During my extended imprisonment at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, I went on a hunger strike for 70 days to protest the persecution. At the time when I was released, there were still more than one hundred Falun Gong practitioners who were locked up in a tightly controlled area. Among them, more than ten practitioners had been on a hunger strike for over three months. Ms. Dong Jingzhe from Shenyang City, who took part in the rescue of Ms. Gao Rongrong (1), was on a hunger strike for more than 100 days. The prison doctors were not able to feed her anything through forced feeding because she would vomit blood. They also failed to inject unknown drugs into her. As a result of the brutal persecution, Ms. Dong cannot walk and is on the brink of death. Her life is in imminent danger.

1. More Than One Hundred Falun Gong Practitioners Are Locked Up in a Strictly Monitored Area

As of March 28, 2005, more than one hundred practitioners were locked up in the strictly monitored area. More than 20 male prison guards entered the Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp. Li Mingyu, the Division Captain, and Xie Chengdong, the Deputy Division Captain took the lead in persecuting practitioners. Some practitioners from the no. 1 team of the no. 1 division had burn scars on their chests from being shocked with electric batons.

Ms. Xie Dewen was locked up in a small cell and tied to a small bench for shouting out "Falun Dafa is Wonderful." She spent the 2005 Chinese Lunar New Year in the small cell. In June, she was beaten by the prison guards until she lost consciousness and her eyes were bloodshot. She also went on hunger strikes for a total of five months.

Ms. Xie Yulan, from Dalian City, was jailed for the second time in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Currently, she shows symptoms of uterine cancer and is very weak. On April 25, all the practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and shouted out "Falun Gong is good" to mark the anniversary of the "April 25" event, when Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. Division Captain Li Mingyu beat Ms. Xie until she felt dizzy and could hardly walk. Four male guards then dragged her to a small cell and continued their torture. She lost consciousness several times in the small cell.

Ms. Zhang Suxia, from Zhaoyang City, Liaoning Province, was carried to a small cell by four prison guards for further persecution simply because she exposed their evil doing. She was tied up to a Tiger Bench for corporal punishment. At that time, she was menstruating and lost an excessive amount of blood from the torture. As a result, she became extremely weak. Currently, she is still under strict control in the no. 1 division.

Ms. Yang Baoying, over 60 years old, is currently held in the no. 5 team of the no. 1 division. She was thrown into a small cell for trying to defend herself to the prison guards when she was reprimanded by them. The inhumane tortures she suffered crippled both of her hands. Now she feels fatigued and dizzy. (The conditions in a small cell are very bad and the prison guards often use these cells to secretly persecute Falun Gong practitioners).

The prison guards who were directly involved in persecuting these practitioners include: Division Captain Li Mingyu, Deputy Division Captain Xie Chengdong, Wang Shuzheng, Zhang He, Yang Xiaofeng, Zhang Huan, Liu Jing, Xie Jiaquan, Cui Hong, Huang Haiyan, Qi , Ren Hongzan, Zhang Lei, Liu Hui, Pei Feng, Guan Lin, Fan Guixia and Yu ; as well as male prison guards Gao , Jiang , Wang , Tu and Liu Wei. Prison doctors Cao Yujie and Chen Bin also participated in the persecution.

2. Falun Dafa Practitioners Go on a Hunger Strike to Protest the Inhuman Torture

In order to resist the persecution, Dafa practitioners still went on a hunger strike even though they were locked up in the strictly controlled area. At the time of my release, the practitioners were still on a hunger strike.

When Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike, the prison guards carried out the brutal persecution of force-feeding. Around five to 13 prison guards would sit, step, and press on the practitioners' heads, chests, and legs, as well as pull their hair, in order to force-feed the practitioners.

Prison guards Cao Yujie and Chen Bin used a stick to pry practitioner's mouths open. After the force-feeding, they immediately pinched the practitioner's noses and closed their mouths. Usually, as a result of too much food in the mouth, a lot of the practitioners were unable to swallow or spit out the food. Words cannot describe the suffering of being suffocated and not being able to breathe.

