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All People of the World:

We are family members of Falun Gong practitioners who are unlawfully held at the Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Our innocent family members are suffering from inhuman and brutal torture because of the Chinese regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. We have suffered alongside our loved ones, watching them being tortured and imprisoned countless times. We can no longer keep silent. We filed charges against the guards of Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp, managed by Huang Yongliang and Zhao Guibao, through all channels of the Chinese justice system. Our purpose was to instill ethics in law enforcement officials and to have them return to using legal precedence; logic; their true conscience; and positive, true, and honest thoughts. However, we achieved just the opposite. The persecution has continued unabated and the ripple effect has involved many family members. Many families have been broken up. The only hope we have now is to ask for help from the international community.

We call on the world's people and the international community to condemn and stop the atrocities at Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp, which operates under the tyranny of the evil CCP, and to request the unconditional release of all illegally held Falun Gong practitioners.

Please see below selected examples of the persecution that have occurred since 2001 and have been verified at great difficulty:

Ms. Zuo Shuchun, 46 years old, conducted a hunger strike to protest the persecution in March 2001. The guards suffocated her by covering her mouth and nose so they could force-feed her. After she died, the guards refused to let others leave the area and forbade them from talking. They took her body from the area and told her family that she had died from heart disease.

Ms. Chen Ouxiang was 43 years old in November 2002 when her hands were cuffed behind her back around the clock in a "strictly controlled environment." She was forced to watch slanderous videos and was cruelly beaten the minute she moved. On November 26, drug addicts forced her to kneel on the floor and violently beat her. The "inmate in charge" and drug addict Liu Xiaoyu, who wore a red emblem on her sleeve, pressed down on Ms. Chen's neck until she stopped breathing and died.

Ms. Cao Jianzhen was 52 years old. Because she was steadfast in practicing Falun Gong, she was handcuffed and hung up for several days. Then she was put into a confinement cell. Four guards tortured her at the same time. As a result, three of her ribs were broken, and she vomited blood continuously. The hospital diagnosed her with stomach cancer. Although she could not eat due to the torture, the guards force-fed her. She died shortly after her family brought her home.

When Ms. Hu Zhengxi, who was over 60 years old, refused to write the Three Statements, she was handcuffed and hung up for a long time. She went on an 80-day hunger strike to protest the persecution. In May 2005, the labor camp notified her family that she had died and that they had cremated her body.

Ms. Liu Caiyun was 34 years old. The guards, the inmates in charge, and collaborators tortured her over a long period of time. Her face was swollen and full of bruises. She went on an eight-month hunger strike and was injected with drugs that damaged her central nervous system. As a result, her feet became numb and she could not take care of herself for a time. The guards also cursed at her for not taking showers and polluting the environment. They ordered drug addicts to hit her forehead. She bled so severely that she was taken to the hospital for stitches on her forehead. In March 2002, her family was notified to pick her up. She died on the way home.

Ms. Xia Ting, 30 years old, an attractive girl from Suzhou, worked in Shenzhen after she graduated from the university. In September 2001, she was taken to the upstairs infirmary for isolation and injected with an unknown drug. At the end of September, when she came downstairs, she had lost her memory, could not walk, and could not longer take care of herself. Her term was extended for a year. When she was released on April 12, 2003, she had become non-responsive, was in a vegetative state, and needed to be cared for by her family. The forced labor camp also forced her family to pay 2000 yuan in medical expenses.

Ms. Zou Ruxiang is 46 years old. The labor camp staff beat, handcuffed, and cursed her for an entire day. She went on many hunger strikes. She was injected with unknown drugs. When her family picked her up in March of 2002, her entire body was numb and she had lost her eyesight.

Ms. Yang Youyuan, 62, was a good, virtuous, vigorous and healthy woman from the countryside. Although she is illiterate, she can recite many of Teacher's articles. One day in September 2000, the evildoers arrested her. After three days, brigade chief Ding Cailan announced at a meeting that Ms. Yang had had a mental collapse and had been sent to a hospital in Zhuzhou for treatment. More than ten days later, when people saw her again, she was barely recognizable. She had been cruelly tortured, her face was pale and without expression, and she was unable to walk like a normal person. Mental patients at the hospital had stolen her clothes and belongings. This incident resulted in strong protests from Dafa practitioners. If she were really a mental patient, she should have been released, even under the evil CCP regulations. Just the opposite happened. Her term was extended for a year. Since October 2000, doctors at the labor camp infirmary have injected damaging drugs into glucose bottles to hide their true intent. They injected that concoction into Falun Dafa practitioners.

