Atheism is a big obstacle when clarifying the truth. Therefore, when we clarify the truth to an atheist, we cannot directly talk about Buddha or God. How can we resolve this?

For a long period of time I felt that I could not do anything about this. Whenever I came across rigid atheists, I would often hesitate on the issue of God or Buddha. I worried that talking about this issue would exceed their ability to accept what I was saying and that I would end up having a negative effect.

Later, I realized that this is another attachment, and an attachment that can easily be exploited and taken advantage of by the evil. This attachment is a manifestation of the atheist notion of "invincibility," which was formed by the CCP Party culture permeating Chinese society. It was also a manifestation of my lack of understanding the Fa.

At that time, I only thought of how to clarify the truth or persuade people from the human side, while ignoring, or forgetting to use righteous thoughts to validate Dafa. I did not realize that on the human side, I can, (for the time being), not mention the existence of God, while in the meantime, I could be sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the corrupt elements of atheism behind the person, thus helping to save him.

After I understood this, as I clarified the truth, I was not so passive towards those elements. On the surface I conformed to the person's attachment to atheism and correctly grasped the bottom line of his understanding. Then I tried my best to point out and open up for him the possibility of the "unknown" using examples similar to what Teacher taught in Zhuan Falun related to science. I also firmly and specifically sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the atheist materials behind the person so as to awaken his main consciousness and true nature, and his compassionate and clear side, as well as his awe of God. In practice I proved to myself that when the person to be saved is under the control of atheism, only by combining clarifying the truth and "eliminating atheism," can we really comprehensively "clarify the truth with wisdom" and get twice the results with half the effort. At the same time, I suggest that while sending righteous thoughts collectively, we take atheism as an object to be eliminated.

August 20, 2005