US Newswire: China: Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong - US Asked to Help Rescue Falun Gong Orphans, Bar Entry of Chinese Commerce Minister

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

News Advisory:

Falun Gong practitioners will gather on Thursday in front of the Chinese Embassy to appeal to Chinese leader Hu Jintao to end the persecution of Falun Gong. Practitioners will also appeal to President Bush, the U.S. government and the public at large to help rescue the innocent children whose parents were killed or taken away due to their practice of Falun Gong. Our message to Hu Jintao, who is coming to Washington DC to meet with President Bush on Sept. 7, will also include:

Ottawa Citizen: Falun Gong Group Plans Protest to Pressure Canada on Chinese Visit - Practitioners to Re-enact Torture on Parliament Hill (Photos)

( On August 26, 2005, Canadian Falun Gong practitioners held a news conference to call on the Canadian government to ban Bo Xilai and Xia Deren from entering the territory of Canada. Canadian Parliament Member, Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the Committees of the Whole House, David Kilgour attended the news conference. Falun Gong practitioners conducted an anti-torture exhibit in front of Parliament Hill.

State TV-channel DR (Denmark): Falun Gong Practitioners' Lawsuit Filed Against Jia Chunwang (Photo)

( The Procurator General of the Chinese communist regime, head of the 610 Office, Jia Chunwang is being sued in Denmark for committing crimes of torture. The lawsuit brought broad attention from media. Major newspapers, radio stations and television media reported it in a timely manner.

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