(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Ji Yingping was on her way to another practitioner's house on May 20, 2005, when she was abducted by the Jiamusi City police, who had been following her. Ms. Ji is currently detained at the Jiamusi City Detention Center. For the past two weeks, the police have not permitted her family members to visit her. Ms. Ji's current health condition is extremely poor. She developed a severe lung condition and began vomiting blood. Even under such circumstances, the 610 Office still has not released her. Her family members have gone to the detention center many times, but the relevant departments refuse to take responsibility and do not reply to the family's requests.

Since July 20, 1999, Ms. Ji Yingping has been abducted three times. The first time was on October 28, 1999. The Jiamusi City Changsheng Police Station sent out policeman Cong Wensheng to Ms. Ji's house. Cong said to her, "Are you still going to practice Falun Gong?" She replied, "The practice is so good. Of course I will continue practicing it." She was then arrested simply because of her reply. She was furthered interrogated when she was detained at the police station. The police officer saw her determination and will to practice, so he said hypocritically "We will release you if you stop practicing Falun Gong." Ms. Ji replied, "I will continue to practice!" For this short phrase, Ms. Ji was sent to the detention center. She was imprisoned at the detention center for 43 days and was eventually released after her family spent more than 2000 yuan to treat the police officer.

The second time she was arrested was on December 12, 2002. She was on her way to a practitioner's house when the police from the Jiamusi City Railway Police Substation arrested her. She was later sent to the East Jiamusi City Changsheng Police Substation. She was forced to sit on the Iron Chair for 24 hours while she was being interrogated. The next day, Ms. Ji was sent to the detention center. She was imprisoned for more than a month and later sentenced to two years of forced labor. During this time, Ms. Ji was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor and needed to receive treatments, but the Jiamusi City 610 Office did not care about Dafa disciple's lives. Two days before the Chinese New Year, Ms. Ji was sent to a forced labor camp to undergo forced labor. The camp refused to examine her. The director of the 610 Office was determined not to release her and ordered the forced labor camp to keep her.

The authorities continued to persecute her. Ms. Ji experienced various types of torture at the forced labor camp. Her wrists were handcuffed so much that the back of her hands were swollen like steamed buns. She lost feeling in her arms and could not lift her shoulders. (Even after her release, she still could not move her arms freely for over six months. She recovered after practicing the exercises.) The police even told collaborators to force a pen between Ms. Ji's fingers and make her sign the Repentance Statement that had been prepared beforehand, showing that Ms. Ji had been "reformed." After being persecuted for more than two months, Ms. Ji's thyroid cancer rapidly worsened. Her shoulders hurt so much that she could not sleep. After an exam, the doctor from the forced labor camp affirmed that the tumor was not curable and suggested she to go to the City Hospital for a second opinion. On March 8, 2005, Ms. Ji was diagnosed with malignant thyroid cancer by the Central Hospital. The hospital affirmed that her condition was so critical that she could not be detained. Even under such conditions, the East Jiamusi Police Station still refused to release her. It was only after Ms. Ji's family paid 2000 yuan to the police station that she was released on March 26, 2005.

She has now been detained for a third time.

To our kind-hearted friends, you may not know the truth about the evil Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong, because the persecution is entirely secret and hidden from the public. The persecution is brutal and inhumane. Ms. Ji Yingping is only one of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted. Since we cannot contact Ji Yingping in person, the information we have revealed is only part of the true situation. There are in fact many more cases of persecution that are rarely known by others.

July 23. 2005