The practitioners who went on a hunger strike for more than three months include Ms. Sheng Lianying, Ms. Gong Xuerong, Ms. Zhang Peiying, Ms. Jiang Guiyun, Ms. Dong Jingya, Ms. Dong Jingzhe, Ms Sun Jiping, Ms. Teng Shiyun, Ms. Zhu Yun, Ms. Zhang Guixia, Ms. Qiu Li, Ms. Wang Manli, Ms. Meng Guiqiu and Ms. Yang Yanting.

Ms. Dong Jingzhe, who took part in the rescue of Ms. Gao Rongrong, went on hunger strike for more than 100 days. The prison doctors were only able to force-feed her for a month. After that, they were not able to force-feed her since she only vomited blood. She was suffocated every time they force-fed her. When they tried to inject unknown drugs into her, they could not find a vein. As a result of the persecution, Ms. Dong Jingzhe cannot walk and is on the brink of death.

Ms. Zhu Yun had been on a hunger strike for a year and her body was covered with cuts and bruises. In the cold winter, the prison guards handcuffed her to a wooden bench and locked her in a small cell for three to four consecutive months. One time, a prison guard with the surname of Fang got drunk and beat Ms. Zhu until she lost consciousness. Currently, Ms. Zhu is extremely weak and unable to get out of bed.

Ms. Zhang Guixia from Xinbin City was detained for an additional six months and sent to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp to be locked up in a small cell simply because she shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" There, she suffered from inhuman torture, including being tied and hung up. After the Dalian Forced Labor Camp was disbanded, Ms. Zhang was sent back to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. She has been on a hunger strike for eight months and is extremely weak. She has been detained for an additional four months beyond her term of forced labor.

Ms. Sun Jiping from Jinzhou City is 56 years old. This was her second time being imprisoned in Masanjia. On March 28, when she was extremely weak and could hardly eat, she was thrown into the strictly monitored area. She went on a hunger strike for three months and was unable to sit up, yet she was not allowed to lie down in bed, so she could only lie on the cold cement floor.

Ms. Gong Xuerong is a practitioner from Dalian City. This was her second time being persecuted in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. She was kept in the strictly controlled area. Due to the inhuman tortures, she cannot move her four limbs.

Ms. Li Hong is a practitioner from Dalian City. She was locked up in a small cell for five to six months for persisting in doing the Falun Gong exercises and not wearing the prison uniform.

Ms. Yang Yanting is a practitioner from Dalian City. She was sent to Masanjia in March 2002. She has been locked up in the small cell twice. Prison guard Dong Suxia handcuffed Ms. Yang to a bed and tortured her. After that, she was forced to stand still for several consecutive days and nights. Her term has been extended for four months. At present, she is on a hunger strike to protest the strict control and the extended imprisonment term.

Ms. Wang Manli is suffering from hearing loss after she was badly beaten by prison guard Liu Chunjie.

A Dalian practitioner whose name is unknown had cuts and bruises all over her body after being punched and kicked by the prison guards. Her face was swollen and her blood pressure was as high as 180 mmHg. She could hardly walk after being injected with an unknown drug.

Ms. Qiu Li and other practitioners were body searched by the prison guards looking for Teacher's new articles. These shameless guards even searched their undergarments. While being forced-fed, prison guard Wang Shuzheng beat Ms. Qiu Li so badly that she now suffers from ringing in the ears.

Many other Falun Gong practitioners whose names are unknown to me are also being persecuted right now in China. I call on the righteous people in the world to rescue the practitioners who are tortured at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and other Chinese prisons.


(1) Ms. Gao Rongrong was an accountant at Luxun Institute of Fine Arts in Shenyang City. On the afternoon of May 7, 2004, Ms. Gao was shocked for about seven hours with electric batons, and as a result, her face was severely deformed and covered with burn scars. On October 5, 2004, several Falun Gong practitioners rescued her from the hospital despite strict police surveillance. On March 6, 2005, Gao Rongrong was again arrested. On June 16, she passed away at the age of 37 after being subjected to many tortures.