(Clearwisdom.net) I deeply appreciated former head of the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau, Mr. Han Guangsheng's courage to speak out and expose the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. (See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/7/9/62703.html) What he said is true but not quite complete; I want to add more information. In the case of practitioner Ms. Han Tianzi, Mr. Han only mentioned that the police shocked Han Tianzi with electric batons but he did not describe the result of the electric shocks. The fact is, because of the electric shock torture, Han Tianzi was in a coma with a high fever. Her body twitched and jerked and she suffered both bladder and bowel incontinence.

Finding no other choice to protest the unlawful persecution and detention, 39 detained Falun Gong practitioners went on a hunger strike together. Their families also helped; they went to Shenyang City Judicial Bureau to ask for the release of the practitioners. The one who received them is Zhang Xiansheng, an official that Mr. Han mentioned. Zhang told the families that he needed to have a meeting with his people in order to make a decision. However, instead, they decided to dismantle the group's efforts: Longshan Forced Labor Camp drove the practitioners to the Hospital of the Prison Management Bureau of Liaoning Province. After brutally force-feeding the practitioners in the hospital, they sent them to different forced labor camps and Judicial Education Schools in Shenyang City. Practitioner Sun Hongyan was a middle school teacher from Ciyutuo Town of Liaozhong County, Liaoning Province. She was extremely weak after the hunger strike. The perpetrators detained her in a cell in the basement without anyone to take care of her. After one month of torture, she fell into a coma. Afterwards, the perpetrators held her hand up and pressed her fingerprint on a statement to denounce Falun Gong. After this incident, her family took Ms. Sun and sent her to the county hospital. By then, she was unable to take in any food or water. Her body was injured so much that she was unable to take in any nutrition or medicine. Sun Hongyan passed away at the age of 28.

After these practitioners were sent to different detention centers and forced labor camps, most of them were later released after continuing the hunger strike. Practitioner Ms. Wang Jie was released after 180 days of being on a hunger strike. When Ms. Wang walked on the street, nobody could recognize her. She was like a weak elderly woman with a bent back, instead of a healthy person in her late 30s. For those who stopped their hunger strike after being sent away to different persecutory facilities, they were sentenced to one to three years of forced labor. Practitioner Zhao Wenyan was sentenced to a two-year term in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Because she refused to give up the practice of Falun Gong, her term was extended three more months. Ever since she was released, the police have never stopped harassing her in her home. Ms. Zhao was forced into homelessness in order to avoid the constant persecution.

As a result of the case of Ms. Han Tianzi, the Head of Longshan Forced Labor Camp, a Mr.Bai, was indeed transferred to a different place of work, and the electric batons were taken away. But the seemingly good situation did not last long. In less than three months, the electric batons reappeared and were used in the forced labor camp again. The police continued to torture people by shocking them with electric batons.

Two female practitioners, surnamed Zhao and Yin, were mentioned by Han Guangsheng. We think that the practitioners were Zhao Suhuan and Yin Liping. Both of them were detained at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp at that time. They also said that they wrote appeal letters to the head of the Judicial Bureau, but they never got any response. Ms. Zhao Suhuan is very determined in the cultivation of Falun Gong and has never written anything against her will to slander Dafa and the practice. I can imagine how much painful torture she suffered for her determination. One of the tortures she experienced is what Mr. Han described as, "pinch the inner thigh." To put it into a more accurate phrase, it is in fact, "grab the flesh of the inner thigh." The guard ordered the criminals who had long fingernails to pinch and grab the practitioner's inner thighs. This torture always left the practitioner with bloody and torn flesh and later, the wounds became infected and festered. Ms. Zhao's thigh still has the scars from the wounds.

Ms. Yin Liping was one of the eighteen female practitioners who were locked in a male prison cell. Ms. Yin once told others, "At first, we held onto each other and tried to stay together. At the very beginning, those thugs did not insult us, but a few thugs targeted several young women. Some of us were crying because of fear." To protect the reputation of the other victims, Ms. Yin did not speak much about this horrifying incident. A few days after the incident, one victim named Xiao Yan, who graduated from a nursing school, tried to commit suicide, but later her life was saved. It was highly suspected that Ms. Xiao Yan's attempted suicide was directly caused by her suffering the horror being forced into the male prison cell. Xiao Yan was released after finishing her term. Ms. Yin Liping was arrested again and sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp sometime before June 2005. It was last heard that Ms. Yin went on a hunger strike in the forced labor camp. Her current situation is unknown.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Han Guangsheng for his righteous actions. At the same time, I hope that more and more people can stand up to expose the facts of the persecution.

July 17, 2005