(Clearwisdom.net) All the Falun Dafa practitioners in Daqing Prison have been strongly resisting the persecution carried out by the inmates and guards. However, the local leaders in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa have recently escalated the persecution.

Prison guard Guo Chuntang exclaimed, "Killing and torturing people in Daqing Prison doesn't matter!" Prison guard Li Fengjiang said to the others, "Cremate Falun Gong (practitioners) if they refuse to change." When head prison guard Jiang Shucheng saw practitioners being taken away to be force-fed, he told the prison guards, "Don't feed them milk powder or corn paste. Water is enough." Zhu Zhongxin, guard of the No. 4 jail block, yelled out as he counted the prisoners, "Tie up those Falun Gong (practitioners) if they refuse to follow!" He also commanded prison guard Li Jinhao to lead eight prisoners to beat practitioner Mr. Wu Chunwen. Afterwards, they tied Mr. Wu Chunwen to the metal bars. That evening, Zhu Zhongxin was drunk, and he sat in front of the practitioners and cursed them. Prison guard Li Jinhao punched Mr. Wu in the ear with his fist, perforating his eardrum. Mr. Wu has now lost his hearing.

No. 7 Jail Block political instructor guard Zhang Dezhi commanded the prisoners to torture practitioner Xu Jishan to death. The prison guards are now occupied in covering up the murder and trying to pass his death off as natural causes. At a prison meeting on June 10, they also threatened all the prisoners in all the jail blocks not to discuss the matter with anyone from the outside. Anyone who did so would lose the chance of a reduced prison term and would also be detained in solitary confinement. Consequently, no prisoners dared to speak the truth to anyone on the outside.

Practitioner Mr. Yuan Qingjiang, who is detained in the No. 6 jail block has been fasting for a long time, and his physical condition has deteriorated. The police took him to the public hospital and didn't notify his family. He is now in the prison hospital. Mr. Yuan Qingjiang vomited large amounts of blood and has become very skinny. His situation is critical. Practitioner Wang Hongde from the No. 3 jail block became critically ill in this so-called hospital, and his family was notified to take him home. After 15 days at home, he died.

Mr. Pu Fanwei from the No. 4 jail block has been fasting for over 10 days. Due to long-term persecution, he has become emaciated and is also in critical condition.

We appeal to all righteous people to immediately use all means to stop the brutal persecution and murder of Falun Dafa practitioners in Daqing Prison.

July 14, 2005