(Clearwisdom.net) Qian Shiguang, a senior engineer from the Northwest Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of China, has been arrested and detained several times. He was frequently tortured, and nearly died many times. Each time he returned home, he was able to recover from injuries caused by the severe torture with righteous thoughts and righteous faith. On May 27, 2005, the police arrested Mr. Qian again and ransacked his home. He is now detained at the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center. We appeal to everyone to help rescue practitioner Qian Shiguang.

Mr. Qian, 63, lives at the Northwest Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of China in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Because he practices Falun Gong and believes in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," he is known as a very good person. Since the nationwide persecution against Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, Mr. Qian was first detained at the Taoshuping Drug Rehabilitation Center, where he started a hunger strike in protest of the illegal detention. He nearly died there due to his hunger strike, which lasted more than 10 days. The persecutors dumped him outside his house and left him there. Qian Shiguang was able to knock on his door after exerting great physical effort. At that time, he was so weak and thin that he couldn't eat or drink anything. He would spit out any water when he drank it. Everyone thought that he was going to die, but he quickly recovered after studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises for a few days.

In May 2000, Mr. Qian was detained for a year and half at Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, the main labor camp in Gansu Province. During this time, Qian Shiguang held a hunger strike for 28 days, during which time his body weight dropped from 132 pounds to 88 pounds. He stayed at the labor camp hospital for a month and was diagnosed with digestive tract dysfunction. As the labor camp was unwilling to pay his medical bills, Wang, a team leader from the labor camp's Fifth Brigade, released Mr. Qian on medical bail. In December 2001, Mr. Qian went home and resumed his daily Fa study and sitting meditation. Slowly, he seemed to be gaining weight, but his complexion looked sallow and he had edema all over his body. Pressing his flesh would leave a dent. When he put one leg over the other while sitting in the lotus position, his foot would sink deep into the flesh his leg. Several days later, the skin split open all over his body and a yellowish liquid came out. Mr. Qian continued his Fa study and exercises and recovered from this condition in just over a month.

On June 2, 2002, Qian Shiguang went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was arrested that very day and detained at the Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp for two years. During his incarceration he was brutally tortured. The guards incited criminal inmates to beat his face with fly swatters and a wooden baton. The thugs forced Mr. Qian's head into the toilet bowl and made him drink the water, they pulled hair from his beard and eyebrows, and they occasionally threw him into the urinal area of the restroom, soaking him with urine and toilet water. In the winter, the perpetrators tied him up with rope and put him under the bed (a space so narrow he was unable to turn over), forcing him to urinate there. They then poured cold water over his body. The guards sometimes forced criminals to take Mr. Qian outside at night, stripping off his clothes and pouring cold water over him, and then covering his body with snow. The guards and the criminal inmates broke Mr. Qian's vertebrae and even incited two other criminals to drag Mr. Qian along on the run during the early morning exercise period in this condition.

Mr. Qian was tortured so severely, he couldn't move at all. The Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp released him on medical bail. Mr. Qian went home on November 11, 2003. At home, he could only lie in bed, but he continuously recited Master's articles and started the sitting meditation when he could sit up. Three months later, Mr. Qian was able to walk, but he was still unable to stand up straight.

Mr. Qian suffered many tortures. Once, after he came home, he developed scabies all over his body, which were the size of a small bowl. There was simply no healthy skin left on his body. However, Mr. Qian regained his health in one and half month's time due to constant Fa study and exercise.

While he was experiencing these life-and-death tribulations, many people around Mr. Qian witnessed his righteous thoughts and actions, and as a result they came to admire the great power of Falun Dafa.

In February 2004, as soon as he recovered from his fractured lumbar vertebrae and was just able to walk, Mr. Qian quickly stepped out to clarify the truth to people, enduring the severe pain of walking. He only slept three hours per day and made full use of the rest of his time to do well the three things required by Master.

In May 2005, a 60-year-old woman who identified herself as Zhang Hua, and who claimed to be a Dafa practitioner (she lived in Gaungwumen, Lanzhou City) came to Mr. Qian's home several times. On the evening of May 26, Zhang Hua came to see Mr. Qian again and asked him to deliver some truth-clarifying materials to her home the next day, but didn't take any materials with her when she left. On May 27, Mr. Qian went to Zhang Hua's home to deliver the materials. Before this, Mr. Qian hadn't left his home for 10 days. After he left, his family members received a call from Zhang Hua saying she hadn't seen Mr. Qian and then she hung up. Ten minutes later, eight officers (seven men and a woman) from the 26th Division of the Lanzhou Police Department entered Mr. Qian's home, using a key to open the door. They searched and ransacked his home. They recorded everything with a video camera and took two computers (a desktop and a laptop), a three-in-one printer, a laser printer, a CD burner, a laminator, plus money and clothes. Mr. Qian is still detained at the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center.

According to a reliable source, when Mr. Qian left home on May 27, 2005, plainclothes policemen arrested him as he exited the gate of the Northwest Institute and took his keys. Mr. Qian couldn't even walk upright at the time. Zhang Hua has never returned to Mr. Qian's home since the phone call. On July 3 or 4, 2005, Zhang Hua fell to the ground as she came out of her friend's house. She was taken to the hospital and died of a cerebral hemorrhage on July 21, 2005.

July 26, 2005