(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from China. I have been practicing Falun Gong for eight years. After July 20, 1999, I was expelled from school.

After I was expelled from school, I established a truth-clarifying material site in my area. Because there are many older practitioners nearby and they have never even touched a computer before, I made all the materials by myself. Therefore, time was very tight for me, so I slacked off when it came to Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. The side that I had not cultivated well surfaced, but I didn't notice it at the time. My parents are also practitioners, so they pointed out my shortcomings and attachments to me. But I didn't accept what they said and thought that they weren't attachments.

Because I gave in to my desires, I didn't keep up with Fa study, or with sending forth righteous thoughts. The lack of cultivation strengthened my attachments and gave the evil the opportunity to take advantage of me. When I was doing some work to validate the Fa, the interference frequently bothered me. The computers and printers were interfered with, as they always had problems functioning.

Once, I added some oil to the printer and prepared to work after that, but the printer didn't work. I didn't use righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. Instead, I treated it by using my ordinary human skills. I spent a whole day trying to fix it, but afterwards, it still didn't work. My mom's third eye opened that evening and she saw a demon in another dimension controlling the printer. She told this to my father and me the next morning. Afterwards, we sent forth righteous thoughts together to clean out the interference. The printer began to work after that. Although I then strengthened my Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, I didn't do it whole-heartedly. As time passed, I again slacked off in Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts.

I also stopped sending forth righteous thought before working. Hence, I lost my righteous thoughts while working, so the interference came back. Every time, before I started to work, I would close all windows and doors, so people couldn't hear any noise from the outside. But my neighbor complained to me, "What are you doing in your home? I can't fall asleep. Please pay attention to that and don't make loud noise any more." I was so surprised that she could hear my work. My mom told me that there were many mice inside our attached wall. They seemed to make a lot of noise when I was working. I knew it was because I slacked off in Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Through these two instances, I enlightened to this: no matter how busy I am, I should make Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts a first priority. I will no longer make excuses for my attachments. I can't strengthen my attachments and give the evil an opportunity to take advantage of me. The practitioners in the material sites have a responsibility to make materials. It helps other practitioners save sentient beings more effectively -- so more people can be saved. Practitioners at Dafa material sites should make Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts a first priority.

The above is my experience. I hope it is helpful to fellow practitioners. Please correct me if there is anything improper.

June 24, 2005