(Clearwisdom.net) The book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has already been in print for more than nine months. For a woman, it takes ten months for the pregnancy and in one day she can give birth. So nine months can cultivate a life; it's not a short time. But many of our timid and worried practitioners, who have not participated in truth-clarifying work very much in the past few years, right now have even less time to participate in the work of using the Nine Commentaries to clarify the truth and eliminate a barrier that is preventing many of the world's people from being saved. They don't seem to realize that after the things related to the Nine Commentaries have finished, there will probably be even less of a chance for them to become qualified Dafa Disciples in the Fa-rectification Period. The opportunities are lost again and again. In the eyes of gods, they will become selfish beings who are not in line with the standard of the new cosmos. Any explanation will be useless at that time. The facts during the past few years are all there, and gods can see them clearly.

Actually, those who have grown up in Chinese society have seen too many bad things and too much brutality from the evil party. They have become very timid and worried. This is natural and easy to understand. However, the key point is that practitioners are already different from everyday people. The meaning and goals of our lives are also different from others. Therefore the standard for us should be higher. The attachment to fear is also a substance that can become a warped notion and control people's whole lives. An everyday person said, "If one day you are bitten by a snake, you will fear the shape of a rope for the next ten years." This is a typical example of how the attachment to fear can control a person for a very long time. Practitioners are people who are on the path towards godhood. We cannot just let the substance of fear in this human world take over. Even the people who fear the rope still need to break through their original thoughts in order to get rid of fear previously formed, much less practitioners.

Master stated in "Buddha-Nature" in Zhuan Falun Volume II,

"Once a notion is formed, it can govern a person's life; dominate his mind and even his happiness, anger, grief and joy. It is something acquired. With the passage of time, it will dissolve into one's mind, into the brain of one's true self, and form one's disposition."

"The formed notions will hinder and control your whole life. Human notions are usually selfish or even worse, so thought karma will be developed, while humans are controlled by their karma. Humans are controlled by their master soul. When the master soul is paralyzed and is replaced by notions, you will surrender unconditionally and your life will be controlled by these things."

"The innate you is your true self and never changes. But humans have the tendency of forming a notion when they look at a problem; this kind of notion does not belong to you. If one does not form any notion, then when viewing a problem, one would have an understanding out of one's good nature, a real understanding of one's own, and deal with the problem with benevolence and kindness. The more you show your true self, the loftier your thinking is, the nearer you'll be to the truth, and the more you'll find yourself in the realm of your primordial good nature. Man's original nature was formed when the human body was composed of particles in an extremely, extremely micro state, and it is unchangeable. When one rejects his frame of thought, his good temperament, disposition, fundamental nature and character will be easily discernible, and that is his real self." (Provincial translation subject to further improvement)

I hope reviewing Master's instruction can help practitioners who have the attachment of fear to find themselves soon. I believe that even if you can decisively get rid of a small portion of the attachment of fear and move one step forward on the road of cultivation practice, that you can clearly realize the freedom of life and the joy of being a practitioner.