hear overseas Falun Gong practitioners' appeal for the end to the persecution, on September 10, 2005, Toronto practitioners hung huge banners on a highway bridge that Hu's motorcade passed by on its way to Niagara Falls.

AP Photo: Hu Visits Mexico; Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal

( Associated Press reported on September 11, practitioners meditated in front of a Mexico City hotel where Hu resided. Practitioners said that tens of thousands practitioners have been persecuted by the Chinese Communist party.

Canada: Practitioners Appeal on Hu Jingtao's Route to Niagara Falls (Photo)

(  On the afternoon of September 10, Canadian practitioners appealed on Hu's route to Niagara Falls, calling for an end to the persecution. Practitioner Helen Peng said that the practitioners' message to Hu Jintao is simple--the persecution must be stopped.

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