(Clearwisdom.net) Hu Jintao will soon visit the US and some other countries. A young disciple and I sent forth righteous thoughts last night to eliminate all evil beings, evil elements and evil dimensional field that interfere with and control Hu Jintao. I have compiled here what the young disciple saw in another dimension.

After I got into the tranquil status, I saw two sides in front of my eyes. One side was bright and illuminated with golden light, while the other side was dark and filled with thick dark air. I saw Hu Jintao (his manifestation in other dimension), and he was on the dark side. He was sitting on a lotus flower with both legs crossed. But his body was somehow polluted and a large mass of black air encircled his head, which made him in a state of the stupor of a deep sleep. Many evil beings and evil elements were floating above him. To prevent Hu Jintao from getting in touch with the bright side, they used dark energy and installed a round shield around him. I walked over and said to him, "Although your human side is confused, you know the truth. You should handle things correctly!" (I forgot what else I said to him.) He pondered after hearing my words. I saw an extremely large number of evil beings and evil elements above his head, and suddenly I obtained a mysterious energy, which I transformed into an enormous Falun the size of the universe. I pushed the center of the Falun with my palm and shot it upward with all my strength. Instantly, the Falun turned clockwise and released incredibly strong energy that completely cleared out all the evil above Hu Jintao. (Maybe it was one dimension that had been cleared.)

The above is a transcription of the young disciple's narration.

My personal understanding is that we, as Dafa disciples, cannot be attached to any ordinary person and we cannot have an attachment to expect ordinary people to give us anything. The people including those high-level CCP officials who are still salvageable are all our objects to be saved; how can we expect anything of them? Although we don't have attachments toward any ordinary people, many people among the high-ranking CCP officials came from high levels of the universe; some even from extremely high levels, and some might have come with important missions. But after they entered ordinary society, they went into the maze, disappointed unprecedented historic opportunities that will determine their life and death, and that of innumerable beings related to them, and they are wasting the limited time gods are giving them. Some even consciously or unconsciously play a negative role in the evil camp. Whether they can awaken in a timely manner and escape the control of evil is in essence an issue of whether they can grasp the opportunity to having a continued existence and a bright future. Of course, on the level of human being, it's hard for ordinary people to understand these principles.

At the same time, the evil force does not want to be eliminated right away and wants to destroy sentient beings. Therefore they exhaust all means to interfere and control these people. They form a large evil field around these people to prevent them from learning the truth, and to make them continue committing crimes against Dafa, to sustain this evil persecution. The evil is dragging these people and the beings related to them down, to the edge of a cliff that leads to complete destruction. The old force's arrangements are unfair to these people.

We Dafa practitioners completely negate the old force arrangements, including all of their arrangements for high-ranking CCP officials who are salvageable. We have tried ways to save all beings. If we don't think of ways to rescue them and help them learn the truth, if we don't eliminate the evil field around them, it would be hard for them to awaken on their own and it's hard for them to make their own decisions, then they will be truly in a dangerous situation. Therefore, we should send forth righteous thoughts on a frequent basis, eliminate the old force elements, get rid of the dark minions and rotten demons, and the CCP specter that interfere and control those people, and eliminate the evil elements in their surrounding dimensional fields. This is a demonstration of benevolence towards them. As for what course to follow, it is up to them to choose.

We, by all means, hold a pure heart and send forth righteous thoughts and think of ways to clarify the truth, the situation will develop as it should. We will obtain naturally without pursuing.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.