(Clearwisdom.net) The former Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City, Shandong Province has now been renamed to No. 2 Re-education Center of Shandong Province.

Since July 20, 1999, the No. 2 Re-education Center of Shandong Province has been following Jiang's regime and persecuting Dafa practitioners severely. I want to expose the inhumane persecution that I have personally witnessed here.

1. Mou Zuguang, an employee at Tangjiapo Silk Factory, Qixia City, Shandong Province and Wang Guiwei, from Qixia City, Shandong Province

Due to their steadfast belief in Falun Dafa, they have been persecuted by the police. They were not allowed to sleep for more than nine months. The police watched them at all turns, and did not allow them to go to the washroom. The police handcuffed them and hung them on the window frame, without any part of their bodies touching the floor. They were tortured for a long time by being shocked with electric batons and beaten until they suffered mental disorders. They were not able to speak when released.

2. Zhuang Qi, an employee at the Special Transit Group, Frontier North Community, Boxing, Team 29, Transit Division 8, Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau

Because he did not want to give up his belief in Dafa, the police incited some collaborators to beat him every day so that he had wounds all over his body. The wicked people sometimes put cups on his chest then hit him through the cups. He was not allowed to sleep or go to the washroom. The police used various torture methods to torture him in the Strict Monitoring Room, such as shocking him with electronic batons and inserting cigarette butts into his nostrils. The scenes were too inhumane to look at.

3. Che Qicong, an employee at the Electricity Plant of Dezhou, Shandong Huaneng Group

Because of being steadfast in his beliefs, Che Qicong was severely tortured by the police, led by the Head, Zhao. He was not allowed to sleep for a long time. He once escaped from the re-education center with righteous thoughts, but was arrested and persecuted again.

4. Sun Zhonghua, a student at Normal College of Zaozhuang, Shandong Province

He did not want to give up his cultivation, so Wang Li and other policemen sealed his lips with tape and slapped him on the face and hands with slippers. Sometimes he was beaten and not allowed to sleep for a long time. He suffered from other types of torture as well.

5. Zhao Youqiang, from Retired Military Officials' Residence, Tai'an City, Shandong Province and Zhang Lianbin, Convenience Store, No. 71770 Troop, Laiwu City, Shandong Province

These two practitioners persisted in their belief in Falun Dafa, so they were tortured by being handcuffed and hung from the roof beams. Their bodies were hung in the air, and the skin of their wrists was torn and broken.

6. Wang Chengfu, from Xiajiazhuang Village, Sucun Town, Yinan County, Linyi District, Shandong Province

Because he did not want to give up practicing Dafa, Mr. Wang has been tortured by the police for a long period of time. He was not allowed to sleep or go to the washroom for several months. One night after midnight, a policeman walked into his cell and saw the collaborators beating him. He had wounds all over his body. The policeman sat down and took out his lighter to burn Mr. Wang's lips and face.

7. Pu Qinjin, an employee of Work Division 3, Gudong Oil Plant, Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province

He has been tortured at the evil place since he was first detained there. Policemen Wang Li, Wang Jun, Wang Dayong, and others beat Mr. Pu severely under the wicked leaders Zhao and Zhang. Mr. Pu was not allowed to sleep, go to bathroom as he wished, or to have enough food and water. Pu Jinqin has been tortured to be unable to speak.

8. Zhao Liming, from Zhujiazhang Village, Gucheng Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

In order to make him give up his beliefs, the policemen at the forced labor camp have tortured Mr. Zhao with all kinds of inhumane methods. Once, he was beaten unconscious and was sent to the emergency room. The policemen still watched him closely in the hospital. When he was released after two years the police forced his family to pay for the hospital fees and food when he was hospitalized because of the torture.

Zhao Liming was reported to the police when he was clarifying the truth to others, and unlawfully sent to the forced labor camp again on July 28, 2005.

