(Clearwisdom.net) After being persecuted in the Huludao Forced Labor Camp for more than a year, Mr. Hu Shaowei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Huludao City, Liaoning Province, has scabies all over his body and is almost blind. His family members asked the forced labor camp to release him on medical grounds; but the camp authorities responded that Mr. Hu cannot be released until he renounces his belief.

Mr. Hu Shaowei, 35, used to work at the Xinyuan Realty Development Co., a joint venture corporation. After he started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, he began to improve himself and to be a good person, according to the guiding principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." He abandoned his bad habit of laziness and he thinks of others first, a fact recognized by his family members and friends. After the persecution started in July 1999, Mr. Hu went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and was arrested. He was sent back to Huludao City and was detained in a detention center for 3 months. While in detention, he got scabies and suffered tremendously from the itching. He was transferred to a forced labor camp, but he was released the next day for medical care because of the infectious nature of scabies.

In April 2004, several policemen broke into Hu Shaowei's house, immobilized him and pressed him to the ground. They searched his house, turning everything upside down and confiscated his books and Falun Gong materials.

Mr. Hu's mother, who was in poor health, was so frightened by the policemen's actions that she had a stroke. However, the policemen paid no attention to her condition and arrested Mr. Hu. Later, when his wife arrived home, she realized that Mr. Hu had been arrested. Currently, Mr. Hu's mother is still suffering from cataracts, caused by the intense fear during the police search.

At present, Mr. Hu is detained in the Huludao Forced Labor Camp. After a year of detention, he again got scabies all over his body. He also cannot see clearly, and he feels intolerable pain all over the body, especially in his hands and feet. His feet now have too many varicose veins for him to wear shoes. His family members asked the forced labor camp to release him on medical grounds, but the camp authorities responded that Mr. Hu cannot be released until he renounces his belief. He therefore continues to suffer this inhumane persecution in the forced labor camp.

We call on the righteous people of the world pay close attention to Mr. Hu's case and to use all means to rescue him.

Contact information of responsible persons:

Shao Shouhua, the Head of the Judicial Bureau of the city, 86-429-3160055 (Home), 86-13842970888 (Cell)

Camp office phone numbers: 86-429-3960700, 86-429-3960702, 86-429-3960703, 86-429-3960705, 86-429-3960706 and 86-429-3960707

Director, Yang Haiyan: 86-429-3128836 (Home), 86-13604290658 (Cell)
Political Commissar, Wu Shushan: 86-429-3126312 (Home), 86-13998908533 (Cell)
Deputy Director, Feng Jichun: 86-429-3961555 (Home), 86-13009294692 (Cell)
Deputy Director, Wang Shuxiang: 86-429-3960958 (Home), 86-13304291662 (Cell)
Deputy Director, Pang Guodong: 86-429-3998033 (Home), 86-13942988577 (Cell)
Deputy Director, Yang Shiwei: 86-429-2129999 (Home), 86-13188530001 (Cell)

Chief of the Discipline Section, Yang Lianyuan: 86-13304299660 (Cell)

Deputy Chief of the Discipline Section, Wu XX, 86-429-3127638 (Home), 86-13019978455 (Cell)

Jail physician who is in charge of forced-feeding:

Wang Dazhu (male): 86-429-3960781 (Home), 86-13052675556 (Cell)

Gao Guirong (female): 86-429-3183344 (Home), 86-13009286525 (Cell)

July 12, 2005