(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Guang from Changchun City is currently being held in Jilin Prison. He has been tortured to near paralysis and is on the verge of death. Authorities in Jilin Prison have refused to allow Mr. Yang's family to visit him. They even attempted to destroy evidence of their crime by murdering him. As of today, it has been confirmed that five practitioners have been tortured to death in Jilin Prison. They are Liu Chengjun, Zhang Jianhua, Cui Weidong, Wei Xiushan and He Yuanhui.

1. Section One of the Police Department in Changchun Used Torture to Extort a Confession; Yang Guang Lost Hearing in His Left Ear and His Legs Were Crippled

In November 2000, Section One of the Police Department in Changchun arrested 55-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Guang. Director Liang of Section One and his subordinates used torture to extort a confession from him. Mr. Yang had already been cruelly tortured on ten separate occasions. The torture methods they used included prolonged electric shock using electric batons, the tiger bench, brutal beatings using metal clubs, hanging with hands cuffed behind the back and beatings while being hung. Mr. Yang was interrogated for over thirty consecutive hours and was not allowed to sleep. They covered his head with a plastic bag and forcibly poured alcohol into his mouth. The police severely beat him and verbally abused him. Every evening, a guard would go to Mr. Yang's cell to hound and mentally torment him. Endless torture caused Mr. Yang, a previously healthy man with a strong build, to lose the hearing in his left ear and crippled both of his legs. He is unable to walk on his own.

In 2002, when the Nanguang District Court tried Mr. Yang, the public saw a tragic sight. When Mr. Yang came to court, someone had to assist him. During the interrogation, personnel attempted to force Mr. Yang to admit he was "instructed by responsible persons from Beijing," that he was "remotely controlled by the (anti-China forces in the) U.S." to go to Beijing and to admit that he was the "head of the Falun Gong organization in Changchun." One person, who is in charge of interrogation, wrote all of this testimony for Mr. Yang, yet none of it was true. They even expressed the idea of, "Let's pretend to release Yang Guang and let him run away. Then we'll have an excuse to shoot and kill him."

2. Jilin Prison Authorities Continued to Torture Mr. Yang. He Suffered Tragically While in the "Nudity Section" in the Prison

Mr. Yang was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was so weak that he was carried into the prison and held in the "Nudity Section" of the "Old and Disabled Prison District."

Mr. Yang's legs were crippled. His toes had severe infections and were disfigured. He was unable to take care of himself. His hair was gray and he was skinny. Because he firmly refused to follow his persecutors' orders, the inmates and the prison police tortured him to the extent where he was reduced to a mere skeleton.

In the "Nudity Section," Mr. Yang was not allowed to wear pants or underwear because the lower part of his body was paralyzed and he could not control his body functions. The inmates made something similar to a wheel chair for a disabled person. Mr. Yang could then relieve himself in the small, simple "wheel chair." The "wheel chair" was made by welding several iron tubes together. These iron tubes were then surrounded by wood planks. While sitting he was in fact over a big round hole. Four wheels supported the "chair." When Mr. Yang had to relieve himself, the inmates pushed him to the restroom and left him alone. Because Mr. Yang was confined within the wood planks, he could not reach to clean himself. He thus lived in filth all year long.

Mr. Yang Guang, along with inmates who were crippled from having been tortured, and those who were psychiatric patients, all lived in the "Nudity Section" day in and day out. Because it is the "Nudity Section," it is a very confined space. The prisoners there don't ever see sunshine. Their living conditions are dreadful. The place provided for them to sleep is less than 60 cm. and their food is terrible. Whenever Mr. Yang needed to take a bath, he was thrown into the bathroom and hosed down. Then a dust cloth with pins on it was used to dry him off. Even so, the prison police euphemistically named such a bath a "beautifying bath." Mr. Yang endured such torture whether it was summer or winter.

3. Suffering Both Physical and Mental Abuse, Mr. Yang Is Nearly Paralyzed

In the past five years, during Mr. Yang's detention, the authorities have tried all kinds of measures to try to force him to give up Falun Dafa cultivation. Be it physical torture or brainwashing, Mr. Yang has persisted in Dafa cultivation. In all kinds of environments, he has validated Dafa by awakening those close to him with his compassionate heart. Seeing that all their means failed to "transform" him, they threatened Mr. Yang's wife, demanding that she divorce him and attempting to break his will. Mr. Yang took did not let their threats affect him. He said, "There is nothing wrong about my decision to cultivate Dafa. My heart belongs to Dafa forever."

In December 2004, Mr. Yang's physical condition deteriorated. His family requested that he be released on medical parole. The Jilin Prison authorities refused to release him, and instead they transferred him to Tiebei Prison in Changchun, where the police continued to torture him. In the hospital at Tiebei Prison, Mr. Yang Guang did not receive any medical treatment. He was extremely thin and weak, and could not hold anything in his hands. He was close to complete paralysis. The police forced Mr. Yang's family to pay a 38 yuan hospitalization fee. His family has no source of income, but they were forced to pay over 1,100 yuan for his so-called "medical care." They live a very hard life.