9. Man Jun, from Xuemei Village, No. 2 Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province

His whole family felt happy after having obtained the Fa. His brother-in-law, also a practitioner, was beaten and force-fed, which caused his death. Mr. Man has also been tortured with inhumane methods. For example, the persecutors broke his head open with a chair. Once he said "Falun Dafa is Good" aloud in the center, which stunned everyone and threatened the evil. The policemen the dragged him to the Strict Monitoring Room and shocked him with many electric batons. The skin on his body, his thighs, his face, and his lips was all burned.

10. Wang Xinwen, from Chijiagou Village, Buyudian Town, Laiyang City, Shandong Province

The police did not allow him to sleep or to go to the washroom. He was tortured such that his body was full of wounds and his head was bleeding. His eyes were so swollen that he could not see. Once the division head, Zhao, the director of Education and transformation Office, Han, policemen, Wang Dayong, Wang Yusheng, and other policemen brought Wang Xinwen to the Strict Monitoring Room. They stripped Mr. Wang and pressed him to the floor, while cuffing his hands to a chair. The Division Head, Zhang, beat Mr. Wang with his fists and legs. Wang Yongsheng was very brutal and he hit Mr. Wang on the nose. The persecutors also shocked him with multiple electric batons on the ribs, hands, feet, and inside the thigh until the batons ran out of electricity. The police also tried to make him give in by hurting his ribs, battering him with iron chairs, and kicking him with leather shoes. It is said that Zhao Yufeng, a collaborator from the same town, followed the persecutors and tortured Mr. Wang. The collaborator only allowed Mr. Wang to wear a shirt on cold winter days, and he told others that he ruined a pair of new leather shoes by kicking Mr. Wang.

One night, policeman Wang Yunsheng would not allow Mr. Wang to sleep. Mr. Wang's legs were swollen badly, but Wang Yunsheng and the other policemen on duty hit him many times on the legs. Each time he was beaten, the pain made Mr. Wang sweat profusely. Even during the Spring Festival, the wicked persecutors would not leave him in peace. Someone saw the police beating Mr. Wang on the eve of the Spring Festival. People often see Mr. Wang being taken to the Strict Monitoring Room.

After he went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, the policemen took him back to the division. They saw the police put a white plastic helmet on his head, handcuff him, and three or four policemen on duty beside him. His body was thin and emaciated.

During the SARS epidemic in 2004, the labor camp was closed and the persecution increased in the isolated center. Under Han, the director of the Education and Transformation Office, policeman Wang Li and others took Mr. Wang to a place that no one could see and beat him, trying to make him give up his beliefs. After the policemen got tired of beating him, they let the collaborators continue the torture. Mr. Wang was wounded all over his body, his toenails fell off and blood flowed everywhere. In the meantime, all the prisoners were working upstairs and could hear the policemen's swearing and the slapping and continuous beating. Everyone's heart was worried, and nobody talked. Rather, they listened closely. It was so quiet that breathing could be heard. Later, when people saw Mr. Wang, he was crippled, and there was blood all over his face and hands. His body was so swollen that people could not even recognize him. However, the evil persecutors were unable to "transform" him even with such brutal torture.

The torture that has happened to Mr. Wang in the past two years is much more severe than what is described above. In the end, he was unable to talk. It is said that the police did not allow him to sleep for four or five months, day and night, and did not allow him to use the bathroom. Because he was strictly monitored and handcuffed, he could only excrete the waste in his pants, for which he would receive more beating. Due to the long-term torture, Mr. Wang started to suffer a mental disorder. The center took him to the Jinan Mental Hospital and he was diagnosed with mental illness. He was then released to go home. The police called his family to come and pick him up, but his family was unwilling to do so. The director of the Education and Transformation Office, policeman Wang Dayong, and a few others then brought him home. It is said that the policemen wanted to force the family to pay for the check-up fees, meals and other hospital related expenses. However, no one was at Mr. Wang's home when the police arrived in the village. They had no choice but to send him to his mother's. Mr. Wang's mother is more than eighty years old and is paralyzed. She burst into tears when she saw her son. He could not hear or answer her, no matter how loudly she cried his name.

There are still more people being persecuted.

August 21, 2005