(Clearwisdom.net) One day, practitioner A told me that practitioner B had just been released from a labor camp. Practitioner B was in terrible physical condition and his main consciousness was not clear. Several practitioners who lived nearby had been sending forth righteous thoughts for a while, but practitioner B's condition still had not improved. Practitioner A asked us for help to send righteous thoughts as a group at close range to practitioner B.

We realized that this situation needed full cooperation from the group, and that each practitioner who received the request should send righteous thoughts unconditionally. Five of us from the same study group went to practitioner B's home before six o'clock. When we arrived, we saw Practitioner B lying in bed on his side. He looked emaciated and very pale, his legs were swollen and he had a fever. It was 5:55 p.m.--time for sending righteous thoughts globally. Even though practitioner B's condition looked serious, we insisted that he sit up and send righteous thoughts with us; one practitioner took great effort in helping him sit up, and he sent forth righteous thoughts with us.

When I held one palm erect and sent righteous thoughts, my celestial eye saw that practitioner B's hair was covered with black substances. When they were revealed more clearly, I saw that they were countless small black snakes and that they were completely eliminated by the righteous energy field. In the meantime, practitioner B's main consciousness was ripped and torn by the evil spirits and rotten apparitions. When the group's righteous thoughts were sent there, his main conscience came to him immediately. Even in our human dimension, his eyes looked more alert.

We understood that practitioner B's condition truly needed us to act as follows: we should constantly correct ourselves in our own cultivation while accommodating and cooperating with group efforts to send righteous thoughts to help and support our fellow practitioners who have been persecuted by the evil forces, and avoid sending righteous thoughts with the attachment of wanting to change the person or see results.

We sent righteous thoughts again at 6:55 p.m. This time, shortly after practitioner B sat up, his body started to sway and his breathing became rapid and labored. I looked at him steadily, and realized that I could command each and every cell in my body to send out gong to eliminate evil. I decided my eyes should have the same capability, and then two sharp swords flew out of my eyes, going straight to the two black snakes behind practitioner B, eliminating them immediately. His body stopped swaying right away, his breathing became normal, and he quickly recovered.

We sent righteous thoughts again at 7:55 p.m., and I saw the immense power from our group righteous thoughts. The scene in the other dimension was grand, and the gong from our body was wonderful.... I saw that our gong had its specific image in another dimension, it was like a cliff-side waterfall, majestic, boundless and shining; I also saw something like brocade silk fabric carrying practitioner B back from a far away place. Practitioner B's fever disappeared at this point. He found an MP3 player with Master's lectures and also found a timer for sending global righteous thoughts at set times. What we witnessed that day confirmed,

"Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Later, when we exchanged our experiences, we noticed that we all shared the same view: we will not allow evil to persecute our fellow practitioners; we truly believe the practitioner will recover; we harbor no thoughts of complaining, blaming or changing our fellow practitioner; we truly put ourselves in the group and take care of the practitioner as we would ourselves.

I had some concerns about writing this experience sharing. After I discussed it with other practitioners I realized that the reason behind my not wanting to write was the wish to protect myself. If I can transcend this limitation I set for myself and encourage other practitioners to realize the importance of sending righteous thoughts, the cultivation path which we walk on will become broader and brighter. Of course, what was shown to me is limited by my level and state.

Fellow practitioners please point out any inadequacy with compassion.

July 26, 2005