Because Ms. Hu Yuehui refused to wear the detainees' labor camp identity tag, she was handcuffed to the bars of a window for more than 20 days. Her feet became so swollen that she no longer could wear shoes. The male guards who wore leather shoes stepped on her feet, and pushed the leg of a chair down on her feet. On a morning in March 2001, she was dragged to a dark room in the mountain. Six to seven special police agents took turns torturing her entire body with high volts electric batons. When she was brought back to the cell at midnight, she was unconscious. The inmates in charge helped her take off her clothes. Her entire body was swollen, her eyebrows and nose were blue and purple, and the lower part of her body was bloody. They had to cut off her underwear and peel it bit by bit away from her body. Even the drug addicts in the cell burst into tears when they saw that. The following day, Ms. Hu was taken for an injection of drugs. She lost her memory and could only say one sentence, "It is a right to practice." When she was critically ill, her family went to pick her up. The labor camp extorted 10,000 yuan from her family. On the receipt, the "unknown" drugs were described as "albumin." Three years have passed and Ms. Hu still does not have a clear mind.

Ms. Chen Xingtao before the persecution Even on crutches, Ms. Chen Xingtao exposes the persecution to people in her hometown

Ms. Chen Xingtao, 30 years old, was tortured until she became paralyzed from the waist down of his. Police officer Zhu Rong handcuffed her to a metal iron bed, did not give her water or food, and covered her eyes and nose with toothpaste. When she was close to death, the forced labor camp was afraid of being held responsible and hastily sent her to the local government at her ancestral home. The local people refused to accept her because of her terrible physical condition. The forced labor camp then told her family to come, gave them 2,000 yuan, and left immediately. Ms. Chen died soon after.

Ms. Chen Xingtao had blisters all over her body from being tortured with electric batons. Her body turned black, and the scars could still be seen two months later. Ms. Chen had serious ulcer at her buttock

Ms. He Yingqing was an associate professor at the Hunan Province Biological, Mechanical, and Electrical Professional Technology Institute. In the summer of 2003, the police handcuffed her and hung her in the postures similar to "hanging in the air," "five horses splitting a body," and "postures in the air" for days at a time. They brutally tortured her for more than 40 days and did not allow her to wash herself. Her body was covered with scabies. She suffered continuous pain and itching everywhere, yet she was not allowed to move. She had no other choice but to go on a hunger strike. Her neck and nose were badly injured from the torture.

Ms. Zhang Yunlan, who was 50 years old, was forced to remain standing for some 25 days. Her feet became very swollen. She was forced to stand barefoot on a four-inch small stool. When the guards burned her eyebrows because she closed her eyes, she lost consciousness and fell down. A police officer then ordered the inmates in charge to hit her with stools and kick her. When the prisoners' shoes came apart while kicking her, he demanded that she replace the shoes. She suffered a mental collapse in April 2005. After her family took her home, the village people all said, "A good person became mad after being detained for a year? The Communist Party can truly turn a person into a ghost!"

In our families, many had suffered from illnesses and diseases before practicing Falun Gong. After they practiced Falun Gong, most of them became healthy in mind and body. The CCP wants to "educate and transform" them and take them to forced labor camps.

Despite the inhuman persecution, practitioners don't fight back or curse back. They tell the facts to the bad people with great kindness and are tolerant beyond ordinary people's imagination. Consequently, the authorities beat them with sticks, slap their faces and ears, and smash their heads against the wall by grabbing their hair. They are tortured until their skin is broken and their faces and heads purple and distorted. They are burned with fire and tortured with electric batons until their skin is burnt. They stick steel needles into their fingernails. They force them to sit on t-shaped chairs, cuff them to a tiger bench, and make them sit on four-inch tall stools. They handcuff them and hang them up for many days in many different positions. This goes on for weeks without stopping. They are exposed to the baking sun in the hot summer, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. They stand in their bare feet on the concrete floor in the restroom during winter. They are barbarically force-fed, with their teeth pried apart and pulled out and their mouths torn. Their throats and lungs are injured from the tube during force-feeding. The guards set up hidden backrooms, full of macabre things meant to intimate. There are too many horrible activities. They are too numerous to mention, given the space in this appeal letter.