4. Jilin Prison Authorities Attempted to Murder Mr. Yang Guang to Destroy Evidence of Torture

In June 2005, Mr. Yang was sent back to Jilin Prison. The police had been treating him as a primary target of their persecution. Even when his physical situation was extremely weak, the police continued to torture him, attempting to put an end to his life. In front of those who attempted to "transform" him, Mr. Yang yelled out with all his strength, "I am not wrong at all in believing in 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." His courage awed his persecutors.

Around August 8, when Mr. Yang was dying, the Jilin Prison authorities sent him to a hospital inside the prison. They refused to allow Mr. Yang's family to see him. Mr. Yang Guang is on the brink of death.

Jilin Prison authorities are afraid that their crime will be exposed. They have tried their best to block the flow of information. They cover up all crimes unknown to the outside world and deny all crimes that do get exposed to society. When the crime cannot be denied, they blatantly destroy the evidence, be it a physical object or a living human being! According to information we obtained on July 20, several other Falun Dafa practitioners, Wang Fengcai, Yun Qingbin, Wang Qibo and Yang Qingchen, were also inhumanly tortured in Jilin Prison. They are also in dire straits.

We strongly condemn the heinous crimes happening inside Jilin Prison. We appeal to international human rights organizations and all kind-hearted people to show their concern and help to stop the persecution!

List of Prison Police of Jilin Prison:

The Director: Li Qiang
The New Commissar: Liu Wei
The Deputy Director: Liu Changjiang
The Head of the Education Section: Li Zhuang
The Administrative Cadre in Education Section: includes Li Yongsheng and Wang Yuanchun
The Head of Politics Section: Liu Xianzhang, Geng
The Police of Politics Section: Yang Xiaotian
The Head and Police of the 1st Section: Zhao Jin, Wang Jiankong, Chen Xin
The Administrative Cadre of the 4th Section: Zhang Guilin
The Administrative Cadre of the 5th Section: Lin Zhibin
The Jailors of the 5th Section: Zhang Jianhua, Guo Dongbiao
The Group Head of the 6th Section: Pang Hongjun
The Head of the 6th Section: Wei Xianghui
Policemen from the 9th Section: Zhao Jinbiao, Yue Tong, Li Yujie, Zhang Yong

Inmates who have been perpetrators:

Guo Shutie
Li Baocai (a native of Liaoning Province. He has been released.)
Li Gang (1st Section)
Liu Changhai (2nd Section)
Xu Zhigang, Gao Guoguang (4th Section)
Jia Yubiao, Zhao Yaolin (5th Section)
Li Ming, Zhao Guangcun, Liu Gan, Chen Zhiqiang, Li Ming, Wang Cheng (6th Section)
Han Zhibin, Lu Sizhu, Zheng Lianwen, Kong Qinggang (7th Section)
Zhang Dehui, Xu Guoming, Feng Zhenying (9th Section)

Address of Jilin Prison:

100 Junmin Road, Jilin City 132012

Mailing Address:

PO Box 315, Jilin City, 132012

Telephone: 86-432-4881551
Fax: 86-432-4881559

Telephones of departments and individuals:

Director: 86-432-4885488
Politics Department: 86-432-2409418
Prosecution Organ inside the Prison: 86-432-4881515
6th Section:86-432-4881551-3086
(Or call 86-432-4881551, and ask to be transferred to a department.)

The Prison Management Bureau of Jilin Province:

Address: 1000 Xinfa Road, Changchun City, 130051
The Director: Li Wencai 86-431-2750002, 86-431-2763556(Home)
The Deputy Director: Zhang Zhensu 86-431-2750004, 86-431-7919580(Home)
The Deputy Director: Yu Guangsheng 86-431-2750005, 86-431-8586398(Home)
The Deputy CCP Secretary: Xu Fumin 86-431-2750006, 86-431-2744928(Home)
The Deputy Director: Zhao Xiande 86-431-2750007, 86-431-2707063(Home)

The Police Department of Changchun City:

Address: 67 Renmin Street, 130000
Telephone: 86-431-8986842, 86-431-8986830, 86-431-8908000
1st Section 86-431-8924896, 86-431-8926066, 86-431-8946127, 86-431-8925530, 86-431-8927592
2nd Section: 86-431-8926031, 86-431-8923327, 86-431-8946397, 86-431-8965939
3rd Section: 86-431-8926167, 86-431-8924207, 86-431-8926474, 86-431-8924387, 86-431-8926254, 86-431-8925471, 86-431-8985133, 86-431-8921542, 86-431-8924262, 86-431-8922078
4th Section: 86-431-8966703, 86-431-8966705, 86-431-8924336, 86-431-8961645, 86-431-8926065, 86-431-8924290, 86-431-8922840
5th Section: 86-431-8921597

The Department of Politics and Secretary Division of Tiebei Prison:

86-431-2682768, 86-431-2688880, 86-431-2682863
The Military Police Brigade: 86-431-8987052