(Clearwisdom.net) When we read the news on Clearwisdom.net that 16-year-old Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Sun Yanpei had been arrested and sent to a forced brainwashing center in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, we started calling the Zhaoyuan City Public Security Bureau in Shandong Province. We were shocked when they told us, "We must also arrest children who practice Falun Gong because the government bans Falun Gong."

We made phone calls to the Zhaoyuan City Public Security Bureau on the morning of August 15, 2005. The following staff members/offices took our calls: the Bureau Chief, Mr. Cai Ping (86-535-8213899), people on duty at the Bureau Office (86-535-8213885) and staff members of the State Security Team. All of them claimed that they were unaware of the arrest.

We called the Captain of the State Security Team at 86-13506458909 and asked him, "Why must you arrest a 16-year-old girl?" He was silent for a while before he hung up on me.

We called again the next day on August 16. When we asked them the same question, the man on duty answered, "I am not sure. Hold on for a minute." Then he gave the phone to a woman. The woman replied, "There is a good reason why we arrested her. We must also arrest children who practice Falun Gong because the government bans Falun Gong." Then she hung up on us. When we called the office again, no one answered the call.

Apparently the police knew they had done something wrong because they tried to seal the information after they made the arrest. Then after we exposed the scandal, they refused to admit they had done something wrong. Moreover, they continue to imprison the young girl. We suggest that fellow practitioners in Zhaoyuan City thoroughly expose the facts of the persecution against Ms. Sun Yanpei, as well as the policemen involved in the persecution. It would be helpful if people could distribute the facts to every corner of the city. If people could obtain the involved policemen's home addresses, please post the flyers containing their wrongdoing on their doors and their neighbors' doors. Keep doing so until they release Ms. Sun unconditionally.

Meanwhile, we suggest that Falun Gong practitioners inside and outside of China keep sending strong righteous thoughts to transfer all the pain the authorities have caused Ms. Sun Yanpei to all of the involved policemen.

Brief Background about Sun Yanpei

Ms. Sun Yanpei is a young Falun Gong practitioner in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. She is 16 and a student at Zhaoyuan First High School in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. Her parents are both Falun Gong practitioners. Her father Mr. Sun Guo is currently incarcerated in the Shandong Province Prison and her mother Ms. Teng Yingfen has been homeless for four years in order to avoid being captured and tortured. Ms. Sun has been left at home without her parents' care. On August 12, 2005, the staff members from the local 610 Office arrested her at her school and sent her to a local forced brainwashing center. Ms. Sun has been on a hunger strike as a way to peacefully protest the persecution against her. Her health and life are at serious risk.

Relevant Telephone Numbers

The Secretary of Zhaoyuan City Committee Wang Shiliang (male): 86-535-8232868
The Zhaoyuan City Mayor, Zhang Wei (male): 86-535-8211771 (Office)
The Deputy Secretary of the Zhaoyuan City Committee in charge of political and legal affairs, Jiang Zhongqing (male): 86-535-8210955 (Office) 86-535-8236878 (Home)
The Secretary of the Zhaoyuan City Political and Legal Committee, Xu Linhong (male): 86-535-8216988 (Home) 86-13808910011 (Cell)
The Chief of the Zhaoyuan City Public Security Bureau, Cai Ping (male): 86-535-8213899 (Office) 86-13705358566 (Cell)