In spring of 2003, a prison in Changchun City, Jilin Province stepped up its persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners when Warden Liu Zhanzhong ordered inmates to torture and beat practitioners to try to make them renounce Falun Dafa.

An inmate nicknamed Xiaoyu led the persecution in this prison. Later, Xiaoyu learned the facts of the persecution and goodness of Dafa from practitioners. He realized that the persecution is wrong. In spite of enormous pressure from the prison authorities, Xiaoyu stopped torturing practitioners. The authorities were outraged and assigned Xiaoyu to the worst cell and forbade everyone from speaking to him. We know, however, that someday Xiaoyu will be rewarded for making the right choice.

The authorities replaced Xiaoyu with another inmate nicknamed Dayu. The authorities and Dayu instigated inmates to torture practitioners using methods such as sleep deprivation, piercing with a steel needle, beating with a hammer, hanging, tying up with ropes, and placing them in tiny cells. They welded two huge steel tubes together, pushed practitioners inside, and then banged on the outside every few minutes. Dayu wore boxing gloves to fiercely beat practitioners. During the beatings, he barked, "I'm beating you now, so let Dafa punish me. I want see what it can do."

Practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts and cleared the environment. Then karmic retributions began.

Xiaoyu was transferred to another division. His family was very poor, and no relative had visited him in the past ten years. After the transfer, however, a brother who runs a little business suddenly made 100,000 yuan. This brother now visits Xiaoyu monthly and leaves him a tidy sum of money each time. The jail warden told Xiaoyu that his sentence would be shortened. Now Xiaoyu is always very nice to practitioners whenever he meets them.

In contrast, Dayu has not been so lucky, for he was diagnosed with AIDs and developed ulcers all over the body. The authorities denied Dayu's request to seek medical attention outside of the prison. Dayu now lies in agony on his deathbed.