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In what seems like an instant, it is already the third week that I have been in Manhattan. Every day I clarify the truth at the anti-torture display and every day countless people express their support for us. Bit by bit, this moving scene is becoming difficult for me to remember. The following are several memorable pieces.

1. A Lady's Just Voice

She is from a small country in the middle of Europe, but knows very well about the bloody atrocities that the people of Russia and East Germany were subjected to by the communist dictatorship. And she certainly is not a stranger to all sorts of bad behavior by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After hearing about and seeing the atrocities committed by the CCP against Falun Gong, she said, "Despotic rulers like the CCP obtained hosting rights for the Olympic Games. This is simply a shame for humanity." She also said, "I often pass by here. What you are doing is really great and I support you 100%."

She told me that one of her friends was living in a nearby hospital, so she often passed by our anti-torture display. Her friend was suffering from larynx cancer and was bed-ridden. I gave her a bookmark with the introduction of Falun Gong and asked that her friend think "Falun Dafa is good" every day. I told her that many people in China had recovered after repeating this sentence from the heart over and over again, and that I believed Dafa's miracles would also manifest for him.

The following week, I met her again when we set up our display at that same location. She happily told me that her friend was going to leave the hospital. I told her that she could download Zhuan Falun from the website and read it to him every day, and that if he is able to accept the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" in his heart, his body will be cleansed. She readily agreed. The Buddha light of Dafa illuminates every predestined person in the world.

2. A Lovely Family

A family from Colombia, South America, came by one day. Two cute boys aged eleven and twelve were sitting with their parents near our display. They did not pay much attention to the torture in China that we were exposing.

I went over and gave the two boys bookmarks with information about Falun Dafa. I pointed at the words on the bookmark and let them read "Falun Dafa is good." I asked them, "Do you know what Falun Dafa is?" They looked at me and shook their heads. I then pointed at the words on the bookmark in English "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." I said, "This is Falun Dafa. Do you know the meaning of those three words?" They nodded. "Then, you will certainly agree that it is a very good belief, right?" I asked. They answered together with one voice, "Yes." I pointed at the practitioners showing the torture methods. I told them that in China, those kind-hearted people are suffering persecution for persisting in this wonderful belief and that many have been killed. I asked, "Are you willing to help them?" They nodded again. I handed them the petition and they signed their names.

When I explained this persecution in China to their mother she listened quietly while one of the boys interpreted for me. Only then did I realize that she did not understand English, however she still made the effort to sign her name in English. Next, the father very carefully read the words on the petition and then solemnly signed his name. Their relatives, a father and son, also smiled and expressed their support for us. I thanked them in Spanish with a smile.

3. A Man and His Chinese Wife

An African American New Yorker, around 30 years old, first told me that he was working nearby and that he learned the truth about the persecution last year. He often passed by our exhibit and he was very impressed with the peace that Falun Dafa practitioners manifest from practicing "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." His wife is Chinese and they have a newborn baby. His wife was in China with the child for a visit. He sincerely said to me, "I feel you Falun Gong people are a group of very good people. I hope she can come to see your anti-torture display and learn about Falun Gong. I have tried to reason with her many times, but to no effect. She is not willing to come because she thinks she will be secretly filmed with Falun Gong practitioners. Then she would have a problem going back to China." Deep in her heart she was afraid of the terrorism practiced by the communist regime.

"Is there really such a thing?" He was not convinced. I said, "The Chinese Communist Party dictatorship has always ruled with violence and terror. Now they have exported the persecution of Falun Gong outside of China." I asked him whether he knew about the incident of Chen Yonglin. I told him that Chen Yonglin alleges that the CCP has huge espionage networks overseas and that he has conclusive evidence. I firmly expressed that although our names are on their black list, including myself, this cannot frighten us. Fear and timidity can only increase the evil acts of the dictator. The Americans certainly did not let the fear caused by 9-11 stop them. Instead they became more steadfast in fighting the violent terrorist acts. He frequently nodded, "I really hope my wife can talk to you, so she may understand everything you do. It is a pity that she is in China now." I gave him my email address so his wife can contact me at any time. I asked him to take the truth-clarification material written in Chinese for her, so she can have a correct understanding of Dafa. He was very happy and kept thanking me.

From this incident, I feel that after more than 50 years of violent rule, the Chinese feel fear and disgust towards the Chinese Communist evil spirit. This made me recall when two tourists from China came by our display two days ago. I held out the truth-clarification materials and VCD in Chinese. They accepted the pamphlet, but dared not take the VCD. He said to me, "The Chinese customs will inspect our things. We dare not take this risk." I looked at their kind of helpless expressions, seeing that they wanted to take it, but finally they gave up. I deeply regret the fear that the evil party presses into each inch of skin, of every Chinese person. I believe that when every Chinese person can righteously say "no" to the evil party, it will also be time for the rebirth of the Chinese nation.

4. A Gentle Kiss

A woman was taking photographs of the tortures we were demonstrating from different angles when I noticed her. She is quite a noble lady. She told me that she knew very well about the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP and supported us 100%. She said she was going to visit her son and grandson in Germany. She wanted some truth-clarification materials, so her children could learn the truth of the persecution in China. She even hoped that they could practice Falun Gong. I found the only two VCDs in German about the truth and the exercises. She was surprised and pleased when I handed them to her. While she was signing the petition she said to me, "This persecution is too cruel, you should let the people of the world know about it." In thanks for her sincere sympathy, I gave her one of the lotus flowers made by the Taiwan practitioners. It was another surprise for her.

I told her that the lotus flower grows from the mud but is not contaminated, and it symbolizes a noble spirit. She was very touched and asked me appealingly whether she could have two more such beautiful lotus flowers for her son and grandson. I picked gorgeous and eye-catching flowers in different colors for her. It was my turn to be surprised now, as she smiled and gently kissed my cheek to express her gratitude.

5. The Power of Dafa Music

A man walked slowly in front of our display, and stopped in front of me. He was wearing dark glasses, and I then realized that he was blind. I felt that I needed to let him know the truth. He knew some things about Buddhism and Daoism. He asked me what music we were playing, as it was so pleasant to listen to and deeply moved his heart. What he heard was the exercise music that practitioners used to practice the standing movements.

I told him that this is the music from paradise, and if he likes it, I can give him a music CD. A joyful smile immediately lit up his face. I taught him to say "Falun Dafa is good," and he earnestly spoke it three times with me. I urged him to say it several times a day, as it would certainly bring him a new life. I folded the truth-clarification flyer and put it into his pocket so his friend could read it to him. I told him that if he is interested, he can try the exercises. He was so happy and appeared to be eager to try. I gave him all the information about the local practice site.