The forced labor camp has become the place to cruelly kill kindness and justice. Inmates who wear a red emblem on their sleeves have been given the power to kill Falun Gong practitioners. Basic rights accorded to every Chinese citizen under existing Chinese law are being blatantly ignored.

Since 2001, Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp has been the "advanced civilized work unit" in persecuting Falun Gong. Li Lanqing, the head of 610 Office, is the evil person in charge of the forced labor camp. Jiang Zemin, the former party leader of the wicked CCP, allocated several tens of millions of yuan to this labor camp to build a few office buildings and lodgings for the guards, who have become like animals. The labor camp is awarded 10,000 yuan for "transforming" each Falun Gong practitioner. The labor camp then gives 1,000 yuan as encouragement to the cruelest guard for persecuting practitioners. Guards are given promotions based on practitioners' blood on their hands. The party also offers an overseas trip to the most ruthless evildoer. In order to satisfy their selfish desires, the guards have become barbaric and can no longer be considered human beings. They have completely lost their human nature.

This blindly obedient group of people can exist only in the so-called "harmonious society" established under today's CCP that is purportedly "managing state affairs with virtue and managing state affairs with law."


1. Names of 41 guards who participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners at Baimalong Women's Re-Education Forced Labor Camp:

Huang Yongliang, Zhao Guibao, Zhao Jinyue (transferred), Yi Jine (transferred), Ding Cailan, Yuan Lihua, Lu Yongquan, Gong Chaolian, Peng Zhenpin, Fu Jun, Fang Hui, Wang Nianhua, Chen Dongxia, Wan Wei, Tan Xiangqian, Wang Huanxin, Zhu Zhiguang, Sun Jin, Huang Wenmin, Yuan Jiahui, He Xiaolian, Zheng Xia, Ouyang Xiu, Yi Zhiqi, Zhang Yanping, Yin Bin, Pan Xiangdong, Fan Yingqiao, Chen Wei, Xiong Yanxiang, Tan Meilan, Yuan Jia, Tang Luyun, Zhu Rong, Lu Chunming, Liu Jie, Liu Lin, Fang Fang, Xu Qiaoli, Wang Yulan, Xu Duanhui

2. Contact information for Baimalong Women's Re-Education Forced Labor Camp:
Baimalong, Baifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province
Postcode: 412000
Telephone: area code 0733

Office: 8634800
Administration Section: 8634811
Management Section: 8634601
Education Section: 8634602
Disciplinary Inspection Office: 8634819
Huang Yongliang, secretary of the Party Committee and manager of the forced labor camp: 13908439030
Zhao Guibao, assistant manager of the forced labor camp: 13607332316
Ding Cailan, former chief of the Falun Gong brigade: 13873335268
Wang Nianhua, chief of the management section: 13707338135
Wang Huanxin, deputy chief of the management section: 13973340139
Tan Xiangqian, chief of the special police brigade: 13607332306
Fu Jun, office chief: 13873332868
Gong Chaolian, chief of the education section: 13807335201
Yuan Lihua, chief of the brigade persecuting Falun Gong: 13873336595
Lu Yongquan, chief of the health section and the wife of Zhao Guibao: 13873332866
Peng Zhenpin, chief of the education section and present chief of the policy research office: 13607332300

Signatures of family members of 552 persecuted Falun Gong practitioners:

Yu Yongxiu, Xu Miao, Yi huijuan, Chen Fengming, Liu Wenxiang, Zhang Meng, Liu wenjun, Liu Jun, Zhou Guiliang, Fang Yuping, Wen Fang, Yang Ying, Zhang Lei, Xu Wei, Tu Juxiang, Zhou Daimeng, Tang Fengying, Zhou Aixing, Zhou Aihong, Zhou Zhibing, Zhou Xiangbo, Zhou Yanxiang, He Qingzhen, Zhou Shigen, Zhou Chunmei, Xiao Xuekun, An Zhanru, Meng Zujiang, Wei Jinyuan, Yao Haiqin, Xie Mi, Liu Feifei, Liu Yangxia, Liu Wenqiang, Li Jiaoxiu, Jiang Yongjun, Lu Weijiao, Fang Minzhi, Huang Gai, Fang Yue, Fang Xiaohong, Fu Rurong, Su Qingyun, Tan Juan, Yue Lin, Zhang Junjie, Wang Rihui, Huang Peiling, Lin Guoxiang, Guo Yongnian, Li Jian, Huang Demin, Shen Qiaoxiu, Zhou Wei, Zhang Jianjun, Wang Qingting, Wang Qingsheng, Peng Shiqing, Deng Changgen, Liu Guoqing, Cao Hongshao, Xing Shuchen, Chen Zimin, Wang Xiaojun, Xiong Fan, Xing Lingxia, Li Chengping, Xie Yinzhi, Xie Jinzhi, Xie Chengshi, Li Jingqiang, Li Xiaofang, Li Xiaohong, Yu Xiaolei, Xie Mei, Lu Xiu, Liu Jinhui, Lai Lixin, Cui Jing, Li Yuejin, Li Xianbin, Wang Qunyi, Tang Long, Li Qingchun, Han Shufang, Ma Jun, Zou Jingshu, Wu Ming, Wu Ziwu, Su Bing, Liang Jinli, Lin Ziru, Wang Hao, Wang Zhu, Li Mingjian, Lai Yujun, Yao Qishun, Wei Guangmin, She Zhengyou, Zheng Wanggao, Liu Fang, Yang Yan, Li Xiyun, Zhou Ying, Liu Qin, Liu Qiushan, Tang Mei, Jin Qiaoren, Liu Shishun, Zhou Shouyuan, Huang Shujun, Huang Shuren, Huang Qingren, Liu Zhibang, Huang Shuping, Zhou Jingliang, Zhou Xianglian, Zhou Guangquan, Zhao Xiuzhen, Luo Wenqing, Zhou Jingcheng, Wang Lihua, Song Fangming, Zou Guihua, Li Juxiu, Wang Chaohui, Wang Chaoyang, Liu Shuguang, Liu Yibing, Zhu Xiaoqin, Zeng Fuqiang, Zeng Zihong, Zeng Hongchuan, Zeng Hongxia, Wang Qian, He Yawen, Qi Deyi, Qu Lijuan, Xu Weiwen, Liu Jia, Li Jun, Liu Cheng, Liu Chong, Guo Guangwang, Wu Xuejun, Guo Xingyue, Xu Liping, Lu Weiping, Hou Jianjun, Lu Zhihong, Fan Liqun, Lu Zhixiang, Fan Zhengbing, Lu Pei, Lu Tao, Hou Peng, Xu Jinzi, Xu Xiuyuan, Luo Wei, Hu Shan, Luo Hao, Liu Lijun, Liu Yajun, Guo Zhende, Li Yunna, Qu Haiqing, Li Jiatong, Li Heping, Xu Xinqiang, Li Liumei, Luo Zhiwen, Luo Feiyan, Zhu Keting, Luo Jiulong, Li Fulan, Luo Aijuan, Luo Xinqiu, Li Lufei, Liu Hualian, Zhou Lian, Li Muduo, Li Changjiang, Li Xiuying, Li Xiaoying, Tan Yue'e, Liang Changxing, Lan Yanjuan, Wang Decai, Duan Nianxiu, Lan Lijuan, Wang Fuping, Lan Jun, Wang Xihua, Li Yugang, Tang Yaqi, Guo Suixin, Cui Huanming, Long Duyuan, Guo Huisheng, Li Guilin, Zhou Huizhen, Xiao Juanhua, Lan Yubi, Huang Liying, Fan Liying, Peng Jianmei, Chen Liwen, Yang Xiaoming, Li Jiaju, Zhang Tinglan, Li Guanghui, Li Meifang, Wang Guizhen, Jiang Meiyun, Cao Jinxiu, Li Jumei, Chen Yanfang, Hou Fengxiu, Deng Lingmin, Guo Yanping, Jiang Meilan, Zhao Chunping, Cao Pingqin, Duan Xiaoying, Xiao Juanhua, Yan Jingwen, Lei