(Clearwisdom.net) On September 8, 2005, the directors of the International Advocates for Justice and the Human Rights Law Projects filed a criminal lawsuit against Bo Xilai, charging him with torture.

The lawsuit states that defendant Bo Xilai, when head of Liaoning Province, planned, instigated, ordered, authorized and incited police and other security personnel to abuse the plaintiffs and other similar victims. He also directed, controlled or instigated these personnel to carry out the abuse.

The lawsuit further pointed out that Bo Xilai's aforementioned actions took place in an environment of nationwide persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Police and security personnel in Liaoning Province and in China took part in this large-scale and systemic persecution. Their lawless behaviors include murder, arbitrary detention, forced labor, brutal and savage abuse and torture in complete disregard for the law.

Attorney Lana S. Han, director of the International Advocates for Justice, said this case affects the interest of the US and of US Falun Gong practitioners who were persecuted by Jiang Zemin and personnel from the 610 Office. Jiang and 610 Office personnel tried to eradiate Falun Gong from the US by spreading lies to the legislative and administrative departments in the US.

Ms. Han pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party launched a vicious and slanderous propaganda campaign against Falun Gong in the media, on the Internet and via China Central Television satellite programs, which poisoned the minds of hundreds of thousands of Chinese people living in the US. After the 911 terrorist attack, right away, the CCP described Falun Gong practitioners as terrorists and incited hatred against Falun Gong, using similar methods the Nazis used when they incited hatred against the Jews.

Attorney Terri Marsh said, "Defendant Bo Xilai is criminally responsible for his actions and those committed by his subordinates in Liaoning Province. It is a matter of principle to hold Bo responsible for his crimes within the parameters of law."

Based on the defendant's violations of Falun Gong practitioners' human rights and civil rights in China, the plaintiffs asked the Southern District Public Prosecutor's Office in New York to:

Take immediate actions to thoroughly investigate the alleged, aforementioned crimes of accused defendant Bo Xilai;

Issue an arrest warrant and detain the defendant so he cannot leave USA territory until his crimes in violation of US laws are investigated and he is officially convicted;

Notify the US customs and Immigration Bureau (Homeland Security) of Bo Xilai's actions, his alleged crimes and illegal behavior, and of the tortures he participated in, which violate international laws on freedom of belief. Bo Xilai is a declared criminal in the US and should be expelled according to US law.

Immediately start a criminal lawsuit against Bo Xilai, as federal laws state that lawsuits may be filed against individuals who personally participated in the act of torture in a foreign country or who have instigated others to participate in similar crimes.