Yanli, Li Hualin, Chen Shunying, Liu Chunhui, Mao Xiangtao, Yang Jinsu, Wang Youshan, Chuan Liang, Wang Hua, Jiang Fei, Kuang Yunhua, Xie Xianyou, Deng Xuejun, Yi Chune, Zhao Mei, Cai Sanhua, Li Zuolong, Liu Ming, Zhou Wangying, Xu Changsheng, Yin Wanglin, Li Lang, Guan Zhenxi, Xu Sanxi, Mao Lingling, Xu Lei, Deng Lei, Li Sheng, Wang Xiaocai, Yi Yuying, Zhang Zhonghui, Guo Fangfang, Lin Cunxiang, Zhou Aimin, Cao Menghai, Pi Changfu, Liu Yougen, Zhao Shengyuan, Deng Zhilan, Guan Huijuan, Liu Boxiao, Liu Zixiao, Tang Guoren, Tang Liqiong, Xu Jianqiu, Xu Ying, Xu Zhigang, Li Hong, Yang Yumei, Xie Yuanhui, Xu Yahui, Xu Xiaohan, Xu Wen, Sun Chunyan, Zhou Jianjun, Xu Jing, Tang Wei, Xu Jianguo, Zhou Xiaohua, Li Yan, Fu Xiangxiang, Yuan Yi, Chen Jia, Yang Meng, Yang Biao, Li Peng, Wu Wangliang, Li Simin, Wu Tianchang, Li Jia, Chen Lu, Xu Qian, Zhou Xuan, Peng Ying, Gu Lin, Wang Bin, Yang Fan, Xu Kai, Wu Taozhe, Liu Xingzong, Gan Xinlin, Tong Yu, Xie Tiantian, Lu Kang, Li Xuan, Chen Li, Huang Jichun, Liao Song, Liu Liu, Liu Dehua, Xia Zheng, Xiao Fei, Xie Shuibo, Guo Zhaodan, Mao Tiemei, Qian Yanbai, Li Meirong, Cheng Pingliang, Mao Xiaoying, Qian Liangshu, Mao Xueliang, Qian Linyan, Wang Shun, Gu Ke, Ren Shengyue, Li Xiliang, Chen Shangsi, Ruan Yaling, Gao Zhujiang, Zheng Jun, Li Tongyu, Zheng Jiansheng, Li Mingxiang, Liu Huashang, Li Duan, Li Man, Su Donghui, Chen Ming, Tang Yusheng, Li Fenyun, Zhou Lina, Luo Ming, Liu Ai, Feng Xianxing, Cheng Meiyun, Chen Yufan, Zhou Luoying, Li Zhong, Li Chena, Li Huanan, Hou Huian, Hou Huiyu, Hou Li, Hou Ling, Hou Yunhui, Zhou Wen, Tan Si, Chen Zaihua, Chen Xinghui, Peng Zhongshan, Li Zhengwu, Liu Shuguang, Liu Yingbing, Zhou Yongan, He Laoda, He Yunbo, Xia Chunlan, Liu Dongxian, Xia Shunchen, Yang Chunlan, Qin Sunan, Fang Guoqing, Fang Weiqing, Fang Weiguo, Zhang Furong, Feng Weimin, Xiong Baoshun, Xiong Zhenghui, Xiang Xinhua, Yi Bo, An Junguang, An Haiyan, Cao Xiaoyan, Li Hongyu, Wang Chunping, Wang Chunxi, Wang Chunyue, Song Xinzi, Li Guoyuan, Wen Huiying, Wang Wei, Li Ming, Li Yang, Li Wei, Li Shuimiao, Li Shunlin, Li Zhi, Huang Binbin, Huang Yuehui, Yang Xiaohong, Yang Ying, Yang Pin, Yang Yong, Gao Yagen, huang Ying, Zhou Xiaoqing, Li Yuan, Meng Mei, Li Shunxiu, Li Yumei, Li Yuanju, Zheng Yuhua, Li Yong, Yao Yao, Li Jinguang, Hu Hua, Zhang Changxiu, Guo Xia, Wu Xiang, Li Pengchun, Yang Xuanli, Wang Jingren, Liu Xinmin, Long Jianhua, Cheng Linghui, Yang Xunying, Huang Duoduo, Chang Nan, Yang Junlian, Quan Huiping, Xu Jinhua, Xiang Hairong, Hu Dongxia, Lu Xiqun, Yin Saimei, Zhang Yanjun, Xing Chunxia, Tan Peihong, Zhou Aihong, Tian Xiaojuan, Wang Fuhua, Lei Baonian, He Mei, Han Fengjiao, Chen Huimin, Ren Shengbao, Li Xisheng, Lu Ye, Xing Bo, Lu Wei, Peng Xiaowei, Zhou Bo, Hu Xia, Feng Jiaoyong, Li Deqiang